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The Lincoln descended family comprises all the descendants of Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln. There are ten known descendants of Lincoln.

The family line is believed to have been extinct since its last undisputed descendant, Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith, died on December 24, 1985 without any children.

Robert's second wife did have a son, named Timothy Lincoln Beckwith, and listed Robert as the father, which led some to believe that Timothy is Abraham Lincoln's great-great-grandson and only living descendant. Robert denied paternity of the child, claimed he'd had a vasectomy years earlier, and a divorce court ruled that he was not the father. It is rumored that there may be additional living descendants, but scholars disagree as to the legitimacy of these claims. However, the Lincoln family does have surviving relatives who share common ancestors with the former president.

John Lincoln
Rebecca Flowers Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln
Bathsheba Herring Lincoln
Thomas Lincoln
Nancy Hanks Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln
Mary Todd Lincoln
Sarah Lincoln Grigsby
Aaron Grigsby
Robert Todd Lincoln
Mary Eunice Harlan
Edward Baker Lincoln
William Wallace Lincoln
Thomas "Tad" Lincoln
Mary "Mamie" Lincoln
Charles Bradford Isham
Abraham Lincoln II
Jessie Harlan Lincoln
Warren Wallace Beckwith
Lincoln Isham
Leahalma "Lea" Correa
Mary Lincoln Beckwith
Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith
Anna Marie Hoffman

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