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This is a list of provincial highways in Alberta. Alberta's provincial highway network comprised nearly 31,000 km (19,000 mi) of highways as of 2009, of which 24,851 km (15,442 mi) were paved.[1]


Alberta Cities and Roads

Main Road Network of Alberta

All of Alberta's provincial highways are maintained by Alberta Transportation (AT), a department of the Government of Alberta, and all of them have been designated by AT as 'Primary Highways' since 2000/2001. The Primary Highways are divided into two series, the "1-216 Series" makes up Alberta's core highway network, has the highest traffic volume, and are mostly paved. The "500-986 Series", formerly known as the "Secondary Highways", provide more local access, and include a large number of gravel highways.


The province of Alberta abandoned its system of marking highways by different colours in 1926 in favour of a highway numbering system.[2] By 1928, the year a gravel road was completed from Edmonton to the United States border, Alberta's provincial highway network comprised 2,310 km (1,440 mi).[2]

Primary Highways, 1-216 Series[edit]

AB-provincial highway.svg

Alberta’s 1 to 216 Series of Primary Highways are Alberta’s main highways. Prior to 2000/2001, this highway series was designated simply as Alberta’s "Primary Highways" network. However, it was redesignated by Alberta Transportation as the "Primary Highways, 1 to 216 Series" when Alberta’s former "Secondary Highways" network was redesignated as Alberta’s "Primary Highways, 500 to 986 Series" network in 2000/2001. The redesignation of both highway networks was triggered when jurisdiction over the former "Secondary Highways" network was transferred from municipalities to the Province. Despite the redesignation, the 1 to 216 Series and the 500 to 986 Series of Primary Highways are still commonly referred to as "Primary Highways" and "Secondary Highways" respectively by the public, municipalities, politicians, the media and even other provincial ministries.

The 1 to 216 Series of Primary Highways are numbered from 1 to 100, with the exception of the ring roads around Calgary and Edmonton, which are numbered 201 and 216, denoting their bypass linkages between highways 2 & 1 and 2 & 16 respectively.

All or portions of Highways 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 15, 16, 28, 28A, 35, 43, 49, and 63 are considered Core Routes of Canada’s National Highway System (NHS).[3] Highway 28 from Highway 63 to Cold Lake is considered a NHS Feeder Route and Highway 58 between Rainbow Lake and Highway 88 is considered a NHS Northern/Remote Route.[3]

Highways 1, 2, 3, 4, 16, and 43 are considered Alberta’s most important interprovincial and international highways and are divided highways (expressways) or freeways for much or all of their length. Speed limits are generally 100 km/h (62 mph) except on some divided highways and freeways which are 110 kilometres per hour (68 mph) or on Highways 1 and 16 through the Banff and Jasper National Parks which can be 90 km/h (56 mph).

The Highway 15/28A/28/63 corridor between Edmonton and Fort McMurray is considered one of Alberta’s most important intraprovincial highways. A twinning program is currently underway between Boyle and Fort McMurray. Highway 63 from Fort McMurray north to the Suncor and Syncrude oil sands operations is also twinned.


00 · 10 · 20 · 30 · 40 · 50 · 60 · 70 · 100

Although only Highways 1, 2, 3, 4, 15, 16, 43, 63, 100, 201, and 216 are twinned (expressways) for most of their length, the vast majority of Alberta’s Primary Highway Series are two-lanes paved, while segments of Highways 40, 58, 68, and 88 remain as gravel.

MarkersHighwayOther namesDescriptionLength (km)
Trans-Canada HighwayHighway 1Trans-Canada Highwayfrom British Columbia border near Lake Louise to Saskatchewan border near Walsh536
Alberta Highway 1A.svgHighway 1ABow Valley ParkwayLake Louise to Banff64
Bow Valley TrailCanmore to Calgary89
17 Avenue SE, CalgaryCalgary to Chestermere4.4
Alberta Highway 1X.svgHighway 1XConnects Highway 1 to Highway 1A, east of Exshaw4.2
Alberta Highway 2.svgHighway 2•Queen Elizabeth II Highway (Calgary to Edmonton only)
Northern Woods and Water Route (Athabasca to Donnelly only)
United States border at Carway to Highway 43 north of Grande Prairie1,268
Alberta Highway 2A.svgHighway 2AHigh River to Aldersyde15.9
Okotoks to Highway 211.4
•Highway 2 to Calgary5.2
•south of Crossfield to Bowden67
Innisfail to Highway 595 in Red Deer26
Red Deer to north of Lacombe25
Morningside to Leduc85
Hondo to Smith14.7
Triangle to Highway 49 near the Little Smoky River28
Roma Junction to Grimshaw11.7
Alberta Highway 3.svgHighway 3Crowsnest HighwayBritish Columbia border at Crowsnest Pass to Highway 1 and Highway 41A at Medicine Hat323
Alberta Highway 3A.svgHighway 3A•alternative to Highway 3 west of Lundbreck3.6
•alternative to Highway 3 through Monarch7.9
•Westside Drive, Lethbridge0.7
•alternative to Highway 3 through Barnwell6.8
Alberta Highway 4.svgHighway 4Red Coat TrailUnited States border at Coutts to Highway 5 in Lethbridge90
Alberta Highway 5.svgHighway 5Waterton Park to Highway 3 in Lethbridge130
Alberta Highway 6.svgHighway 6United States border at Chief Mountain to Highway 3 near Pincher Station72
Alberta Highway 7.svgHighway 7Cowboy Trail in Black Diamond to Highways 2 and 547 near Aldersyde27
Alberta Highway 8.svgHighway 8Glenmore TrailCowboy Trail near Redwood Meadows to Highway 2 (Deerfoot Trail) in Calgary40
Alberta Highway 9.svgHighway 9Inverlake on Trans-Canada Highway to Saskatchewan border west of Alsask326
Alberta Highway 10.svgHighway 10Hoo Doo TrailHighways 9 and 56 in Drumheller to Western Monarch35
Alberta Highway 11.svgHighway 11David Thompson HighwayIcefields Parkway at Saskatchewan River Crossing to Highway 12 at Nevis320
Alberta Highway 11A.svgHighway 11A•Highway 11 to Rocky Mountain House11.7
Sylvan Lake to Red Deer17.4
Alberta Highway 12.svgHighway 12Cowboy Trail near Frisco to Saskatchewan border at Compeer364
Alberta Highway 13.svgHighway 13Alder Flats (west of Cowboy Trail) to Saskatchewan border near Hayter366
Alberta Highway 13A.svgHighway 13A•Through Ma-Me-O Beach7.4
•Bypass wholly within and the responsibility of the City of Camrose8.1
Alberta Highway 14.svgHighway 14Poundmaker TrailHighway 2 (Calgary Trail/Gateway Boulevard) in Edmonton to Saskatchewan border near Roros257
Alberta Highway 15.svgHighway 15Highway 16 (Yellowhead Trail) in Edmonton to Highway 16 south of Mundare92
Trans-Canada HighwayHighway 16Yellowhead HighwayBritish Columbia border near Decoigne to Saskatchewan border at Lloydminster641
Alberta Highway 16A.svgHighway 16AEvansburg and Entwistle13.6
Parkland Highway•Highway 16 to Edmonton via Stony Plain and Spruce Grove35
•Through Vegreville8.7
Alberta Highway 17.svgHighway 17Saskatchewan border near Killarney Lake to Onion Lake, Saskatchewan134
Alberta Highway 18.svgHighway 18Highway 43 at Green Court to Highways 63 and 656 near Thorhild162
Alberta Highway 19.svgHighway 19Highway 60 near Devon to Highways 2 and 625 near Nisku12.3
Alberta Highway 20.svgHighway 20Highway 11 in Sylvan Lake to Highway 39 at Alsike110
Alberta Highway 20A.svgHighway 20ARimbey to Highway 201.6
Alberta Highway 21.svgHighway 21Trans-Canada Highway near Strathmore to Highway 15 in Fort Saskatchewan328
Alberta Highway 22.svgHighway 22Cowboy TrailHighway 3 near Lundbreck to Highway 18 near Mayerthorpe584
Alberta Highway 23.svgHighway 23Highway 3 near Monarch to Highway 2A in High River145
Alberta Highway 24.svgHighway 24Highway 23 to the Trans-Canada Highway near Cheadle70
Alberta Highway 25.svgHighway 25Lethbridge to Enchant72
Alberta Highway 26.svgHighway 26Camrose to Viking81
Alberta Highway 27.svgHighway 27Sundre to Morrin139
Alberta Highway 28.svgHighway 28Edmonton to Cold Lake, via Smoky Lake293
Alberta Highway 28A.svgHighway 28A17 Street NE, EdmontonHighway 15 to Gibbons17.7
Alberta Highway 29.svgHighway 29Lamont to St. Paul and Highway 41152
Alberta Highway 31.svgHighway 31Seba Beach to Gainford3.9
Alberta Highway 32.svgHighway 32Carrot Creek on Yellowhead Highway to Swan Hills148
Alberta Highway 33.svgHighway 33Grizzly TrailGunn to Swan Valley219
Alberta Highway 35.svgHighway 35Mackenzie HighwayGrimshaw to Northwest Territories border near Indian Cabins465
Alberta Highway 36.svgHighway 36Veterans Memorial HighwayWarner to Lac La Biche641
Alberta Highway 37.svgHighway 37North of Edmonton, from Onoway to Fort Saskatchewan67
Alberta Highway 38.svgHighway 38Redwater to Deerland25
Alberta Highway 39.svgHighway 39Drayton Valley to Leduc91
Alberta Highway 40.svgHighway 40•Bighorn Highway
•Kananaskis Trail
Crowsnest Pass through Kananaskis Village to Hwy 579 west of Water Valley300
Forestry Trunk RoadLovett River through Grande Cache to Grande Prairie434
Alberta Highway 41.svgHighway 41Buffalo TrailUnited States border at Wild Horse to La Corey694
Alberta Highway 41A.svgHighway 41AMedicine Hat to Highway 4114.5
Alberta Highway 42.svgHighway 42Penhold to Lousana44
Alberta Highway 43.svgHighway 43British Columbia border near Demmitt to Manly Corner on Yellowhead Highway520
Alberta Highway 44.svgHighway 44Yellowhead Highway near Spruce Grove to Hondo185
Alberta Highway 45.svgHighway 45Bruderheim to Saskatchewan border near Alcurve231
Alberta Highway 47.svgHighway 47Coalspur to Edson60
Alberta Highway 49.svgHighway 49•Spirit River Highway
Northern Woods and Water Route
British Columbia border near Bay Tree to Valleyview266
Alberta Highway 50.svgHighway 50Tees to Mirror14
Alberta Highway 52.svgHighway 52Welling Station to Craddock24
Alberta Highway 53.svgHighway 53Highway 22 to Highway 36 through Rimbey, Ponoka, Bashaw, and Forestburg223
Alberta Highway 54.svgHighway 54Caroline to Innisfail56
Alberta Highway 55.svgHighway 55Northern Woods and Water RouteAthabasca to Saskatchewan border near Cherry Grove264
Alberta Highway 56.svgHighway 56Crowfoot on Trans-Canada Highway to Camrose246
Alberta Highway 58.svgHighway 58Rainbow Lake to Wentzel River
Extension from Wentzel River to Garden River was announced in May 2009[4]
Alberta Highway 59.svgHighway 59Brainard to Sexsmith63
Alberta Highway 60.svgHighway 60Devonian WayCalmar to Winterburn36
Alberta Highway 61.svgHighway 61Red Coat TrailStirling to Manyberries147
Alberta Highway 62.svgHighway 62United States border near Del Bonita to Magrath52
Alberta Highway 63.svgHighway 63Highway 28 near Radway to Fort MacKay426
Alberta Highway 64.svgHighway 64British Columbia border near Bear Canyon to Fairview126
Alberta Highway 64A.svgHighway 64AHighway 64 to Fairview6.6
Alberta Highway 66.svgHighway 66Don Getty Wildland Provincial Park to Bragg Creek27
Alberta Highway 68.svgHighway 68Sibbald Creek TrailHighway 40 and Bow Valley Provincial Park to Cheenaka on Trans-Canada Highway37
Alberta Highway 69.svgHighway 69Fort McMurray to Saprae Creek14.3
Alberta Highway 72.svgHighway 72Crossfield to Beiseker33
Alberta Highway 88.svgHighway 88Bicentennial HighwaySlave Lake to Fort Vermilion and Highway 58428
Alberta Highway 93.svgHighway 93•Banff-Windermere Highway
Icefields Parkway
from the British Columbia border to Highway 1, then along the Icefields Parkway from Lake Louise to Jasper266
Alberta Highway 93A.svgHighway 93A•Alternative to Highway 93 south of Jasper1.8
•Alternative to Highway 93 further south of Jasper providing access to Marmot Basin, Mount Edith Cavell, and Athabasca Falls24
Alberta Highway 100.svgHighway 100Sherwood Park FreewayEdmonton to Sherwood Park4.2
Alberta Highway 201.svgHighway 201Stoney TrailCalgary ring road (partially constructed)44
Alberta Highway 216.svgHighway 216Anthony Henday DriveEdmonton ring road (partially constructed)69[5]

