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Lipozene is a brand name of dietary supplement by Obesity Research Institute LLC, that claims to assist in loss of unwanted body fat.


Lipozene contains 1500 mg of Konjac powder, which contains the polysaccharide called glucomannan. It therefore contains dietary fiber as the active ingredient. Konjac is also made into a food product called konnyaku, which is eaten as a traditional food in Japanese cuisine and in Japan is used as a diet food.[1]

Side effects[edit]

The most common side effects that may be caused by Lipozene include:

Individuals who experience severe side effects are recommended to cease taking the supplement and seek medical attention. These effects might indicate an allergic reaction, or a reaction with prescription or over-the-counter medications.


No interactions are listed on the official website.

Lipozene has been reported to interact with diabetes medications, as it may cause a decrease in blood sugar levels. It also may affect the absorption of some medications.[2]