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The following is a list of episodes for the British crime drama Agatha Christie's Poirot which first aired on ITV from 8 January 1989 to 13 November 2013. In total 70 episodes were produced over 13 series.

Episodes run for either approximately 50 minutes or 90–100 minutes, the latter of which is the format of all episodes from series 6 onwards. The shorter episodes are based on Christie's short stories featuring Poirot, many published in the 1920s, and are considerably embellished from their original form. The longer episodes are based on Christie's 34 Poirot novels. While Christie's novels are set contemporaneously with the time of writing (between the 1920s and 1970s), 1936 was chosen as the year in which to place the majority of Poirot episodes; references to events such as the Jarrow March were included to strengthen this chronology.[1] With some exceptions, the series as a whole is set in roughly chronological order between 1935 and 1939, prior to the outbreak of the Second World War.[fn 1]

Regular cast[edit]

David SuchetHercule PoirotVarious1–131989–2013
Hugh FraserArthur HastingsCaptain OBE1–8, 131989–2002, 2013
Philip JacksonJames JappChief Inspector (series 1–8)
Assistant Commissioner (series 13)
1–8, 131989–2001, 2013
Pauline MoranFelicity LemonSecretary1–3, 5–8, 131989–91, 1993–2001, 2013
Zoë WanamakerAriadne OliverCrime novelist10–132006–13
David YellandGeorgeValet10–132006–13

Series 1 (1989)[edit]

All episodes from series 1–5 are 50 minutes long, except where marked as "feature-length".

TitleUK airdateRecurring castGuest castIMDb link
The Adventure of the Clapham Cook8 January 1989
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Inspector Japp,
  • Miss Lemon
  • Antony Carrick (as Mr Todd)
  • Phillip Manikum (as Sergeant)
  • Jona Jones (as Constable)
  • Nicholas Coppin (as Constable)
Murder in the Mews15 January 1989
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Inspector Japp,
  • Miss Lemon
  • John Cording (as Div. Inspector Jameson)
  • Barrie Cookson (as Dr Brett)
  • Christopher Brown (as Golfer)
  • Bob Bryan (as Barman)
  • Beccy Wright (as Maid)
  • Nicholas Delve (as Freddie)
  • Ruskin Moya (as Singer)
The Adventure of Johnnie Waverly22 January 1989
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Inspector Japp,
  • Miss Lemon
  • Dominic Rougier (as Johnnie Waverly)
  • Geoffrey Bateman (as Marcus Waverly)
  • Carol Frazer (as Jessie Withers)
  • Sandra Freeman (as Miss Collins)
  • Robert Putt (as Rogers)
  • Phillip Manikum (as Sergeant)
  • Jona Jones (as Constable)
  • Jonathan Magnanti (as Policeman)
Four and Twenty Blackbirds29 January 1989
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Inspector Japp,
  • Miss Lemon
  • Denys Hawthorne (as Henry Bonnington)
  • Marjie Lawrence (as Irene Mullen)
  • Charles Pemberton (as Stooge)
  • Peter Waddington (as Forensic)
  • Guy Standeven (as Vicar)
  • Stephen Pruslin (as Pianist)
The Third Floor Flat5 February 1989
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Inspector Japp,
  • Miss Lemon
  • Robert Hines (as Jimmy Faulkener)
  • Amanda Elwes (as Mildred Hope)
  • Nicholas Pritchard (as Donovan Bailey)
  • James Aiden (as Major Sadler)
  • Peter Aubrey (as Removal Man)
  • Jona Jones (as Police Constable)
  • George Little (as Dicker)
  • Helena McCarthy (as Coffee Stall Owner)
  • Alan Partington (as Inspector Flint)
  • Susan Porrett (as Trotter)
Triangle at Rhodes12 February 1989
  • Annie Lambert (as Valentine Chantry)
  • Angela Down (as Marjorie Gold)
  • Jon Cartwright (as Commander Chantry)
  • Peter Settelen (as Douglas Gold)
  • Frances Low (as Pamela Lyall)
  • Timothy Kightley (as Major Barnes)
  • Dimitri Andreas (as Greek Cashier)
  • Anthony Benson (as Skelton)
  • Al Fiorentini (as Police Inspector)
  • Stephen Gressieux (as Italian Policeman)
  • Yannis Hatziyannis (as Purser)
  • Tilemanos Emanuel (as Customs Officer)
  • Georgia Dervis (as Greek Girl)
  • George Little (as Dicker)
  • Patrick Monckton (as Hotel Manager)
  • Sofia Olympiou (as Good Woman)
  • Martyn Whitby (as Postman)
Problem at Sea19 February 1989Captain Hastings
  • Anne Firbank (as Ellie Henderson)
  • Victoria Hasted (as Pamela Cregan)
  • Melissa Greenwood (as Kitty Mooney)
  • Dorothea Phillips (as Kelly Morgan)
  • Sheri Shepstone (as Emily Morgan)
  • Louisa Janes (as Ismene)
  • Jack Chissick (as Bates)
  • Colin Higgins (as Skinner)
  • Yorgos Kotanidis (as Photographer)
  • Panayotis Kaldis (as 1st Hawker)
  • Stathis Mauropoulos (as 2nd Hawker)
  • James Ottaway (as Mr Russell)
The Incredible Theft26 February 1989
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Inspector Japp,
  • Miss Lemon
  • Dan Hildebrand (as Chauffeur)
  • Guy Scantlebury (as Reggie Carrington)
  • Phillip Manikum (as Sergeant)
The King of Clubs12 March 1989
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Inspector Japp
  • Vass Anderson (as Frampton)
  • Jeffrey Harmer (as Assistant Director)
  • Stuart St Paul (as Stuntman)
  • Rosie Timpson (as Miss Deloy)
The Dream19 March 1989
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Inspector Japp,
  • Miss Lemon
  • Donald Bisset (as Mayor)
  • Christopher Gunning (as Bandmaster)
  • Arthur Howell (as Fencing Instructor)
  • Paul Lacoux (as Dr John Stillingfleet)
  • George Little (as Mr Dicker)
  • Neville Phillips (as Holmes)
  • Christopher Saul (as Mr Tremlett)
  • Fred Bryant (as Workman)
  • Martin Wenner (as Herbert Chudley)
  • Tommy Wright (as Workman)