X series[edit]

The roads in the X series are typically highways that are planned realignments or spurs of existing highways. The numbers applied to each highway in the X series are derived from the highway that is planned for realignment or spurred from (e.g. Highway 16X will be a realignment of Highway 16, and Highway 10X is spur from Highway 10).

MarkerHwy #StatusDescriptionLength (km)
Alberta Highway 1X.svg1XProposed
A proposed Hwy 1 southwest bypass of Dunmore, Medicine Hat and Redcliff crossing Hwy 3, Hwy 523, the South Saskatchewan River and Hwy 524.[6]42.0[7]
AB-provincial highway.svg
A proposed Hwy 2 west bypass of Fort Macleod from Hwy 3 to Hwy 3X.[6]unknown
A proposed Hwy 2 east bypass of Nanton.[8]unknown
AB-provincial highway.svg
A proposed south bypass of Crowsnest Pass. From Hwy 3 at Crowsnest Lake to Hwy 3 near Blairmore passing south of Coleman.[8]17.0
A proposed realignment of Hwy 3, bringing it further south between Hwy 6 & Hwy 785, north of Pincher Creek.[8]6.1
A proposed south bypass of Fort Macleod.[6]unknown
A proposed north bypass of Lethbridge. From Hwy 3 & Range Road 230 west of Lethbridge, along Township Road 95, to Hwy 3 & Hwy 512.[8]38
AB-provincial highway.svg
A proposed east bypass of Lethbridge. From Hwy 4 & Range Road 205 east of Lethbridge, along between Range Roads 205 & 210, to Hwy 3X east of Lethbridge.[8]15.3
AB-provincial highway.svg
A proposed east bypass of Pincher Creek. From Hwy 6 & Township Road 62 south of Pincher Creek, along Range Road 301 (Hwy 507), to Hwy 3X north of Pincher Creek.[8]6.1
AB-provincial highway.svg
A proposed north bypass of a portion of east Red Deer. From Hwy 11 (67 Street) & Range Road 272 (30 Avenue) in Red Deer, to Hwy 11 & Range Road 264 east of Red Deer.[8]7.4
AB-provincial highway.svg
A proposed south bypass of Hinton. From Hwy 16 & Hwy 40 west of Hinton, passing south of Hinton, to Hwy 16 east of Hinton.[8]12.0
A proposed south bypass of Edson. From Hwy 16 & 72 Street in Edson, passing south of Edson, to Hwy 16 east of Edson.[8]7.6
A proposed south bypass of Lloydminster. From Hwy 16 west of Lloydminster, along Township Road 491, to Hwy 17 (Saskatchewan border) south of Lloydminster.[8]12.6
Alberta Highway 22X.svg22XConstructed
A spur of Highway 22, Highway 22X (also Spruce Meadows Trail & Marquis of Lorne Trail) runs through south Calgary from Priddis east through Indus to Hwy 24. It is anticipated that this highway, along with Highway 901, will be renumbered either after the 22X/901 corridor is fully twinned, or after Calgary's ring road (Hwy 201) is completed. The Province is currently considering Highway 22X/901 as a potential realignment of Highway 1 between Calgary and Gleichen.[9]54
AB-provincial highway.svg
A proposed southwest bypass of Grande Prairie from Hwy 43 west of Grande Prairie to Hwy 40 south of Grande Prairie interchange.[8]unknown
Alberta Highway 43X.svg43XPartially constructed
A proposed northwest bypass of Grande Prairie. From Hwy 43 west of Grande Prairie, along Range Road 70 and Township Road 722, to existing Hwy 43 & Hwy 2 interchange.[8] The first 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) of the bypass from Range Road 63/116 Street to Hwy 43/2 opened to traffic on July 30, 2010, to a twinned standard.[10]13.5
A proposed south bypass of Whitecourt. From Hwy 43 at 50 Avenue, north of Hwy 32 and McLeod River, along Beaver Creek, to Hwy 43 & Range Road 115.[8]8.9

Primary Highways, 500-986 Series[edit]

AB-secondary highway.svg

500 · 520 · 540 · 560 · 580
600 · 620 · 640 · 660 · 680
700 · 730 · 750 · 760 · 780
800 · 820 · 840 · 850 · 860 · 880
900 · 920

Alberta's 500 to 986 Series of Primary Highways are generally considered local or rural highways. Prior to 2000/2001, this highway series was under municipal jurisdiction and was previously known as Alberta’s ‘Secondary Highway’ network. Over a short period of time in 2000 and 2001, responsibility and funding of this highway network was transferred to the Province, particularly Alberta Transportation. Concurrent with the transfer, the designation of the ‘Secondary Highways’ network was changed to the ‘Primary Highways, 500 to 986 Series’ network to reflect that they were now under provincial jurisdiction. As a result, the Province’s ‘Primary Highways’ network was also redesignated as the ‘Primary Highways, 1 to 216 Series’ network. Despite the change in jurisdiction and the redesignation, this series of highways is still commonly referred to as ‘Secondary Highways’ by the public, municipalities, politicians, the media and even other provincial ministries.

The 500 to 986 Series of Primary Highways is divided into three sub-series:

Some of these highways are paved, while others are entirely or partially gravel. Rural speed limits range from 80 km/h (50 mph) to 100 km/h (62 mph).


