Lieutenant Governor of Ohio

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Lieutenant Governor of Ohio
Seal of the Lieutenant Governor of Ohio.svg
Taylor, MaryMary Taylor

since January 10, 2011
StyleThe Honorable
Term lengthFour years, two consecutive with four-year pause thereafter
Inaugural holderWilliam Medill
FormationOhio Constitution
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Lieutenant Governor of Ohio
Seal of the Lieutenant Governor of Ohio.svg
Taylor, MaryMary Taylor

since January 10, 2011
StyleThe Honorable
Term lengthFour years, two consecutive with four-year pause thereafter
Inaugural holderWilliam Medill
FormationOhio Constitution

The position of lieutenant governor of Ohio was established in 1852.[1] The lieutenant governor becomes governor if the governor resigns, dies in office or is removed by impeachment. Before 1852, the president of the Ohio State Senate would serve as acting governor if a vacancy in the governorship occurred. Until 1978, lieutenant governors were elected separately but concurrently with the governor (not on a "ticket"). Thus, there were several occasions when the lieutenant governor was from a different party than the governor. This was changed by constitutional amendment. In 1974, Richard F. Celeste was the last lieutenant governor to be elected separately. In 1978, George Voinovich became the first lieutenant governor to be elected on the same ticket with the governor.

From 1852 to 1979, the lieutenant governor also served as the president of the Ohio State Senate. More recently, Ohio governors have generally named the lieutenant governor to head an agency of state government. An example of this is Bruce Edward Johnson, who served as Director of the Ohio Department of Development, as did his successor, Lee Fisher.

The 28th Lieutenant Governor of Ohio, Warren G. Harding, later served as 29th President of the United States.

List of Lieutenant Governors of Ohio[edit]

#NameTook officeLeft officePartyNotes
1William Medill at statehouse.jpg William Medill (1802–1865)January 12, 1852July 13, 1853 (Resigned)Democratic


vacantJuly 13, 1853January 9, 1854vacant
2No image.svg James Myers (1795-1864)January 9, 1854January 14, 1856Democratic 
3Thomas H. Ford.png Thomas H. Ford (1814-1868)January 14, 1856January 11, 1858Republican 
4MartinWelker.jpg Martin Welker (1819-1902)January 11, 1858January 9, 1860Republican 
5No image.svg Robert C. Kirk (1821-1898)January 9, 1860January 13, 1862Republican 
6Benjamin Stanton-ppmsca.26739.jpg Benjamin Stanton (1809-1872)January 13, 1862January 11, 1864Republican 
7Charles Anderson at statehouse.jpg Charles Anderson (1814-1895)January 11, 1864August 29, 1865Republican
vacantAugust 29, 1865January 8, 1866vacant
8Andrew McBurney (Warren County Hist Soc).jpg Andrew McBurney (1817-1894)January 8, 1866January 13, 1868Republican 
9John C. Lee.JPG John C. Lee (1828-1891)January 13, 1868January 8, 1872Republican 
10Jacob Mueller.jpg Jacob Mueller (1822-1905)January 8, 1872January 12, 1874Republican 
11Alphonso Hart.png Alphonso Hart (1830-1910)January 12, 1874January 10, 1876Republican 
12Thomas L. Young at statehouse.jpg Thomas Lowry Young (1832-1888)January 10, 1876March 2, 1877Republican


13Harvey Willard Curtis 1.jpg H. W. Curtiss (1824-1902)March 2, 1877January 14, 1878Republican(acting)
14Jabez W Fitch.png Jabez W. Fitch (1823-1884)January 14, 1878January 12, 1880Democratic 
15Andrew Hickenlooper 002.png Andrew Hickenlooper (1837-1904)January 12, 1880January 9, 1882Republican 
16Rees G Richards.png Rees G. Richards (1842-1917)January 9, 1882January 14, 1884Republican 
17John G. Warwick 1892.jpg John George Warwick (1830-1892)January 14, 1884January 11, 1886Democratic 
18Robert P. Kennedy 002.png Robert P. Kennedy (1840-1918)January 11, 1886March 3, 1887Republican 
19No image.svg Silas A. Conrad (1840-1913)March 3, 1887January 9, 1888Republican 
20William Cotter Lyon.png William C. Lyon (1841-1908)January 9, 1888January 13, 1890Republican 
21Elbert L. Lampson 1910.jpg Elbert L. Lampson (1852-1930)January 13, 1890January 31, 1890Republican 
22William Vance Marquis.JPG William V. Marquis (1828-1899)January 31, 1890January 11, 1892Democratic 
23Andrew Lintner Harris - oval.jpg Andrew L. Harris (1835-1915)January 11, 1892January 13, 1896Republican 
24Asa W. Jones 1897.jpg Asa W. Jones (1838-1918)January 13, 1896January 8, 1900Republican 
25John A. Caldwell.png John A. Caldwell (1852-1927)January 8, 1900January 13, 1902Republican 
26Carl L. Nippert 002.png Carl L. Nippert (1852-1904)January 13, 1902May 1, 1902 (Resigned)Republicanresigned May 1, 1902
vacantMay 1, 1902June 26, 1902vacant
27Harry L. Gordon.png Harry L. Gordon (1860-1921)June 26, 1902January 11, 1904Republican 
28Wh29.gif Warren G. Harding (1865-1923)January 11, 1904January 8, 1906Republican 
29Andrew L. Harris at statehouse.jpg Andrew L. Harris (2nd) (1835-1915)January 8, 1906June 18, 1906 (Resigned)Republican