Series 2 (1990)[edit]

TitleUK airdateRecurring castGuest castIMDb link
Peril at End House
7 January 1990
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Inspector Japp,
  • Miss Lemon
  • Alison Sterling (as Frederica Rice)
  • Paul Geoffrey (as Jim Lazarus)
  • Christopher Baines (as Charles Vyse)
  • Mary Cunningham (as Ellen Wilson)
  • Geoffrey Greenhill (as Wilson)
  • Joe Bates (as Alfred Wilson)
  • Elizabeth Downes (as Maggie Buckley)
  • John Crocker (as Dr Graham)
  • Jane Paton (as Hotel Receptionist)
  • Fergus McLarnon (as Hood)
  • Janice Cramer (as Maid)
  • Edward Pinner (as Pageboy)
The Veiled Lady14 January 1990
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Inspector Japp,
  • Miss Lemon
  • Terence Harvey (as Mr Lavington)
  • Tony Stephens (as Sergeant)
  • Don Williams (as Constable)
  • Peter Geddis (as Museum Guard)
  • British Concert Winds (as Brass Band)
The Lost Mine21 January 1990
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Inspector Japp,
  • Miss Lemon
  • Chris Walker (as First Officer)
  • Hi Ching (as Chow Feng)
  • Barbara Barnes (as Mrs Lester)
  • Gloria Connell (as Miss Devenish)
  • John Cording (as Sergeant Jameson)
  • Vincent Wong (as Chinaman)
  • Joe Frazer (as Second Officer)
  • Daryl Kwan (as Oriental Gentleman)
  • Susan Leong (as Chinese Tart)
  • Peter Barnes (as Wilkins)
The Cornish Mystery28 January 1990
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Inspector Japp,
  • Miss Lemon
  • Edwina Day (as Landlady)
  • Graham Callan (as Solicitor)
  • Hugh Sullivan (as Vicar)
  • Jonathan Whaley (as Policeman)
The Disappearance of Mr. Davenheim4 February 1990
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Inspector Japp,
  • Miss Lemon
  • Patrick Page (as Illusionist)
  • Tony Mathews (as Gerald Lowen)
  • Fiona McArthur (as Maid)
  • Peter Doran (as Policeman)
  • Jonty Miller (as Mechanic)
  • Malcolm Mudie (as Chief Engineer)
  • Stewart Harwood (as Man Delivering Parrot)
Double Sin11 February 1990
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Inspector Japp,
  • Miss Lemon
  • Amanda Garwood (as Lady Amanda Manderley)
  • David Hargreaves (as Sergeant Vinney)
  • Gerald Horan (as PC Flagg)
  • Miranda Forbes (as Landlady)
  • George Little (as Dicker)
  • Paul Gabriel (as Speedy Tours Representative)
  • Anne Small (as Pianist)
  • Jack Williams (as Second Urchin)
  • Ned Williams (as First Urchin)
The Adventure of the Cheap Flat18 February 1990
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Inspector Japp,
  • Miss Lemon
  • Nick Maloney (as Bernie Cole)
  • Jemma Churchill (as Elsie)
  • Anthony Pedley (as Mafia Assassin)
  • Luke Hayden (as Romero's Husband)
The Kidnapped Prime Minister25 February 1990
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Inspector Japp,
  • Miss Lemon
  • Milo Sperber (as Mr Fingler)
  • Anthony Chinn (as Shi Mong)
  • Jack Elliott (as John Egan)
  • Sam Clifton (as Street Urchin)
  • Daniel John (as Street Urchin)
  • Oliver Beamish (as Sergeant Hopper)
  • Kate Binchy (as Egan's Landlady)
  • Timothy Block (as Major Norman)
  • Henry Moxon (as Prime Minister McAdam)
The Adventure of the Western Star4 March 1990
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Inspector Japp,
  • Miss Lemon
  • Alister Cameron (as Lord Yardly)
  • Barry Woolgar (as Inspector Dougall)
  • Julian Gartside (as Hotel Receptionist)