MarkerHwy #Other namesDescriptionLength (km)
Alberta Highway 500.svg500Two sections•From Hwy 4 in Coutts, to Range Road 13519.3
•From Hwy 501 north of Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park, through Aden, to Hwy 88043
Alberta Highway 501.svg
5019 Avenue, Cardston; Centre Avenue, Milk River; Red Coat TrailFrom Hwy 5 east of Mountain View, through Cardston & Milk River, to Saskatchewan Highway 13, follows the Red Coat Trail east of Hwy 889301
Alberta Highway 503.svg503From Hwy 5 east of Cardston, along the north side of Woolford Provincial Park, to Hwy 82018.2
Alberta Highway 504.svg504From Hwy 4 & Hwy 36 in Warner, to Hwy 87729
Alberta Highway 505.svg505From Hwy 6 south of Pincher Creek, to Hwy 5 in Spring Coulee72
Alberta Highway 506.svg506From Hwy 62 south of Magrath, to Hwy 4 through McNab north of Warner46
Alberta Highway 507.svg507Main Street, Pincher CreekFrom Hwy 3 west of Lundbreck, through Pincher Creek, to Hwy 810 north of Glenwood73
Alberta Highway 508.svg508From Hwy 5 south of Lethbridge, to Hwy 48.2
Alberta Highway 509.svg509From Hwy 2 in Stand Off, to Hwy 3 west of Coalhurst48
Alberta Highway 510.svg510From Hwy 3 in Cowley, north around Oldman River Reservoir, to Hwy 785 north of Pincher Creek24
Alberta Highway 511.svg511From Hwy 2 south of Fort Macleod, to Hwy 509 in Blood I.R. 14828
Alberta Highway 512.svg5121 Avenue S, LethbridgeFrom Hwy 3 in Lethbridge, south around Coaldale, to Hwy 328
Alberta Highway 513.svg513From Hwy 36 south of Taber, to Hwy 87729
Alberta Highway 514.svg514From Range Road 41, along the north side of Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, to Hwy 4112.7
Alberta Highway 515.svg515From Hwy 41 north of Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, to Saskatchewan Highway 72425
Alberta Highway 519.svg519Rogers Avenue, Picture ButteFrom Hwy 2 in Granum, through Nobleford & Picture Butte, to Hwy 84565
Alberta Highway 520.svg52043 Avenue, ClaresholmFrom Hwy 22, through Claresholm & Barons, to Hwy 843105
Alberta Highway 521.svg521From Hwy 25 north of Turin, to Hwy 864 south of Vauxhall21
Alberta Highway 522.svg522From Hwy 843 north of Picture Butte, to Hwy 845 south of Lomond11.5
Alberta Highway 523.svg523From Range Road 84, to Hwy 3 in Medicine Hat26
Alberta Highway 524.svg524From Hwy 864, through Vauxhall & Hays, to Hwy 1 west of Redcliff106
Alberta Highway 525.svg525From Hwy 875 in Rolling Hills, to Hwy 52428
Alberta Highway 526.svg526From Hwy 845, through Enchant, to Hwy 36 north of Vauxhall39
Alberta Highway 527.svg527From Willow Creek Provincial Park, to Hwy 2 in Stavely14.1
Alberta Highway 528.svg528From Hwy 41 north of Medicine Hat, to Saskatchewan Highway 72819.4
Alberta Highway 529.svg529From Hwy 2 north of Stavely, to Hwy 845 south of Lomond78
Alberta Highway 530.svg530From Hwy 36 south of Scandia, to Hwy 875 north of Rolling Hills20
Alberta Highway 531.svg531From Hwy 842, to Hwy 845 in Lomond17.9
Alberta Highway 532.svg532From Hwy 40 north of Don Getty Wildland Provincial Park, to Hwy 2226
Alberta Highway 533.svg533From Hwy 22, through Nanton, to Hwy 80463
Alberta Highway 534.svg534Elizabeth Street, VulcanFrom Hwy 804 east of Nanton, through Vulcan, to Hwy 84240
Alberta Highway 535.svg535From Hwy 873 east of Lake Newell, to Hwy 876 south of Tilley16.6
Alberta Highway 537.svg537From Hwy 41 south of Hilda, to Saskatchewan Highway 3716.5
Alberta Highway 539.svg539From Hwy 531 & Hwy 845 in Lomond, to Hwy 36 south of Brooks56
Alberta Highway 540.svg540From Hwy 22 south of Longview, to Hwy 2 north of Cayley35
Alberta Highway 541.svg541From Hwy 40 south of Elbow-Sheep Wildland Provincial Park, to Hwy 22 in Longview43
Alberta Highway 542.svg542•From Hwy 23 & Hwy 24 north of Vulcan, to Hwy 842 west of Milo23
Cassils Road, Brooks•From Hwy 36, to Hwy 1 in Brooks10.5
Alberta Highway 543.svg543From Hwy 22 south of Black Diamond, to Hwy 2A in High River25
Alberta Highway 544.svg544From Hwy 36 south of Duchess, to Hwy 88457
Alberta Highway 545.svg545From Hwy 41, to Saskatchewan Highway 321 west of Burstall, Saskatchewan6.5
Alberta Highway 546.svg546Sunset Boulevard, Turner ValleyFrom Range Road 42, to Hwy 22 (Main Street) in Turner Valley30
Alberta Highway 547.svg5476 Avenue, GleichenFrom Hwy 2, Hwy 2A, & Hwy 7 north of Aldersyde, to Hwy 1 in Gleichen77
Alberta Highway 549.svg549Elizabeth Street, OkotoksFrom Range Road 44, to Hwy 2A (Northridge Drive) in Okotoks47
Alberta Highway 550.svg550From Hwy 1 east of Bassano, through Rosemary, to Hwy 36 & Hwy 873 west of Duchess35
Alberta Highway 552.svg552Two sections•From Hwy 2A at south Calgary limits, to Hwy 549 west of Okotoks13.0
•From Hwy 2 & Hwy 2A south of Calgary, to Hwy 547 & Hwy 799 east of Aldersyde33
Alberta Highway 555.svg555From Hwy 884 in Jenner, to Hwy 4185
Alberta Highway 556.svg556From Hwy 862 south of Gem, to Hwy 36 north of Duchess19.0
Alberta Highway 560.svg560Glenmore TrailFrom 84 Street SE (Range Road 290) at east Calgary limits, to Hwy 797 (Centre Street) in Langdon16.3
Alberta Highway 561.svg561Two sections•From Hwy 1 east of Strathmore, through Hussar, to Hwy 862 north of Gem69
•From Hwy 36, through Cessford, to Hwy 88451
Alberta Highway 562.svg562From Hwy 41, to Saskatchewan border north of Empress13.6
Alberta Highway 563.svg563Old Banff Coach RoadFrom Hwy 1 at Range Road 31, to 101 Street SW (Range Road 24) at west Calgary limits. The maximum speed limit on this highway is 60 km/h6.2
Alberta Highway 564.svg564Country Hills Boulevard, CalgaryFrom east Calgary limits, to Hwy 569 north of Wintering Hills126
Alberta Highway 566.svg566From Hwy 772 north of Calgary & southwest of Airdrie, to Hwy 9 between Kathyrn and Keoma34
Alberta Highway 567.svg567Veterans Boulevard, AirdrieFrom Hwy 22 north of Cochrane, through Airdrie, to Hwy 9 south of Irricana64
Alberta Highway 569.svg569From Hwy 841 and Rosebud River east of Rosebud through Dalum to Hwy 10 & Hwy 570 in Drumheller28
Alberta Highway 570.svg570From Hwy 10 & Hwy 569 in Drumheller, to Saskatchewan Highway 44 north of Acadia Valley187
Alberta Highway 573.svg573From Hwy 10 in Drumheller, to Hwy 851 at Little Fish Lake Provincial Park24
Alberta Highway 574.svg574From Hwy 22 east of Bottrel, through Madden, to Hwy 2A in Crossfield33
Alberta Highway 575.svg
575South Dinosaur TrailFrom Hwy 791, through Acme & Carbon, to Hwy 9 & Hwy 56 in Drumheller. Part of the South Dinosaur Trail along the south side of the Red Deer River, from Hwy 837 to Hwy 9 (5 Street E)80
Alberta Highway 576.svg576From Hwy 9 & Hwy 56 in Drumheller, to Hwy 85129
Alberta Highway 577.svg577From Hwy 36 south of Hanna, to Sheerness Power Plant9.7
Alberta Highway 579.svg579From Hwy 40 & Hwy 734, through Water Valley, to Hwy 22 south of Cremona49
Alberta Highway 580.svg580From Hwy 22 in Cremona, to Hwy 2A south of Carstairs29
Alberta Highway 581.svg581From Hwy 2A in Carstairs, to Hwy 79118.6
Alberta Highway 582.svg58226 Avenue, DidsburyFrom Hwy 22, through Didsbury, to Hwy 21 & Hwy 27 south of Three Hills90
Alberta Highway 583.svg5832 Street N, Three HillsFrom Hwy 805, through Three Hills, to Hwy 83636
Alberta Highway 584.svg584Main Avenue, SundreFrom Hwy 734, to Hwy 22 (Center Street) & Hwy 27 in Sundre44
Alberta Highway 585.svg5851 Avenue, TrochuFrom Hwy 21 in Trochu, to Hwy 56 between Morrin & Big Valley39
Alberta Highway 586.svg586From Hwy 36 north of Hanna, to Hwy 884 south of Veteran67
Alberta Highway 587.svg587From Hwy 22 at James River Bridge, through Bowden, to Hwy 21 in Huxley98
Alberta Highway 589.svg589From Hwy 56 south of Big Valley, to Hwy 855 in Endiang39
Alberta Highway 590.svg590From Hwy 2 in Innisfail to Hwy 56 in Big Valley83
Alberta Highway 591.svg591From Hwy 734, to Hwy 22 & Hwy 54 west of Caroline31
Alberta Highway 592.svg592From Hwy 781, to Hwy 2A & Hwy 42 in Penhold15.3
Alberta Highway 593.svg593From Hwy 850 south of Botha, to Hwy 853 north of Byemoor16.1
Alberta Highway 594.svg594From Hwy 835 south of Erskine, to Hwy 56 south of Stettler11.3
Alberta Highway 595.svg59519 Street, Red Deer; Delburne RoadFrom Hwy 2A (Gaetz Avenue), along the south side of Red Deer, to Hwy 21 north of Delburne38
Alberta Highway 597.svg597From Hwy 2 west of Blackfalds, to Hwy 815 in Joffre21
Alberta Highway 598.svg59852 Avenue, Rocky Mountain HouseFrom Hwy 11, Hwy 22, & Hwy 752 in Rocky Mountain House, to Hwy 761 in Leslieville23
Alberta Highway 599.svg59950 Avenue, CastorFrom Hwy 861 (45 Street) in Castor, to Hwy 41 south of Czar75