vacantJune 18, 1906January 11, 1909vacant
30Francis W. Treadway (1905).png Francis W. Treadway (1869-1925)January 11, 1909January 9, 1911Republican 
31AtleePomereneNatPhotoCoA.jpg Atlee Pomerene (1863-1937)January 9, 1911March 3, 1911Democratic
32Hugh L. Nichols 002.png Hugh L. Nichols (1865-1942)March 3, 1911January 13, 1913Democratic 
33W. A. Greenlund (1913).png W. A. Greenlund (1873-1935)January 13, 1913January 11, 1915Democratic 
34John H. Arnold.png John H. Arnold (1862-1944)January 11, 1915January 8, 1917Republican 
35Earl D. Bloom.png Earl D. Bloom (1871-1930)January 8, 1917January 12, 1919Democratic 
36Clarence J. Brown as Lieutenant Governor of Ohio.png Clarence J. Brown Sr. (1893-1965)January 12, 1919January 8, 1923Republican 
37Earl D. Bloom 1918.jpg Earl D. Bloom (2nd) (1871-1930)January 8, 1923January 12, 1925Democratic 
38Charles H. Lewis-hec.17077.jpg Charles H. Lewis (1871-1965)January 12, 1925January 10, 1927Republican 
39Earl D. Bloom 1918.jpg Earl D. Bloom (3rd) (1871-1930)January 10, 1927April, 1928Democratic 
40.No image.svg William G. Pickrel (1888-1966)April, 1928November 1928Democratic 
41No image.svg George C. Braden (1868-1942)November 1928January 14, 1929Republican 
42No image.svg John T. Brown (1876-1951)January 14, 1929January 12, 1931Republican 
43No image.svg William G. Pickrel (2nd) (1888-1966)January 12, 1931January 9, 1933Democratic 
44CharlesSawyer.jpg Charles W. Sawyer (1887-1979)January 9, 1933January 14, 1935Democratic 
45Harold G. Mosier 1938-11-18.jpg Harold G. Mosier (1889-1971)January 14, 1935January 11, 1937Democratic 
46No image.svg Paul P. Yoder (1897-1965)January 11, 1937January 9, 1939Democratic 
47No image.svg Paul M. Herbert (1889-1983)January 9, 1939January 8, 1945Republican 
48No image.svg George D. Nye (1898–1969)January 8, 1945January 13, 1947Democratic 
49No image.svg Paul M. Herbert (2nd) (1889-1983)January 13, 1947January 10, 1949Republican 
50No image.svg George D. Nye (2nd) (1898–1969)January 10, 1949January 12, 1953Democratic 
51No image.svg John William Brown (1913–1993)January 12, 1953January 3, 1957Republican


vacantJanuary 3, 1957January 14, 1957vacant
52No image.svg Paul M. Herbert (3rd) (1889–1983)January 14, 1957January 12, 1959Republican 
53No image.svg John W. Donahey (1905–1967)January 12, 1959January 14, 1963Democratic 
54No image.svg John William Brown (1913–1993)January 14, 1963January 13, 1975Republican 
55Richard Celeste 2008.jpg Dick Celeste (1937–)January 13, 1975January 8, 1979Democratic 
56George Voinovich 106th Congress 1999.jpg George Voinovich (1936–)January 8, 1979November 1979 (Resigned)Republicanresigned to become Mayor of Cleveland
vacantNovember 1979January 10, 1983vacant
57No image.svg Myrl H. Shoemaker (1913–1985)January 10, 1983July 30, 1985 (Died)Democratic(died in office)
vacantJuly 30, 1985January 12, 1987vacant
58No image.svg Paul R. Leonard (1943–)January 12, 1987January 14, 1991Democratic 
59Mike DeWine 105th Congress 1997.jpg Mike DeWine (1947–)January 14, 1991November, 1994Republican(elected to U.S. Senate)
vacantNovember, 1994January 9, 1995vacant
60No image.svg Nancy P. Hollister (1949–)January 9, 1995December 31, 1998 (Resigned)Republican(Elevated to Governor)
vacantDecember 31, 1998January 11, 1999vacant
61Maureen O'Connor crop 2012-12-17.jpg Maureen O'Connor (1951–)January 11, 1999December 31, 2002 (Resigned)Republican
vacantJanuary 1, 2003January 13, 2003vacant
62No image.svg Jennette Bradley (1952–)January 13, 2003January 5, 2005Republican(Appointed State Treasurer)
63No image.svg Bruce E. Johnson (1960–)January 5, 2005December 8, 2006 (Resigned)Republican(resigned December 8, 2006)
vacantDecember 8, 2006January 8, 2007vacant
64Lee Fisher.jpg Lee Fisher (1951–)January 8, 2007January 10, 2011Democratic
65No image.svg Mary Taylor (1966–)January 10, 2011PresentRepublican

List of living lieutenant governors[edit]

As of August 2014, nine former lieutenant governors were alive, the oldest being George Voinovich (1979, born 1936). The most recent death of a former lieutenant governor was that of John William Brown (1963–1975), on October 29, 1993.

Lt. GovernorLt. Gubernatorial termDate of birth
Dick Celeste1975–1979(1937-11-11) November 11, 1937 (age 76)
George Voinovich1979(1936-07-15) July 15, 1936 (age 78)
Paul R. Leonard1987–1991(1943-07-03) July 3, 1943 (age 71)
Mike DeWine1991–1994(1947-01-05) January 5, 1947 (age 67)
Nancy P. Hollister1995–1998(1949-05-22) May 22, 1949 (age 65)
Maureen O'Connor1999–2002(1951-08-07) August 7, 1951 (age 63)
Jennette Bradley2003–2005(1952-10-02) October 2, 1952 (age 62)
Bruce E. Johnson2005–2006(1960-05-25) May 25, 1960 (age 54)
Lee Fisher2007–2011(1951-08-07) August 7, 1951 (age 63)

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