Series 3 (1991)[edit]

TitleUK airdateRecurring castGuest castIMDb link
The Mysterious Affair at Styles
16 September 1990
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Inspector Japp
  • Bryan Coleman (as Vicar)
  • Michael D. Roberts (as Tindermans)
  • Michael Godley (as Dr Wilkins)
  • Penelope Beaumont (as Mrs Raikes)
  • Lala Lloyd (as Dorcas)
  • Donald Pelmear (as Judge)
  • Tim Munro (as Edwin Mace)
  • David Savile (as Summerhaye)
  • Eric Stovell (as Chemist)
  • Caroline Swift (as Nurse)
  • Merelina Kendall (as Mrs Dainty)
  • Ken Robertson (as Army Officer)
  • Robert Vowles (as Hire Car Driver)
  • Gordon Dulieu (as Clerk of the Court)
  • Jeffrey Robert (as Foreman of the Jury)
  • David Michaels (as Soldier)
How Does Your Garden Grow?6 January 1991
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Inspector Japp,
  • Miss Lemon
  • Peter Birch (as Nicholai)
  • John Rogan (as Pathologist)
  • John Burgess (as Mr Harrison)
  • Trevor Darby (as Mr Trumper)
  • Dorcas Morgan (as Lucy)
  • Ralph Nossek (as Dr Sims)
  • Stephen Petcher (as Photographer)
  • Philip Praeger (as Police Constable)
The Million Dollar Bond Robbery13 January 1991
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Miss Lemon
  • Edward Phillips (as Flower Seller)
  • Kieron Jecchinis (as Tom Franklin)
  • Jonathan Stratt (as Spivvy Passenger)
  • Christopher Owen (as Chief Purser)
The Plymouth Express20 January 1991
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Inspector Japp,
  • Miss Lemon
  • John Abbott (as Detective)
  • Alfredo Michelson (as Armand de la Rochefort)
  • Leon Eagles (as Bank Manager)
  • Duncan Faber (as Porter)
  • Robert Locke (as Naval Officer)
  • Nigel Makin (as Reception Clerk)
  • Stephen Riddle (as Barman)
  • Richard Vanstone (as Sergeant)
  • Adrian McLoughlin (as Station Official)
Wasps' Nest27 January 1991
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Inspector Japp,
  • Miss Lemon
  • Melanie Jessup (as Molly Deane)
  • Kate Lynn Evans (as Mrs Henderson)
  • Julian Forsyth (as Waiter)
The Tragedy at Marsdon Manor3 February 1991
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Inspector Japp
  • Anita Carey (as Miss Rawlinson)
  • Geraldine Alexander (as Susan Maltravers)
  • Hilary Sesta (as Doctor's Receptionist)
  • Geoffrey Swann (as Police Sergeant)
The Double Clue10 February 1991
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Inspector Japp,
  • Miss Lemon
  • David Lyon (as Marcus Hardman)
  • Nicholas Selby (as Mr Johnstone)
  • Meriel Dickinson (as Katherine Bird)
  • Mark Fletcher (as Constable)
  • William Osborne (as Receptionist)
  • William Chubb (as Blake)
  • Michael Packer (as Redfern)
  • Richard Ryan (as Porter)
  • Yitkin Seow (as Nacora)
The Mystery of the Spanish Chest17 February 1991
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Inspector Japp
  • John Noble (as Rigoletto)
  • Metin Yenal (as Umpire)
  • Antonia Pemberton (as Lady Chatterton)
  • Clem Davies (as Reporter)
  • Roger Kemp (as Doctor)
  • Christopher Lamb (as Party Dancer)
  • Andy Mulligan (as Reporter)
  • Richard Cawte (as Young Officer)
  • Edward Clayton (as Rouse)
  • Sam Smart (as Smithy)
  • Melissa Wilson (as Maid)
  • Victoria Scarborough (as Party Dancer)
The Theft of the Royal Ruby24 February 1991
  • Gordon Reid (as Mr Dupre)
  • Nigel Le Vaillant (as Desmond Lee-Wortley)
  • Tariq Alibai (as Prince Farouq)
  • Edward Holmes (as Michael)
  • David Howey (as Jesmond)
  • John Dunbar (as Peverill)
  • Peter Aldwyn (as Durbridge)
  • John Vernon (as David Welwyn)
  • Christopher Leaver (as Parsloe)
  • Susan Field (as Mrs Ross)
  • Siobhan Garahy (as Annie Bates)
  • Alessia Gwyther (as Bridget)
  • James Taylor (as Waiter)
The Affair at the Victory Ball3 March 1991
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Inspector Japp,
  • Miss Lemon
  • Mark Crowdy (as Viscount Cronshaw)
  • Natalie Slater (as Mrs Davidson)
  • Kate Harper (as Mrs Mallaby)
  • David Henry (as Eustace Beltane)
  • Brian Mitchell (as Second Actor)
  • Bryan Matheson (as Butler)
  • Sarah Crowden (as Receptionist)
The Mystery of Hunter's Lodge10 March 1991
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Inspector Japp
  • Shaughan Seymour (as Archie Havering)
  • Arthur Whybrow (as Mr Anstruther)
  • Christopher Scoular (as Sergeant Forgan)
  • Clare Travers-Deacon (as Joan)