MarkerHwy #Other namesDescriptionLength (km)
Alberta Highway 600.svg600From Hwy 41 south of Czar, to Hwy 13 & Hwy 899 in Provost43
Alberta Highway 601.svg601From Hwy 11 south of Alix, to Hwy 855 north of Halkirk77
Alberta Highway 602.svg602From Hwy 36 in Alliance, to Hwy 872 north of Brownfield28
Alberta Highway 603.svg603From Hwy 884, to Hwy 13 in Hughenden6.0
Alberta Highway 604.svg604From Hwy 792 east of Gull Lake, to Hwy 2A in Morningside18.8
Alberta Highway 605.svg605From Hwy 821, to Hwy 21 & Hwy 53 in Bashaw23
Alberta Highway 607.svg607From Hwy 761, to Hwy 20 south of Bluffton17.7
Alberta Highway 608.svg608•From Hwy 36 & Hwy 53 east of Forestburg, to Hwy 872 south of Hardisty28
49 Avenue, Amisk•From Range Road 95 east of Battle River, to Hwy 884 in Amisk14.6
Alberta Highway 609.svg6092 Street S, EdbergFrom Hwy 21 north of Ferintosh, through Edberg, to Hwy 854 in Rosalind42
Alberta Highway 610.svg61049 Avenue, Edgerton; 5 Avenue, ChauvinFrom Hwy 14 east of Wainwright, through Edgerton & Chauvin, to Hwy 17 & Saskatchewan Highway 68049
Alberta Highway 611.svg611From Hwy 20 at Hoadley, through Maskwacis, to Hwy 21 between Ferintosh & New Norway99
Alberta Highway 613.svg61340 Avenue, WetaskiwinFrom Hwy 2A (56 Street) & Hwy 13 in Wetaskiwin, to Hwy 8228.1
Alberta Highway 614.svg614From Hwy 41 north of Wainwright, to Hwy 89434
Alberta Highway 616.svg616From Range Road 71 in Buck Creek, through Breton, north around Pigeon Lake, through Pipestone & Millet, to Hwy 21 in Armena147
Alberta Highway 617.svg617From Hwy 21 in Hay Lakes, to Hwy 834 north of Round Hill28
Alberta Highway 619.svg61951 Avenue, VikingFrom Hwy 36 (54 Street) in Viking, to Hwy 17 south of Lloydminster126
Alberta Highway 620.svg620From Brazeau Reservoir, through Lodgepole, to Hwy 22 in Drayton Valley53
Alberta Highway 621.svg621Center Avenue, Rocky RapidsFrom Hwy 753 in Cynthia, to Hwy 22 in Rocky Rapids30
Alberta Highway 622.svg622From Hwy 770, through Telfordville, to Hwy 39 north of Thorsby21
Alberta Highway 623.svg623Rollyview RoadFrom 50 Street in Leduc, to Hwy 617 south of Miquelon Lake Provincial Park48
Alberta Highway 624.svg624From Hwy 22, to Hwy 759 south of Tomahawk14.3
Alberta Highway 625.svg62520 Avenue, NiskuFrom Hwy 2 & Hwy 19 in Nisku, to Hwy 21 east of Beaumont20
Alberta Highway 626.svg626From Hwy 834 in Tofield, south around Beaverhill Lake, to Hwy 857 south of Vegreville43
Alberta Highway 627.svg627Garden Valley RoadFrom Hwy 759 north of Tomahawk, to 215 Street (Range Road 260) at west Edmonton limits70
Alberta Highway 628.svg62879 Avenue, Stony Plain; Whitemud Drive•From Hwy 779 in Stony Plain, to 231 Street (Range Road 261) at west Edmonton limits19.1
•From Hwy 216 at east Edmonton limits, to Hwy 21 south of Sherwood Park.6.4
Alberta Highway 629.svg629From Hwy 824 north of South Cooking Lake (settlement), south of Half Moon Lake, north of Cooking Lake, to Range Road 212 in Collingwood Cove9.5
Alberta Highway 630.svg630Wye RoadFrom Sherwood Park Fwy & Anthony Henday Dr west of Sherwood Park, to Hwy 14 & Hwy 833 west of Tofield46
Alberta Highway 631.svg631From Hwy 16 west of Vegreville, to Hwy 41 north of Vermilion90
Alberta Highway 633.svg633Villeneuve RoadFrom Hwy 757 west of Gainford, north around Isle Lake & south of Lac Ste. Anne, to Hwy 2 (St. Albert Trail) in St. Albert89
Alberta Highway 640.svg640From Hwy 41 south of Elk Point, to Hwy 893 south of Heinsburg24
Alberta Highway 641.svg641From Hwy 897, through Tulliby Lake, to Hwy 17 & Saskatchewan Highway 797 in Onion Lake, Saskatchewan23
Alberta Highway 642.svg642100 Avenue, MorinvilleFrom Hwy 777 north of Onoway, past Sunrise Beach & through Sandy Beach at Sandy Lake (Lac Ste. Anne County), through Morinville, to Hwy 28 west of Bon Accord42
Alberta Highway 643.svg64353 Avenue, GibbonsFrom Hwy 28A in Gibbons, to Hwy 38 south of Redwater21
Alberta Highway 644.svg64448 Avenue, RedwaterFrom Hwy 38 (44 Street) in Redwater, to Hwy 8294.9
Alberta Highway 645.svg645From Hwy 45 east of Andrew, to Hwy 860 at Sandy Lake (County of Two Hills)18.0
Alberta Highway 646.svg646From Hwy 29 & Hwy 36, through Lafond & Elk Point, along the south side of Whitney Lakes Provincial Park, to Hwy 897 south of Frog Lake88
Alberta Highway 647.svg647From Hwy 751, to Hwy 22 south of Mayerthorpe17.8
Alberta Highway 651.svg65150 Avenue, LegalFrom Hwy 33 north of Birch Cove, north around Lac la Nonne, through Busby & Legal, north around Lily Lake, to Hwy 28 west of Redwater82
Alberta Highway 652.svg652From Hwy 857 north of Willingdon, through Saddle Lake, to Hwy 29 & Hwy 36 west of St. Paul40
Alberta Highway 654.svg654From Hwy 757 north of Sangudo, along Hwy 33 south of Barrhead, to Hwy 77764
Alberta Highway 655.svg655From Range Road 70, north around Thunder Lake Provincial Park, to Hwy 18 east of Thunder Lake17.9
Alberta Highway 656.svg656From Hwy 18 & Hwy 63 east of Thorhild, to Hwy 831 north of Waskatenau14.7
Alberta Highway 657.svg657From Hwy 41 in Kehiwin I.R. 123, south around Muriel Lake, to Hwy 659 east of Bonnyville39
Alberta Highway 658.svg658From Hwy 43 south of Blue Ridge, to Hwy 33 west of Fort Assiniboine59
Alberta Highway 659.svg65950 Avenue, BonnyvilleFrom Hwy 28 in Bonnyville, to Hwy 897 south of Cold Lake I.R. 14927
Alberta Highway 660.svg660From Hwy 881, through Glendon, to Hwy 28 east of Bonnyville40
Alberta Highway 661.svg661From Hwy 33 in Fort Assiniboine, along the north side of Fort Assiniboine Sandhills Wildland Provincial Park, through Dapp & Newbrook, to Hwy 831160
Alberta Highway 663.svg663Taylor Road, Boyle; 88 Avenue Lac La BicheFrom Hwy 44 in Fawcett, through Boyle & Lac La Biche, north around Lakeland Provincial Park, to Touchwood Lake201
Alberta Highway 665.svg665From Hwy 43 south of Valleyview, to Hwy 74730
Alberta Highway 666.svg666From Range Road 85, through Grovedale, to Hwy 40 south of Grande Prairie37
Alberta Highway 667.svg667From Hwy 722 south of Beaverlodge, to Hwy 436.6
Alberta Highway 668.svg66837 Avenue, Grande PrairieFrom 108 Street (Hwy 40), along the south side of Grande Prairie, to Resources Road (Range Road 60)3.4
Alberta Highway 669.svg669From Hwy 49 in Valleyview, to Hwy 74723
Alberta Highway 670.svg670132 Avenue, Grande PrairieFrom Hwy 40 (100 Street) in Grande Prairie, to Hwy 43 & Hwy 733 west of Bezanson30
Alberta Highway 671.svg671From British Columbia border, through Goodfare, to Hwy 43 north of Beaverlodge33
Alberta Highway 672.svg672From Range Road 123, through Hythe, to Hwy 2 south of Sexsmith62
Alberta Highway 674.svg674From Hwy 2 & Hwy 59 in Sexsmith, to Hwy 77324
Alberta Highway 676.svg676From Hwy 736 north of DeBolt, to Hwy 49 north of Valleyview60
Alberta Highway 677.svg677From Hwy 724, through Woking, to Hwy 73344
Alberta Highway 679.svg679From Hwy 49 south of Donnelly, along south side of Winagami Lake Provincial Park, to Hwy 750 north of Grouard69
Alberta Highway 680.svg680From Hwy 725 in Blueberry Mountain, to Hwy 727 north of Spirit River14.6
Alberta Highway 681.svg681From Hwy 719 north of Bonanza, through Silver Valley, to Hwy 72548
Alberta Highway 682.svg682From Hwy 729, to Hwy 64 & Hwy 64A west of Fairview23
Alberta Highway 683.svg683From Hwy 744 south of Marie Reine, south of Greene Valley Provincial Park, to Hwy 2 in Nampa9.8
Alberta Highway 684.svg684Shaftesbury Trail (90 Street), Peace RiverFrom Hwy 2 south of Grimshaw, along the north side of Peace River (river), to Hwy 2 in Peace River (town)31
Alberta Highway 685.svg68550 Avenue (Wilcox Road), GrimshawFrom Hwy 729, through Hines Creek, to Hwy 2 (51 Street) in Grimshaw87
Alberta Highway 686.svg686From Hwy 88 in Red Earth Creek, north around Peerless Lake (lake), through Peerless Lake (hamlet), to Trout Lake89
Alberta Highway 688.svg688From Hwy 2 south of Peace River, to Hwy 98624
Alberta Highway 689.svg689From Range Road 10, to Hwy 35 in Dixonville24
Alberta Highway 690.svg690From Hwy 35 south of North Star, to Hwy 743 in Deadwood11.3
Alberta Highway 691.svg69110 Avenue SE, ManningFrom Hwy 35 (Main Street) in Manning, to Hwy 74114.9
Alberta Highway 692.svg692From Hwy 35 north of Manning, to Range Road 21027
Alberta Highway 695.svg695From Range Road 243 in Keg River, to Range Road 200 in Carcajou56
Alberta Highway 697.svg697From Hwy 35 north of Paddle Prairie, ferry across Peace River, through La Crete, to Hwy 88 west of Fort Vermilion119


