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Linda Lawson in Adventures in Paradise.

Linda Lawson (born January 14, 1936, Ann Arbor, Michigan)[1] is an American actress.

In a career spanning from 1956 to 2005, she appeared in films and many television series, including Alfred Hitchcock Presents; The Alfred Hitchcock Hour; Maverick, in which she played Clint Eastwood's "other woman" in the episode "Duel at Sundown"; James Michener's Adventures in Paradise, in which she played recurring character "Renee" in six episodes; Don't Call Me Charlie, in which she portrayed "Pat Perry" for eighteen episodes; Ben Casey, in which she played "Laura Fremont" for nine episodes; Saved by the Bell: The New Class; M Squad; Overland Trail; Wagon Train, in which she played the princess of a lost Aztec; two episodes of Bonanza with Edgar Buchanan and Telly Savalas respectively; It Takes a Thief; ER; The Virginian; Mr. Lucky; Perry Mason; The Real McCoys; The Aquanauts; Sea Hunt; Tales of Wells Fargo; 77 Sunset Strip; Hawaiian Eye; Border Patrol; Colt .45; Peter Gunn; Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer and The Tall Man among many others. She also appeared in several movies, including Sometimes a Great Notion and Night Tide.

On May 5, 1955, Lawson was dubbed "Miss Cue"[2][3] in reference to a series of nuclear tests conducted by the US military under "Operation Teapot," and publicized as "Operation Cue" in a short film distributed by the US Federal Civil Defense Administration. [4]


In 1960, Lawson recorded Introducing Linda Lawson. The music was conducted and arranged by Marty Paich.[5]



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