Series 4 (1992)[edit]

TitleUK airdateRecurring castGuest castIMDb link
The ABC Murders
5 January 1992
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Inspector Japp
  • David McAlister (as Inspector Glen)
  • Pat Gorman (as Desk Sergeant)
  • Gordon Salkilld (as Commissionaire)
  • Nina Marc (as Thora Grey)
  • Vivienne Burgess (as Lady Clarke)
  • Ann Windsor (as Miss Merrion)
  • Miranda Forbes (as Mrs Turton)
  • Lucinda Curtis (as Mrs Marbury)
  • Allan Mitchell (as Dr Kerr)
  • Campbell Graham (as Mr Downes)
  • Norman McDonald (as Mr Strange)
  • John Breslin (as Mr Barnard)
  • Philip Anthony (as Doctor)
  • Clifford Milner (as Constable)
  • Claude Close (as Doncaster Sergeant)
  • Alex Kinght (as Andover Sergeant)
  • David Fox (as Scotland Yard Sergeant)
  • Jane Birdsall (as Nurse)
  • Andrew Williamson (as Man in Library)
Death in the Clouds
12 January 1992Inspector Japp
  • Yves Aubert (as Airline Clerk)
  • Hana Maria Pravda (as Concierge)
  • Harry Audley (as Raymond Barraclough)
  • Roger Heathcott (as Daniel Clancy)
  • Guy Manning (as Jean Dupont)
  • Richard Ireson (as Inspector Fournier)
  • David Firth (as Lord Horbury)
  • Nick Mercer (as PC Roberts)
  • John Bleasdale (as Mitchell)
  • Gabrielle Lloyd (as Elise Grandier)
  • Russell Richardson (as French Registrar)
  • Raymond Sawyer (as Hotel Clerk)
  • Hilary Waters (as Receptionist)
One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
19 January 1992Inspector Japp
  • Helen Horton (as Julia Olivera)
  • Karen Gledhill (as Gladys Neville)
  • Trilby James (as Agnes Fletcher)
  • Mary Healey (as Beryl Chapman)
  • Oliver Bradshaw (as Mr Hendry)
  • Jean Ainslie (as Alison Hendry)
  • Joe Greco (as Alfred Biggs)
  • Tom Durham (as Lionel Arnholt)
  • David Bowles (as Sergeant Evans)
  • Ben Bazell (as Sergeant Beddoes)
  • John Carlin (as Dr Bennett)
  • Dawn Keeler (as Mrs Pinner)
  • Nigel Bellairs (as Mr Letheran)
  • John Warner (as Coroner)
  • Stephen Bird (as Page Boy)
  • Mark Heal (as Police Constable)
  • Cassandra Holliday (as Receptionist)
  • Nicolas Brook (as Waiter)
  • Eileen Maciejewska (as Manageress)
  • Chris Spicer (as Claudio)
  • Alan Penn (as Antonio)
  • Guy Oliver-Watts (as Benedick)
  • John Peters (as Sergeant)
  • Keith Woodhams (as Desk Clerk)
  • Emma Grey (as Hopscotch Girl)
  • Julie Smith (as Hopscotch Girl)