MarkerHwy #Other namesDescriptionLength (km)
Alberta Highway 717.svg717From British Columbia border, through Bear Canyon, to Hwy 64 west of Cleardale24
Alberta Highway 719.svg719From Hwy 49, through Bonanza, to Hwy 68113.5
Alberta Highway 721.svg721From Hwy 43 in Hythe, to Hwy 59 west of Valhalla Centre7.7
Alberta Highway 722.svg7228 Avenue W, BeaverlodgeFrom Range Road 121, through Elmworth, to Hwy 43 in Beaverlodge36
Alberta Highway 723.svg723From Hwy 43 east of Beaverlodge, to Hwy 59 in Valhalla Centre24
Alberta Highway 724.svg724From Hwy 43 at Wembley, through La Glace, to Hwy 67747
Alberta Highway 725.svg725From Hwy 49, through Moonshine Lake Provincial Park & Blueberry Mountain, to Hwy 68123
Alberta Highway 726.svg726From Hwy 64, to Township Road 870 in Worsley16.2
Alberta Highway 727.svg727From Hwy 49 west of Spirit River, to Hwy 68019.9
Alberta Highway 729.svg729From Hwy 682 west of Fairview, to Hwy 685 west of Hines Creek16.5
Alberta Highway 730.svg730From Hwy 64, to Eureka River12.5
Alberta Highway 731.svg731From Hwy 677 west of Woking, to Hwy 49 in Spirit River21
Alberta Highway 732.svg732113 Street, FairviewFrom Hwy 2 (100 Avenue) & Hwy 64A in Fairview, to Hwy 685 east of Hines Creek17.0
Alberta Highway 733.svg733From Hwy 43 & Hwy 670 in Bezanson, to Wanham north of Hwy 4958
Alberta Highway 734.svg734Forestry Trunk RoadFrom Hwy 40 & Hwy 579 46 km from Hwy 1A, through the Rocky Mountains Forest, to Hwy 40 at Lovett River 11 km north of Elk River I.R. 233 & 105 km from Hwy 16293
Alberta Highway 735.svg7353 Street W, WhitelawFrom Hwy 2 in Whitelaw, to Hwy 68530
Alberta Highway 736.svg736From Hwy 43 in DeBolt, to Hwy 67630
Alberta Highway 737.svg7371 Street, BrownvaleFrom Hwy 2 in Brownvale, north around Queen Elizabeth Provincial Park, to Hwy 35 north of Grimshaw35
Alberta Highway 739.svg73950 Street, EagleshamFrom Hwy 49, through Eaglesham, to Township Road 7909.7
Alberta Highway 740.svg740From Hwy 49, through Tangent, ferry across Peace River, to Hwy 684 south of Grimshaw55
Alberta Highway 741.svg741From Hwy 691 east of Manning, to Township Road 944 west of Notikewin Provincial Park36
Alberta Highway 742.svg742Spray Lakes Road; Three Sisters ParkwayFrom Spray Lakes Road & Ken Ritchie Way, through Canmore, to Hwy 1[11]8.2
Alberta Highway 743.svg74374 Street, Peace RiverFrom Hwy 2, in Peace River, to Hwy 690 in Deadwood73
Alberta Highway 744.svg744Judah Hill RoadFrom Hwy 676, through Girouxville & Marie-Reine, to Hwy 2 in Peace River95
Alberta Highway 747.svg747From Hwy 665 east of Valleyview, to Hwy 2A west of High Prairie58
Alberta Highway 748.svg74820 Avenue, Edson•From Hwy 947, through Edson, to Hwy 32 north of Peers69
Spur (25 Street, Edson)•From Hwy 16, to Hwy 748 (20 Avenue) in Edson1.5
Alberta Highway 749.svg74948 Street, High PrairieFrom West Prairie River, through High Prairie, to Hwy 679 east of Winagami Lake Provincial Park45
Alberta Highway 750.svg750From Hwy 2 east of Enilda, through the Sucker Creek Cree First Nation & Atikameg, north around Utikuma Lake, to Hwy 88 south of Red Earth Creek104
Alberta Highway 751.svg751From Hwy 16, through MacKay, to Hwy 43 east of Whitecourt63
Alberta Highway 752.svg75252 Avenue, Rocky Mountain HouseFrom Hwy 734, to Hwy 11, Hwy 22, & Hwy 598 in Rocky Mountain House63
Alberta Highway 753.svg753From Hwy 620 in Lodgepole, through Cynthia, to Hwy 16 west of Wildwood61
Alberta Highway 754.svg754From Hwy 88 north of Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park, past Hwy 813, to Township Road 810 in Wabasca98
Alberta Highway 756.svg756From Hwy 11 west of Rocky Mountain House, to the south Crimson Lake Provincial Park limits3.4
Alberta Highway 757.svg757From Hwy 16 west of Gainford, through Sangudo, to Hwy 1852
Alberta Highway 758.svg758White AvenueFrom Hwy 66, through Bragg Creek Provincial Park, to Hwy 22 in Bragg Creek, west of the Tsuu T'ina Nation4.7
Alberta Highway 759.svg759From Hwy 39, through Tomahawk, to Hwy 31 in Seba Beach40
Alberta Highway 760.svg7605 Street SE, SundreFrom Township Road 320 in Bergen, to Hwy 22 (Main Avenue) in Sundre9.9
Alberta Highway 761.svg761Two sections•From Hwy 54 east of Caroline, through Leslieville, to Hwy 607 west of Bluffton. With a 3.2 km section still to be constructed over Weich Creek80
•From Hwy 13 east of Buck Lake, to Hwy 616 west of Breton16.7
Alberta Highway 762.svg762From Hwy 549 west of Millarville, west around Brown-Lowery Provincial Park, to Hwy 22 & Hwy 66 in Bragg Creek22
Alberta Highway 763.svg763From Hwy 655 north of Thunder Lake Provincial Park, to Hwy 33 south of Fort Assiniboine17.6
Alberta Highway 764.svg764From Hwy 43 in Cherhill, to Hwy 18 south of Thunder Lake Provincial Park30
Alberta Highway 765.svg765From Hwy 16, through Darwell, west around Lac Ste. Anne, to Hwy 43 west of Glenevis24
Alberta Highway 766.svg766Lochend Road; 48 Street, EckvilleFrom Hwy 1A west of Calgary, west around Gleniffer Lake, through Eckville, to Hwy 53 west of Rimbey. With a 4.1 km section still to be constructed over the Red Deer River171
Alberta Highway 769.svg769From Hwy 18, north of Barrhead, through Neerlandia, to Hwy 66123
Alberta Highway 770.svg77050 Street, WarburgFrom Hwy 616 east of Breton, through Warburg & Carvel, to Hwy 16 & Hwy 4360
Alberta Highway 771.svg771From Hwy 20 north of Bentley, west around Gull Lake & Pigeon Lake, to Hwy 61680
Alberta Highway 772.svg772Symons Valley RoadFrom Township Road 261 (176 Avenue NW) at north Calgary limits, to Hwy 574 in Madden31
Alberta Highway 774.svg774From Castle Mountain Resort, to Hwy 507 in Beaver Mines27
Alberta Highway 775.svg775From Beauvais Lake Provincial Park, to Hwy 507 west of Pincher Creek8.0
Alberta Highway 776.svg776From Hwy 18 between Barrhead & Westlock, to Hwy 661 between Neerlandia & Dapp19.4
Alberta Highway 777.svg777From Hwy 37 in Onoway, to Hwy 18 west of Westlock59
Alberta Highway 778.svg77852 Street, ThorsbyFrom Hwy 616 north of Pigeon Lake, to Hwy 39 in Thorsby15.1
Alberta Highway 779.svg779Fifth Meridian; 48 Street, Stony PlainFrom Hwy 627, through Stony Plain, to Hwy 37 west of Calahoo30
Alberta Highway 780.svg780From Hwy 13A east of Ma-Me-O Beach, to Hwy 616 east of Silver Beach8.4
Alberta Highway 781.svg78150 Street, Sylvan LakeFrom Hwy 54 northwest of Innisfail, to Lakeshore Drive in Sylvan Lake25
Alberta Highway 783.svg783From Hwy 543 west of High River, to Hwy 2A & Hwy 7 in Okotoks11.3
Alberta Highway 785.svg785Macleod Street, Pincher CreekFrom Hwy 6 (Waterton Avenue) in Pincher Creek, across the Oldman River Reservoir dam, north around Peigan I.R. 147, to Hwy 2 west of Fort Macleod63
Alberta Highway 786.svg786From Hwy 507 east of Pincher Creek, to Hwy 3 in Brocket9.7
Alberta Highway 791.svg791From Hwy 22X in Indus, through Delacour, to Hwy 590 east of Innisfail130
Alberta Highway 792.svg792From Hwy 12 east of Gull Lake, to Township 454 north of the Battle River50
Alberta Highway 795.svg79550 Street, CalmarFrom Hwy 53 west of Ponoka, to Hwy 39 (50 Avenue) in Calmar72
Alberta Highway 797.svg797•From Hwy 552, to the south bank of the Bow River2.9
Centre Street, Langdon•From Hwy 560 (Glenmore Trail) in Langdon, to Hwy 1 & Hwy 96.5
Alberta Highway 799.svg799From Hwy 23, through Blackie, to Hwy 547 & Hwy 552 east of Aldersyde16.2