Series 5 (1993)[edit]

TitleUK airdateRecurring castGuest castIMDb link
The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb17 January 1993
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Miss Lemon
  • Robert Wisdom (as Waiter)
  • Olivier Pierre (as Dr Henry Schneider)
  • Peter Reeves (as Dr John Willard)
  • Simon Cowell-Parker (as Nigel Harper)
  • Jon Strickland (as Dr Leonard Fosswell)
  • Grant Thatcher (as Sir Guy Willard)
  • Mozaffar Shafeie (as Hassan)
The Underdog24 January 1993
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Miss Lemon
  • Ian Gelder (as Victor Astwell)
  • Bill Wallis (as Horace Trefusis)
  • Lucy Davidson (as Gladys)
  • John Evitts (as Parsons)
  • Andrew Seear (as Humphrey Naylor)
  • Michael Vaughan (as Sergeant)
  • Charles Armstrong (as Receptionist)
Yellow Iris31 January 1993
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Miss Lemon
  • Robin McCaffrey (as Iris Russell)
  • Hugh Ross (as Stephen Carter)
  • Tracy Miller (as Singer)
  • Arturo Venegas (as Hotel Receptionist)
The Case of the Missing Will7 February 1993
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Inspector Japp,
  • Miss Lemon
  • Gillian Hanna (as Margaret Baker)
  • Susan Tracy (as Phyllida Campion)
  • Stephen Oxley (as Doctor)
The Adventure of the Italian Nobleman14 February 1993
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Inspector Japp,
  • Miss Lemon
  • Sidney Kean (as Count Foscatini)
  • Leonard Preston (as Mr Edwin Graves)
  • Anna Mazzotti (as Margherita Fabbri)
  • Michael Tudor Barnes (as Neighbour)
  • Ben Bazell (as Sergeant Beddoes)
  • Sara Kean (as Bridesmaid 1)
  • Victoria Kean (as Bridesmaid 2)
  • Alberto Janelli (as Darida)
  • David Willoughby (as Lad)
  • Barrie Wilmore (as Manager)
The Chocolate Box21 February 1993Inspector Japp
  • Michael Beint (as Coroner)
  • Linda Broughton (as Denise)
  • Kirsten Clark (as Jeanette)
  • Richard Derrington (as Henri)
Dead Man's Mirror28 February 1993
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Inspector Japp
  • James Greene (as Snell)
  • Derek Smee (as Auctioneer)
  • Jon Croft (as Lawrence)
Jewel Robbery at the Grand Metropolitan7 March 1993
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Inspector Japp,
  • Miss Lemon
  • Karl Johnson (as Saunders)
  • Andrew Carr (as Hubert Devine)
  • Tim Stern (as Bellboy)
  • Eileen Dunwoodie (as Holidaymaker)
  • Peter Kelly (as Lucky Len)
  • Colin Stepney (as Guest)
  • James McCusker (as Journalist)
  • Simon Molloy (as Holidaymaker)
  • Jo Powell (as Holidaymaker)
  • Graham Rowe (as Manager)

Series 6 (1994–96)[edit]

All episodes are feature-length from this point onwards.

TitleUK airdateRecurring castGuest castIMDb link
Hercule Poirot's Christmas25 December 1994Inspector Japp
  • Eric Carte (as George Lee)
  • Scott Handy (as Young Simeon)
  • Liese Benjamin (as Young Stella)
  • Oscar Pearce (as Gerrit)
  • Colin Meredith (as Shopkeeper)
  • Joanna Dickens (as Cook)
  • Michael Keats (as Constable)
Hickory Dickory Dock12 February 1995
  • Inspector Japp,
  • Miss Lemon
  • Gilbert Martin (as Colin McNabb)
  • Jessica Lloyd (as Celia Austin)
  • Paris Jefferson (as Sally Finch)
  • Elinor Morriston (as Valerie Hobhouse)
  • Polly Kemp (as Patricia Lane)
  • Granville Saxton (as Mr John Casterman)
  • Bernard Lloyd (as Mr Endicott)
  • Mark Denny (as Jarrow Marcher)
  • Tony Kirkwood (as Passport Officer)
  • Peter Glancy (as Customs Officer)
  • Alec Linstead (as Pharmacist)
  • Brian McDermott (as Chief Inspector)
The Murder on the Links11 February 1996Captain Hastings
  • Jacinta Mulcahy (as Bella Duveen)
  • Bill Moody (as Giraud)
  • Bernard Latham (as Lucien Bex)
  • Andrew Melville (as Dr Hautet)
  • Henrietta Voigts (as Leonie)
  • James Vaughan (as Adam Letts)
  • Simon Holmes (as Projectionist)
  • Ray Gatenby (as Station Master)
  • Randal Herley (as Judge)
  • Peter Yapp (as Lawyer)
  • Terry Raven (as Tramp)
  • Margaret Clifton (as Concierge)
  • Tim Berrington (as Golfer)
  • Howard Lee (as Golfer)
  • Christopher Hammond (as Policeman)
  • Joseph Morton (as Policeman)
Dumb Witness16 March 1996Captain Hastings
  • Tobias Saunders (as Alexis)
  • Stephen Tomlin (as Vicar)
  • Pat O'Toole (as Sarah)
  • Jestyn Phillips (as Steward)
  • Geoffrey Banks (as Starter)
  • Tim Williams (as American)

Series 7 (2000)[edit]

TitleUK airdateRecurring castGuest castIMDb link
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd2 January 2000Inspector Japp
  • Jamie Bamber (as Ralph Paton)
  • Rosalind Bailey (as Dorothy Ferrars)
  • Clive Brunt (as Naval Petty Officer)
  • Roger Frost (as Parker)
  • Nigel Cooke (as Geoffrey Raymond)
  • Gregor Truter (as Inspector Davis)
  • Charles Early (as Constable Jones)
  • Charles Simon (as Hammond)
  • Graham Chinn (as Landlord)
  • Alice Hart (as Mary)
  • Philip Wrigley (as Postman)
  • Phil Atkinson (as Ted)
Lord Edgware Dies19 February 2000
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Inspector Japp,
  • Miss Lemon
  • Janet Hargreaves (as Lady Corner)
  • Tom Beard (as the Duke of Merton)
  • Aliza James (as Lucie Adams)
  • Mark Brignal (as Addison)
  • John Hart Dyke (as Thompson)
  • Rory Firth (as Page Boy)
  • Nicola Michaels (as Airport Clerk)

Series 8 (2001–02)[edit]

TitleUK airdateRecurring castGuest castIMDb link
Evil Under the Sun[fn 2]20 April 2001
  • Captain Hastings,
  • Inspector Japp,
  • Miss Lemon
  • Roger Alborough (as Chief Constable Weston)
  • Michael Higgs (as Edward Deverill)
  • Tamzin Malleson (as Jane Martindale)
  • David Mallinson (as Kenneth Marshall)
  • Tim Meats (as Reverend Stephen Lane)
  • Ian Thompson (as Major Barry)
  • David Timson (as Horace Blatt)
  • Rebecca Johnson (as Gladys Narracott)
  • Jason Davies (as Nathan Lloyd)
  • Lawrence McGrandles Jr (as Simon Kelso)
  • Guy Vincent (as Barman)
  • Harriet Eastcott (as Librarian)
  • Steve Bennett (as Policeman)
  • Kevin Moore (as Coroner)
  • Kenneth Gilbert (as Mr Applegood)
  • Andrew MacBean (as Waiter)
  • Andrew Ashby (as Officer)
Murder in Mesopotamia2 June 2002Captain Hastings
  • Barbara Barnes (as Louise Leidner)
  • Dinah Stabb (as Anne Johnson)
  • Georgina Sowerby (as Amy Leatheran)
  • Jeremy Turner-Welch (as Bill Coleman)
  • Deborah Poplett (as Mrs Mercado)
  • Christopher Hunter (as Father Lavigny)
  • Ron Berglas (as Frederick Bosner)
  • Kamel Touati (as Squat Man)
  • Zouheir Bornaz (as Police Sergeant)
  • Dejeb Magri (as Murdered Man)
  • Hammadi Maaroufi (as Workman)
  • Ramzi Brari (as Abdullah)

Series 9 (2003–04)[edit]