MarkerHwy #Other namesDescriptionLength (km)
Alberta Highway 800.svg800From Hwy 5 west of Mountain View, through Hill Spring, to Hwy 50521
Alberta Highway 801.svg801From Hwy 44 & Hwy 661, to the south Cross Lake Provincial Park limits32
Alberta Highway 803.svg803From Hwy 28 west of Bon Accord, to Hwy 651 east of Legal13.6
Alberta Highway 804.svg804From Hwy 533 east of Nanton, through Brant, to Hwy 2324
Alberta Highway 805.svg805From Hwy 583, through Torrington & Wimborne, to Hwy 590 east of Innisfail36
Alberta Highway 806.svg806Pacific Avenue, AcmeFrom Hwy 9 & Hwy 72 in Beiseker, through Acme & Linden, to Hwy 583 west of Three Hills37
Alberta Highway 808.svg808From Hwy 595 east of Red Deer, to Hwy 11 south of the Red Deer River4.7
Alberta Highway 810.svg810From Hwy 505 in Glenwood, to Hwy 3 west of Fort Macleod42
Alberta Highway 811.svg8116 Avenue, Fort MacleodFrom Hwy 2 & Hwy 3 in Fort Macleod, to Hwy 519 east of Granum17.5
Alberta Highway 812.svg812From Hwy 663, to Hwy 2 east of Sunset Beach18.1
Alberta Highway 813.svg81345 Street, AthabascaFrom Hwy 2 (50 Avenue) in Athabasca, east around Calling Lake, west around Sandy Lake (M.D. of Opportunity), & north around South Wabasca Lake, through Calling Lake & Sandy Lake, to Hwy 754 in Wabasca172
Alberta Highway 814.svg81447 Street, Wetaskiwin; 50 Street, BeaumontFrom Hwy 13 in Wetaskiwin, to Hwy 625 in Beaumont42
Alberta Highway 815.svg815From Hwy 11 east of Red Deer, through Joffre, to Hwy 53 in Ponoka43
Alberta Highway 816.svg816From Hwy 590 through Pine Lake, to Hwy 595 east of Red Deer24
Alberta Highway 817.svg817Wheatland Trail, StrathmoreFrom Hwy 24 east of Carseland, through Strathmore, to Hwy 564 in Ardenode36
Alberta Highway 820.svg820From Hwy 501 east of Cardston, to Hwy 5 west of Spring Coulee32
Alberta Highway 821.svg821From Hwy 12 in Tees, to Hwy 53 east of Ponoka23
Alberta Highway 822.svg822From Hwy 53 west of Bashaw, through Gwynne, to Hwy 616, east of Millet42
Alberta Highway 824.svg824From Hwy 14 west of South Cooking Lake, through Ardrossan, to Hwy 1617.3
Alberta Highway 825.svg825From Hwy 37 west of Fort Saskatchewan, to Hwy 643 east of Gibbons.14.2
Alberta Highway 827.svg8272 Street, ThorhildFrom Hwy 28, through Egremont & Thorhild, to Hwy 55 east of Athabasca83
Alberta Highway 829.svg829From Hwy 644 east of Redwater, to Hwy 28 & Hwy 63 west of Radway9.8
Alberta Highway 830.svg830From Hwy 630 east of Sherwood Park, through Josephburg, to Hwy 38 north of Bruderheim47
Alberta Highway 831.svg83150 Av & 48 St, Lamont; Lakeview Road, BoyleFrom Township Road 550 at the north Elk Island National Park limits, through Lamont, Star, & Waskatenau, west of Long Lake Provincial Park, to Hwy 63 & Hwy 663 (Taylor Road) in Boyle100
Alberta Highway 833.svg83353 Street, CamroseFrom Hwy 13 (48 Avenue) in Camrose, to Hwy 14 & Hwy 630 west of Tofield44
Alberta Highway 834.svg83447 Street, TofieldFrom Hwy 13 and Hwy 56 east of Camrose, through Round Hill & Tofield, west around Beaverhill Lake, to Hwy 15 in Chipman87
Alberta Highway 835.svg835From Hwy 590 west of Big Valley, through Erskine, to Buffalo Lake at Rochon Sands48
Alberta Highway 836.svg836Rosebud Street, CarbonFrom Hwy 9 west of Drumheller, through Carbon, to Hwy 585 east of Trochu59
Alberta Highway 837.svg
837South Dinosaur TrailFrom Hwy 575 west of Drumheller, to Hwy 27 west of Morrin. Part of the South Dinosaur Trail along the west side of the Red Deer River, from Hwy 575 to Township Road 30423
Alberta Highway 838.svg
838North Dinosaur TrailFrom Hwy 9 & Hwy 56 (Bridge Street) in Drumheller, along the north side of the Red Deer River, Bleriot Ferry across the Red Deer River, to Hwy 83726
Alberta Highway 839.svg839From Hwy 27 west of Morrin, to Hwy 585 in Rumsey23
Alberta Highway 840.svg840From Hwy 561, through Standard & Rosebud, to Hwy 9 west of Drumheller41
Alberta Highway 841.svg841From Hwy 569 & Rosebud River east of Rosebud, to Hwy 9 west of Drumheller8.6
Alberta Highway 842.svg842From Hwy 529 north of Little Bow Provincial Park, west around McGregor Lake, through Milo, the Siksika Nation, Cluny, & Chancellor, to Hwy 564118
Alberta Highway 843.svg84343 Street, Lethbridge; 4 Street S, Picture ButteFrom 62 Avenue N (Township Road 94) at north Lethbridge limits, through Picture Butte, to Hwy 552. With a 7.3 km section still to be constructed over the Oldman River45
Alberta Highway 844.svg844From Hwy 506 west of the Milk River Ridge Reservoir, to Hwy 52 west of Raymond9.1
Alberta Highway 845.svg845Broadway, Raymond; 20 St, Coaldale; 1 Av, LomondFrom Hwy 52 (2 Avenue N) in Raymond, through Coaldale, to Hwy 531 & Hwy 539 in Lomond102
Alberta Highway 846.svg8461 Street, StirlingFrom Hwy 52 east of Raymond, to Hwy 4 & Hwy 61 in Stirling6.9
Alberta Highway 848.svg848From Hwy 564, through Dorothy, to Hwy 573 west of Little Fish Lake Provincial Park19.8
Alberta Highway 849.svg849From Hwy 10 in Drumheller, through Michichi, to Hwy 931
Alberta Highway 850.svg850From Hwy 593, through Botha & Red Willow, to Hwy 53 in Donalda51
Alberta Highway 851.svg851From Hwy 573 at Little Fish Lake Provincial Park, through the Hand Hills & Delia, to Hwy 589 west of Byemoor81
Alberta Highway 852.svg852From Hwy 12 in Gadsby, to Hwy 60116.3
Alberta Highway 853.svg853From Hwy 589 in Byemoor, to Hwy 59319.4
Alberta Highway 854.svg85446 Street, RyleyFrom Hwy 53 east of Donalda, through Rosalind, Bawlf, & Ryley, to Hwy 626 east of Beaverhill Lake91
Alberta Highway 855.svg855Lougheed Av, Heisler; 45 St, Daysland; 54 St, Holden; Sawchuk St, Mundare; 50 St, Andrew & Smoky LakeFrom Hwy 9 west of Hanna, through Endiang, Halkirk, Heisler, Daysland, Holden, Mundare, Andrew, & Smoky Lake, to Hwy 55 & Hwy 63 in Atmore389
Alberta Highway 856.svg85653 Street, Forestburg; Country Road, StromeFrom Hwy 53 (44 Avenue) in Forestburg, to Hwy 13 in Strome26
Alberta Highway 857.svg857Bruce Road; 50 Av & 60 St, Vegreville; 50 Av, WillingdonFrom Hwy 26, through Bruce, Vegreville, & Willingdon, to Hwy 28 south of Bellis128
Alberta Highway 858.svg858100 Central Street, PlamondonFrom Hwy 55, through Plamondon, north around Lac la Biche, to Hwy 881 north of Lac La Biche55
Alberta Highway 859.svg859From Hwy 652 west of Saddle Lake, to Hwy 28 & Hwy 36 in Vilna15.7
Alberta Highway 860.svg860From Hwy 29 east of Hairy Hill, to Hwy 645 at Sandy Lake (County of Two Hills)9.1
Alberta Highway 861.svg86145 Street, CastorFrom Hwy 12 (48 Avenue) in Castor, through Galahad, to Hwy 53 east of Forestburg42
Alberta Highway 862.svg862From Hwy 550 west of Rosemary, through Gem, Finnegan Ferry across the Red Deer River, to Hwy 9 west of Hanna115
Alberta Highway 864.svg864Park Road, TaberFrom Hwy 3 (46 Avenue) in Taber, to Hwy 524 west of Vauxhall34
Alberta Highway 866.svg866From Hwy 28 & Hwy 36 east of Spedden, to Hwy 55 south of Lac La Biche46
Alberta Highway 867.svg867From Hwy 28 east of Ashmont, to Hwy 5539
Alberta Highway 869.svg86950 Street, SedgewickFrom Hwy 608, to Hwy 13 in Sedgewick23
Alberta Highway 870.svg870Main Street, Kinsella; 53 Street, InnisfreeFrom Hwy 13 in Lougheed, through Kinsella & Innisfree, to Hwy 45 east of Musidora111
Alberta Highway 872.svg872From Hwy 586 west of Kirkpatrick Lake, through Coronation & Brownfield, to Hwy 13 west of Hardisty97
Alberta Highway 873.svg8737 St E & 2 St W, Brooks; Railway Av, DuchessFrom Range Road 162 in Rainier, east around Lake Newell, through Brooks & Duchess, to Hwy 36 & Hwy 55060
Alberta Highway 875.svg875From Hwy 36 south of Vauxhall, through Hays & Rolling Hills, to Hwy 1 west of Tilley82
Alberta Highway 876.svg876Centre Street, TilleyFrom Hwy 535, through Tilley & Patricia, west around Dinosaur Provincial Park, through Wardlow & Cessford, to Hwy 570 south of Sunnynook100
Alberta Highway 877.svg877Salvage Avenue, Grassy LakeFrom Hwy 501 east of Milk River, through Skiff, to Hwy 3 (1 Street S) in Grassy Lake81
Alberta Highway 879.svg879Main Street, ForemostFrom Hwy 501, through Foremost, west of Bow Island, to Hwy 52498
Alberta Highway 880.svg880From Montana Secondary Highway 409 (Whitlash Road) at the Aden crossing, to Hwy 50125
Alberta Highway 881.svg88149 St, Hardisty; 53 St, Irma; 47 St, Mannville; 50 St, Myrnam; 40 St, St. Paul•From Hwy 13 in Hardisty, through Irma, Mannville, Myrnam, St. Paul, & St. Vincent, to Hwy 55216
101 Avenue, Lac La Biche•From Hwy 55 and Hwy 36 in Lac La Biche, east around Lac la Biche, west around the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range, through Conklin & Anzac, south around Gregoire Lake, through Gregoire Lake Provincial Park, to Hwy 63 south of Fort McMurray266
Alberta Highway 882.svg8824 Street E, GlendonFrom Hwy 28, through Glendon, to Hwy 6609.7
Alberta Highway 883.svg883From Hwy 14 west of Fabyan, to Hwy 41 north of Wainwright21
Alberta Highway 884.svg8843 Street E, YoungstownFrom Hwy 1 in Suffield, through Ralston, along the west side of CFB Suffield, through Jenner, Youngstown, & Veteran, to Hwy 13 in Amisk280
Alberta Highway 885.svg885From Hwy 501 west of Pakowki Lake, through Etzikom, to Hwy 3 east of Bow Island76
Alberta Highway 886.svg8861 Street W, Cereal; 44 Street, ConsortFrom Hwy 555 west of Buffalo, through Cereal, to Hwy 12 (48 Avenue) & Hwy 41 in Consort142
Alberta Highway 887.svg887Red Coat TrailFrom Hwy 501 east of Pakowki Lake, through Orion, to Hwy 3 in Seven Persons, follows the Red Coat Trail south of Hwy 6177
Alberta Highway 889.svg889From Hwy 501 east of Pakowki Lake, through Manyberries, to Township Road 7029
Alberta Highway 892.svg892Main Street, ArdmoreFrom Hwy 659, through Ardmore, to Township Road 643 west of Cold Lake31
Alberta Highway 893.svg893From Hwy 619, through Islay & Dewberry, to Hwy 646 in Heinsburg72
Alberta Highway 894.svg89453 Street, EdgertonFrom Hwy 610 (49 Avenue) in Edgerton, to Township Road 47032
Alberta Highway 895.svg895From Hwy 570, to Hwy 41 in Oyen14.4
Alberta Highway 897.svg897Two Sections•From Hwy 14 north of Edgerton, through Paradise Valley, Kitscoty, Marwayne, & Frog Lake, east around Cold Lake I.R. 149, to Hwy 55 south of Cold Lake (city)186
•From the west CFB Cold Lake limits north of Beaver River, west around Cold Lake (lake), to where Township Road 651 would be west of Cold Lake Provincial Park23
Alberta Highway 899.svg899Two Sections•From 3 Avenue in Empress to Hwy 5622.0
•From Hwy 570 north of Acadia Valley, through Altario, Bodo, & Provost, to Hwy 610 west of Chauvin189