TitleUK airdateRecurring castGuest castIMDb link
Five Little Pigs14 December 2003
  • Melissa Suffield (as Young Lucy)
  • Lottie Unwin (as Young Caroline)
  • Darien Smith (as Young Amyas)
  • Jacek Bilinski (as Young Philip)
  • Joel de Temperley (as Young Meredith)
  • Richard Teverson (as Hollinghurst)
Sad Cypress26 December 2003
  • Geoffrey Beevers (as Seddon)
  • Marion O'Dwyer (as Nurse O'Brien)
  • Linda Spurrier (as Mrs Bishop)
  • Alistair Findlay (as Prosecuting Counsel)
  • Louise Callaghan (as Hunterbury Maid)
Death on the Nile12 April 2004
The Hollow26 April 2004
  • Caroline Martin (as Midge Hardcastle)
  • Dale Rapley (as Sergeant Coombes)
  • Harriet Cobbold (as Simmons)
  • Andrew Watson (as Young Officer)
  • Ian Talbot (as Victor Simms)
  • Angela Curran (as Frances Simms)

Series 10 (2006)[edit]

TitleUK airdateRecurring castGuest castIMDb link
The Mystery of the Blue Train1 January 2006
  • Roger Lloyd-Pack (as Inspector Caux)
  • Jane How (as Lady at Ball)
  • Samuel James (as Steward)
  • Helen Lindsay (as Sister Rosalia)
  • Etela Pardo (as Dolores)
Cards on the Table19 March 2006Ariadne Oliver
  • Zigi Ellison (as Dorothy Craddock)
  • Jennie Ogilvie (as Millie)
  • Douglas Reith (as Serge Mureau)
  • James Alper (as Shaitana's Butler)
  • Philip Wright (as Sergeant O'Connor)
After the Funeral26 March 2006
Taken at the Flood2 April 2006George,
Harold Spence

Series 11 (2008–09)[edit]

TitleUK airdateRecurring castGuest castIMDb link
Mrs McGinty's Dead14 September 2008
  • Ariadne Oliver,
    Harold Spence
  • Catherine Russell (as Pamela Horsfall)
  • Paul Rhys (as Evelyn Hope)
  • Emma Amos (as Bessie Burch)
  • Billy Geraghty (as Joe Burch)
  • Simon Molloy (as District Judge)
  • Lexie Lambert (as Eva Kane)
Cat Among the Pigeons21 September 2008
  • Jane How (as Lady Veronica)
  • Katie Leung (as Hsui Tai Wan)
  • Georgie Glen (as Mrs Forbes)
  • Don Gallagher (as Mr Forbes)
  • Georgia Cornick (as Patricia Forbes)
  • Lois Edmett (as Julia Upjohn)
  • Adam De Ville (as Bob Rawlinson)
Third Girl28 September 2008
  • Ariadne Oliver,
  • Simon Hill (as Bus Ticket Inspector)
  • Ysobel Gonzales (as Nurse)
  • Sean Kingsley (as Policeman)
  • Jade Longley (as Young Norma Restarick)
  • Juliet Howland (as Mary Restarick)
  • Tessa Bell-Briggs (as Daphne the Waitress)
Appointment with Death25 December 2009[fn 3]
  • Zoe Boyle (as Jinny Boynton)
  • Jawad Elalami (as Labourer)
  • Abdelkader Aizoun (as Concierge)
  • Badri Mansour (as Taxi Driver)
  • Zakaria Atifi (as Mahmoud)

Series 12 (2010–11)[edit]

TitleUK airdateRecurring castGuest castIMDb link
Three Act Tragedy3 January 2010
  • George
  • Prue Clarke (as Matron)
  • Nigel Pegram (as Reverend Stephen Babbington)
  • Jodie McNee (as Annie)
  • Michael Hobbs (as Coroner)
  • James Hurran (as French Boy)
Hallowe'en Party27 October 2010
  • Ariadne Oliver,
  • Vera Filatova (as Olga Seminoff)
  • Mary Higgins (as Miranda Butler)
  • Paul Thornley (as Inspector Raglan)
  • Macy Nyman (as Joyce Reynolds)
  • Richard Breislin (as Leopold Reynolds)
Murder on the Orient Express[fn 4]25 December 2010
  • Samuel West (as Dr Constantine)
  • Denis Ménochet (as Pierre Michel)
  • Sam Crane (as Lieutenant Blanchflower)
  • Serge Hazanavicius (as Xavier Bouc)
  • Tristan Shepherd (as Lieutenant Morris)
  • Stewart Scudamore (as Concierge)
The Clocks[fn 5]26 December 2011[fn 6]
  • Anna Skellern (as Fiona Hanbury)
  • Andrew Havill (as Sven Hjerson)
  • Victoria Wicks (as Mrs Swinburne)
  • Phoebe Strickland (as May Mabbutt)
  • Isabella Parriss (as Jenny Mabbutt)
  • Andrew Forbes (as Professor Purdy)
  • Ben Righton (as Constable Jenkins)

Series 13 (2013)[edit]

TitleUK airdateRecurring castGuest castIMDb link
Elephants Can Remember9 June 2013Ariadne Oliver
The Big Four23 October 2013Captain Hastings,
AC Japp,
Miss Lemon,
  • Jack Farthing (as Gerald Paynter)
  • Peter Symonds (as Jonathan Whalley)
  • Barbara Kirby (as Betsy Andrews)
  • Alex Palmer (as Robert Grant)
  • Lou Broadbent (as Mabel Palmer)
Dead Man's Folly30 October 2013Ariadne Oliver
  • Ella Geraghty (as Marlene Tucker)
  • Angel Witney (as Gertie Tucker)
  • Chris Gordon (as Stan Bickford)
  • Richard Dixon (as Henden)
  • Francesca Zoutewelle (as the Dutch Girl Hiker)
The Labours of Hercules6 November 2013
  • Sandy McDade (as Annabel Rice)
  • Tom Austen (as Ted Williams)
  • Lorna Nickson-Brown (as Lucinda Le Mesurier)
  • Richard Katz (as Gustave)
  • Isobel Middleton (as Policewoman)
Curtain: Poirot's Last Case13 November 2013Captain Hastings,

Combined stories[edit]

A number of Hercule Poirot short stories were expanded into other stories or novels and have not been filmed in their original form. These are:

Original Story TitleAdaptation TitleNotes
The Lemesurier Inheritance (1923)The Labours of HerculesProvides thematic inspiration for the opening scene of The Labours of Hercules.
The Market Basing Mystery (1923)Murder in the MewsExpanded into full length episode.
The Submarine Plans (1923)The Incredible TheftExpanded into full length episode.
Christmas Adventure (1923)The Adventure of the Christmas PuddingExpanded into full length episode.
The Mystery of the Baghdad Chest (1932)The Mystery of the Spanish ChestExpanded into full length episode.
The Second Gong (1932)Dead Man's MirrorExpanded into full length episode.
The Regatta Mystery (1936)NoneA story attributed to the character Parker Pyne, because Christie expanded the short story into a more famous telling sharing the same title and featuring Pyne as the detective.
The Greenshore Folly (posthumous)Dead Man's FollyExpanded into full length episode.
The Incident of the Dog's Ball (posthumous)Dumb WitnessExpanded into full length episode.
The Capture of Cerberus (posthumous)Not drawn on in any episode and unrelated to the better known final case of the same title in The Labours of Hercules.Originally written to be the last of The Labours of Hercules, but Christie re-wrote the entire story (keeping the title) to its political content.
Black Coffee (play)Black Coffee (novelisation by Charles Osborne)In 2012, Suchet performed a rehearsed reading of Black Coffee, produced and presented by The Agatha Christie Theatre Company, in aid of Chichester Festival Theatre's restoration fund.

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  1. ^ Numerous references in early episodes place the series primarily in 1935, progressing to 1936 by series four. Most references remain to 1936, moving slowly forward to 1937 by series eleven and 1938 by Murder on the Orient Express. The Big Four is set explicitly in early 1939. The most notable exceptions to this chronology are The Mysterious Affair at Styles, which narrates Poirot's first case in 1917, and final episode Curtain: Poirot's Last Case, which is set primarily in 1949. The Chocolate Box shows Poirot in the early 1900s, though the framing narrative remains consistent with the series' usual timeframe.
  2. ^ DVD releases invert the order of series eight, placing Evil Under the Sun after Murder in Mesopotamia.
  3. ^ Appointment with Death was released on DVD with the rest of series eleven in October 2008, over a year before its first UK broadcast.
  4. ^ Murder on the Orient Express was intended as the first episode of series twelve, but was held back until Christmas 2010 as a consequence of Appointment with Death's broadcast the previous year. All DVD releases restore the intended episode order.
  5. ^ The Clocks was intended to be placed before Hallowe'en Party, but in the UK ITV did not initially schedule its broadcast in favour of the latter episode and Murder on the Orient Express. All DVD releases restore the intended episode order.
  6. ^ The Clocks was released on DVD, along with the rest of series twelve, in January 2011.


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