900 series[edit]

The roads in the 900 are typically highways that are planned realignments or extensions of existing highways. The numbers applied to each highway in the 900 series are derived from the highway that is planned to be realigned or extended (e.g. Hwy 901 is a potential reaignment of Hwy 1 and Hwy 986 is an extension of Hwy 686).

MarkerHwy #StatusDescriptionLength (km)
Alberta Highway 901.svg901Constructed
This is a continuation of Highway 22X (Marquis of Lorne Trail), from the intersection with Highway 24 east of Calgary, through the Siksika Nation, to Highway 1 east of Gleichen. It is anticipated that this highway, along with Highway 22X, will be renumbered either after the 22X/901 corridor is fully twinned, or after Calgary's ring road (Hwy 201) is completed. The Province is currently considering Highway 22X/901 as a potential realignment of Highway 1 between Calgary and Gleichen.[9]40
Alberta Highway 921.svg921Proposed
From the intersection of Hwy 21 & Hwy 595 north of Delburne, across the Red Deer River, along Range Road 235, to Hwy 11.[8]10.8
From Highway 11 (west of its current intersection with Highway 21) north along Range Road 223, to the intersection of Highway 21 & Highway 12 southeast of Alix.[8]4.6
Alberta Highway 947.svg947Constructed
This alignment is a possible future extension of Highway 47, from Highway 43 east of Fox Creek, south to the Athabasca River. This resource road feeds traffic to the Kaybob South gas plant and other oil/gas facilities in the area.20
An extension of Highway 47 and Highway 947 from the intersection of Highway 47 & Highway 16 west of Edson, to the Athabasca River.[8]70
Alberta Highway 986.svg986Constructed
This is a continuation of Highway 686, from Highway 35 north of Grimshaw, east north of Peace River, across the Peace River, through Cadotte Lake, Little Buffalo, and Loon Lake I.R., to Highway 88 south of Red Earth Creek and Highway 686.158

Former highways[edit]

This is a list of defunct Alberta provincial highways. They have either been renamed, or are no longer provincially maintained.

Current MarkerFormer NameCurrent NamesDescriptionLength (km)
Alberta Highway 216.svgHighway 14XHighway 216 (Anthony Henday Dr)From Hwy 14 & Hwy 628 (Whitemud Drive) between Edmonton & Sherwood Park, to Hwy 16. Was renumbered Highway 216 in the 1990s, and signed as a part of Anthony Henday Drive in 2010.9.7
Trans-Canada HighwayHighway 16XHighway 16 (Yellowhead Highway)From Hwy 16 (now Hwy 16A & Parkland Highway) east of Carvel, through Spruce Grove, to Hwy 2 (170 Street) & Hwy 16 (Yellowhead Trail) in Edmonton. Renumbered from Highway 16X to Highway 16, when the original Highway 16 (through Stony Plain & Spruce Grove) was renumbered Highway 16A & Parkland Highway, in 1997.[12]36
Alberta Highway 43.svgHighway 17Highway 43Hwy 17 from Hwy 16 west of the Town of Stony Plain to the Town of Whitecourt was renumbered to Hwy 43 in the mid-1940s.[13][14]154
Alberta Highway 11.svgHighway 21AHwy 11 (D. Thompson Hwy); Twp Rd 390From Hwy 11 & Hwy 21, to Hwy 12 in Nevis, became part of Highway 11 in the 1990s.4.9
Alberta Highway 806.svg
Alberta Highway 575.svg
Alberta Highway 836.svg
Highway 26
Highway 21A
Highway 21
Highway 806; Highway 575; Highway 836Hwy 26 from Hwy 9 near the Village of Beiseker north to the Village of Acme, then east to the Village of Carbon, and then south back to Hwy 9 was de-designated in the early 1970/71.[15][16] Subsequently, the first two segments were re-designated as Hwy 806 and Hwy 575 in 1972/73[17][18] and the third segment was re-designated as Hwy 836 in 1993/94.[19][20]

Prior to 1962/63, the portion of Hwy 26 from Hwy 21 to Hwy 9 via Acme was numbered Hwy 21A,[21][22] while prior to 1958/59, the portion of Hwy 21A from Hwy 21 to Hwy 9 via Acme was numbered Hwy 21.[23][24]

Alberta Highway 55.svgHighway 28XHighway 55Hwy 28X from Hwy 28 south of the City of Cold Lake to the Saskatchewan/Alberta border became part of Hwy 55 in the late 1970s concurrently when, or shortly after, the balance of Hwy 55 was designated from the City of Cold Lake to Athabasca.[25][26]13.6
Coats of arms of None.svgHighway 29Range Road 15; Township Road 530From Spring Lake (formerly Edmonton Beach) to Highway 16A/Parkland Highway (formerly Highway 16) west of Stony Plain. Dropped by the province in the mid-1980s.[27][28]5.7
Coats of arms of None.svgHighway 30Range Road 42; Range Road 35From Kapasiwin to Highway 16 east of Wabamun. Not picked up by the province in 2000.3.5
Alberta Highway 633.svgHighway 33Highway 633; Range Road 32Hwy 33 from Hwy 43 south of the Town of Onoway to Alberta Beach was renumbered from Hwy 33 to Hwy 633 in the early 1980s.[27][28]10.4
Alberta Highway 43.svg
Alberta Highway 49.svg
Highway 34Highway 43; Highway 49From Hwy 2 north of Grande Prairie at Four Mile Corner, through Bezanson and Debolt, to Hwy 43 in Valleyview. Became part of Highway 43, when 76 km section of Hwy 43 (Valleyview to Donnelly) became Highway 49, and 92 km section of Hwy 2 (BC border to Grande Prairie) became part of Hwy 43 on 1 March 1998.[29]104
Coats of arms of None.svgHighway 38156 Street NWHwy 38 from Stony Plain Road (formerly Hwy 16A) to 79 Avenue NW (now Whitemud Drive) serving the former Town of Jasper Place (now City of Edmonton) was de-designated in 1962/63.[30][31]3.2
Alberta Highway 501.svgHighway 40Highway 501; Range Road 241AHwy 40 from the Montana/Alberta border to Hwy 2 south of the Town of Cardston was renumbered to Hwy 501.[32][33]23.5
Alberta Highway 63.svg
Alberta Highway 55.svg
Highway 46Highway 63; Highway 55From Hwy 28 west of the Hamlet of Radway to the Hamlet of Lac La Biche. Segments became part of Hwy 63 and Hwy 55 in the late 1970s concurrently when, or shortly after, Hwy 55 was designated from the Saskatchewan/Alberta border to Athabasca.[34][35]153
Alberta Highway 41.svgHighway 48Highway 41From the Montana/Alberta border near Wild Horse to Hwy 1 west of the Hamlet of Irvine. Became part of Hwy 41 in the late 1970s or early 1980s.[36][37]114
Alberta Highway 12.svgHighway 51Highway 12; Township Road 404From Hwy 22 north of Rocky Mountain House, to Hwy 12 & Hwy 20 west of Bentley. Became part of Highway 12 when the original Highway 12 (from Bentley, through Rimbey and Breton, to Alsike) became part of Highway 20 in the 1980s.59
Alberta Highway 22.svg
Alberta Highway 39.svg
Highway 57Highway 22; Highway 39From Hwy 16 & Hwy 16A in Entwistle, through Drayton Valley, to Hwy 20 & Hwy 39 in Alsike. 55 km section became part of Highway 22, and 27 km section became part of Highway 39 in the 1970s.82
Alberta Highway 88 (Bicentennial).pngHighway 67Highway 88 (Bicentennial Hwy)From Hwy 2 in Slave Lake, through Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park, Red Earth Creek and Fort Vermilion, before crossing the Peace River, to Hwy 58. Renumbered Highway 88 in 1988.427
Alberta Highway 892.svgHighway 92
Highway 992
Highway 892Hwy 992 from Hwy 28 west of the Hamlet of Ardmore to northeast of Moore Lake, approximately 10 km (6.2 mi) north of Hwy 55, was renumbered to Hwy 92 in the early 1980s[38][39] and renumbered again to Hwy 892 in the mid-1980s.[40][41]24
Coats of arms of None.svgHighway 517From Hwy 40 south of Bob Creek Wildland Provincial Park, along the south side of Oldman River, to Hwy 22. Not picked up by the province in 2000.22
Coats of arms of None.svgHighway 565Township Road 254From Hwy 895 (Range Road 43) south of Oyen, to Hwy 41 in Acadia Valley. Not picked up by the province in 2000.19.0
Coats of arms of None.svgHighway 596Township Road 381From Hwy 781 south of Sylvan Lake, to Hwy 11 west of Red Deer. Dropped by the province in 2000s.18.2
Alberta Highway 26.svgHighway 615Highway 26; Township Road 470From Hwy 36 south of Viking, to Hwy 14 west of Kinsella. Became part of Highway 26 in 2009.[42]14.0
Coats of arms of None.svgHighway 636Josephburg Rd; Twp Rd 550; North Av, JosephburgFrom Hwy 15 in Fort Saskatchewan, to Hwy 830 in Josephburg. Not picked up by the province in 2000.7.7
Alberta Highway 29.svgHighway 637Highway 29; Township Road 554From Hwy 15 west of Lamont, through Hairy Hill, to Hwy 36 in Duvernay. Became part of Highway 29 in 2006.[43]75
Alberta Highway 654.svgHighway 649Hwy 654; Twp Rd 572/573From Hwy 757 north of Sangudo, along the north side of Pembina River, to Hwy 764. 6.9 km section became part of Highway 654, and 8.4 km section dropped by province.15.3
Coats of arms of None.svgHighway 650Township Road 570From Hwy 33 north of Rich Valley, to Hwy 44 in Alcomdale. Not picked up by the province in 2000.34
Coats of arms of None.svgHighway 720Rge Rd 123; Twp Rd 734; Rge Rd 125From Hwy 671 west of Goodfare, through Horse Lake I.R. 152B, to Hwy 43 west of Hwy 59. Not picked up by the province in 2000.22
Coats of arms of None.svgHighway 734Forestry Trunk RoadOriginally two sections, section from Hwy 40 east of Grande Cache, to Hwy 43 east of Grande Prairie, not picked up by the province in 2000.169
Coats of arms of None.svgHighway 742Smith-Dorrien / Spray Trail, Kananaskis; (Spray Lakes Road, Canmore)Originally 70 km, closed road section from Hwy 40 in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, along the north side of Lower Kananaskis Lake & Smith-Dorrien Creek, along the east side of Spray Lakes, to Ken Ritchie Way at Canmore boundary, not picked up by the province in 2000.[11]62
Coats of arms of None.svgHighway 745Little Smoky Road; Range Road 215From Hwy 43 in Little Smoky, to Hwy 665 south of Valleyview. Dropped by the province.29
Coats of arms of None.svgHighway 746Range Road 200/195From Hwy 2A, 1.6 km concurrency with Hwy 679, to Hwy 2 (3 Avenue NW) in McLennan. Not picked up by the province in 2000.29
Coats of arms of None.svgHighway 77337 Street SW, CalgaryFrom Hwy 549 west of Okotoks, to Hwy 22X (Spruce Meadow Trail) at south Calgary limits. Dropped by the province in the 2000s.17.9
Coats of arms of None.svgHighway 782Centre Street N, CalgaryFrom 144 Avenue N (Township Road 260), to Hwy 566 west of Balzac. Handed to Calgary when city limits expanded in 2007.3.2
Coats of arms of None.svgHighway 788Golden Spike Rd; Calahoo Rd; Rge Rd 273From Hwy 628 west of Edmonton, through Spruce Grove, to Township Road 540 west of Villeneuve. Dropped by the province, and Hwy 16 crossing closed in the 2000s.12.9
Alberta Highway 44.svgHighway 794Hwy 44; Rge Rd 265/264; 104 Av, WestlockFrom Hwy 16 west of Edmonton, through Villeneuve, Rivière Qui Barre, & Alcomdale, to Hwy 18 (100 Street) in Westlock. Became part of Highway 44 in 1999.[44]66
Coats of arms of None.svgHighway 847Rge Rd 184; 11 St, BassanoFrom Township Road 200, to Hwy 1 in Bassano. Not picked up by the province in 2000.15.2
Alberta Highway 40.svgHighway 940Hwy 40 (Bighorn Hwy); Forestry Trunk RdUnimproved sections of the Forestry Trunk Road. Became part of Highway 40 in 2000.

Park access roads[edit]

A park access road (PAR) is an access route managed by Alberta Transportation that connects provincial parks to designated provincial highways.[45] The following is a list of all park access roads in Alberta as of May 2010.[8][46]

101Highway 25Park Lake Provincial Park6.768
102Highway 756Crimson Lake Provincial Park1.841
103Highway 873Kinbrook Island Provincial Park1.766
104Highway 831Long Lake Provincial Park1.531
106Highway 2Queen Elizabeth Provincial Park5.147
107Highway 18
Highway 763
Thunder Lake Provincial Park2.538
108Highway 679Winagami Lake Provincial Park2.772
109Highway 623Miquelon Lake Provincial Park0.086
110Highway 529Little Bow Provincial Park1.756
113Highway 43Williamson Provincial Park1.652
115Highway 41Cypress Hills Provincial Park2.376
116Highway 567Big Hill Springs Provincial Park2.372
117Highway 43Saskatoon Island Provincial Park3.808
120Highway 28Garner Lake Provincial Park4.782
121Highway 41Gooseberry Lake Provincial Park1.618
123Highway 40William A. Switzer Provincial Park2.795
124Highway 20Jarvis Bay Provincial Park0.547
127Highway 771Pigeon Lake Provincial Park1.147
129Highway 881Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park2.073
130Highway 544Dinosaur Provincial Park16.836
131Highway 503Woolford Provincial Park1.808
132Highway 500Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park0.883
133Highway 21Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park17.965
134Highway 527Willow Creek Provincial Park1.747
135Highway 43Young's Point Provincial Park9.562
136Highway 2Police Outpost Provincial Park20.287
138Highway 28Cold Lake Provincial Park1.355
142Highway 32Carson-Pegasus Provincial Park4.143
143Highway 750Hilliard's Bay Provincial Park10.841
150Highway 660Moose Lake Provincial Park1.121
152Highway 22Chain Lakes Provincial Park1.216

Urban approach roads[edit]

An urban approach road (UAR) is an access route managed by Alberta Transportation that connects urbanized areas to designated provincial highways.[45] The following is a list of all urban approach roads in Alberta as of May 2010.[8][46]

55Highway 56Big Valley1.579
56Highway 45Dewberry1.703
57Highway 45Clandonald2.84
68Highway 43Rochfort Bridge0.763
71Highway 21Huxley0.557
73Highway 44Pibroch1.419
74Highway 28Waskatenau0.805
79Highway 2Vimy1.374
81Highway 44Jarvie1.626
82Highway 44Flatbush3.248
83Highway 44Fawcett0.953
84Highway 43Onoway0.938
86Highway 13Hughenden0.382
87Highway 13Metiskow2.955
88Highway 12Tees0.35
89Highway 21Elnora3.267
90Highway 21Lousana3.634
96Highway 28Bonnyville Beach3.296
104Highway 28Warspite0.825
108Highway 13Cadogan10.527
110Highway 36Scandia2.068
111Highway 12Clive1.087
113Highway 27Morrin0.815
114Highway 54Dickson3.225
115Highway 16Evansburg1.033
116Highway 28Vilna1.118
122Highway 9Craigmyle2.279
124Highway 2Widewater0.584
125Highway 2Kinuso1.838
128Highway 597Blackfalds1.008
133Highway 21Rockyford8.251
136Highway 2Donnelly0.257
137Highway 36Galahad6.517
139Highway 41Empress10.048
141Highway 9Beiseker0.475
144Highway 9Irricana0.879
150Highway 29Hairy Hill0.884
154Highway 41Hilda4.947
155Highway 45Derwent0.669
156Highway 28Smoky Lake0.886
158Highway 28Radway0.618
160Highway 2Tawatinaw2.778
161Highway 23Carmangay0.735
164Highway 11Benalto1.501
165Highway 20Bluffton1.695
166Highway 2Joussard2.188
167Highway 2Canyon Creek0.456
168Highway 41Schuler4.781
170Highway 2Faust0.895
171Highway 61Wrentham0.913
172Highway 21New Sarepta3.507
174Highway 2Enilda0.463
175Highway 13Winfield1.147
178Highway 41Acadia Valley0.913
180Highway 28Ashmont0.932
181Highway 617Hay Lakes0.682
185Highway 69Fort McMurray Airport3.026
187Highway 21Swalwell5.519
189Highway 13Gwynne0.328
197Highway 32Peers0.164
199Highway 16Ranfurly0.651
205Highway 3Kipp1.76
206Highway 21Bashaw0.891
210Highway 56Meeting Creek1.365
212Highway 49Guy0.829
213Highway 36Kikino4.225
214Highway 2Bluesky0.418
216Highway 16Minburn0.774
217Highway 28Bellis2.264
220Highway 41Czar0.801
221Highway 21Delburne0.942
224Highway 63Abee0.248
225Highway 55Rich Lake1.443
227Highway 35High Level Airport1.374
236Highway 29St. Edouard0.929
238Highway 2Berwyn0.598

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