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Number of Lieutenant Governors of Missouri by party affiliation
Liberal Republican2

The lieutenant governor of Missouri is the first person in the order of succession of Missouri's executive branch, thus serving as governor in the event of the death, resignation, removal, impeachment, absence from the state, or incapacity due to illness of the governor of Missouri. The Lt. Governor is elected separately and can be of a different party than the governor.

Lieutenant Governors[edit]

      Democratic-Republican (2)       Democratic (32)       Republican (10)       Liberal Republican (2)

# Lieutenant GovernorTook officeLeft officeParty GovernorTerms[A]
1William Henry AshleySeptember 18, 1820November 15, 1824Democratic-RepublicanAlexander McNair1
2Benjamin Harrison ReevesNovember 15, 1824July 1825Democratic-RepublicanFrederick Bates12[B]
vacantJuly 1825November 17, 1828Frederick Bates12[C]
Abraham J. Williams
John Miller
3Daniel DunklinNovember 17, 1828November 19, 1832DemocraticJohn Miller1
4Lilburn BoggsNovember 19, 1832September 30, 1836DemocraticDaniel Dunklin12
vacantSeptember 30, 1836November 21, 1836Lilburn Boggs12[D]
5Franklin CannonNovember 21, 1836November 16, 1840DemocraticLilburn Boggs1
6Meredith Miles MarmadukeNovember 16, 1840February 9, 1844DemocraticThomas Reynolds12
vacantFebruary 9, 1844November 20, 1844Meredith Miles Marmaduke12[D]
7James YoungNovember 20, 1844November 20, 1848DemocraticJohn C. Edwards1
8Thomas Lawson PriceNovember 20, 1848January 3, 1853DemocraticAustin Augustus King1
9Wilson BrownJanuary 3, 1853August 27, 1855DemocraticSterling Price12[E]
vacantAugust 27, 1855January 5, 1857Sterling Price12[F]
10Hancock Lee JacksonJanuary 5, 1857February 27, 1857DemocraticTrusten Polk13
vacantFebruary 27, 1857October 22, 1857Hancock Lee Jackson13[G]
10Hancock Lee JacksonOctober 22, 1857January 3, 1861DemocraticRobert Marcellus Stewart13
11Thomas Caute ReynoldsJanuary 3, 1861July 23, 1861DemocraticClaiborne Fox Jackson13[H]
12William Willard Preble HallJuly 31, 1861January 31, 1864RepublicanHamilton Rowan Gamble13[I]
vacantJanuary 31, 1864January 2, 1865William Willard Preble Hall13[D]
13George SmithJanuary 2, 1865January 12, 1869RepublicanThomas Clement Fletcher1
14Edwin Obed StanardJanuary 12, 1869January 4, 1871RepublicanJoseph W. McClurg1
15Joseph J. GravelyJanuary 4, 1871April 28, 1872Liberal RepublicanB. Gratz Brown12[E]
vacantApril 28, 1872January 3, 1873B. Gratz Brown12[F]
16Charles Phillip JohnsonJanuary 3, 1873January 12, 1875Liberal RepublicanSilas Woodson1
17Norman Jay ColemanJanuary 12, 1875January 8, 1877DemocraticCharles Henry Hardin1
18Henry Clay BrockmeyerJanuary 8, 1877January 10, 1881DemocraticJohn Smith Phelps1
19Robert Alexander CampbellJanuary 10, 1881January 12, 1885DemocraticThomas Theodore Crittenden1
20Albert P. MorehouseJanuary 12, 1885December 28, 1887DemocraticJohn S. Marmaduke12
vacantDecember 28, 1887January 14, 1889Albert P. Morehouse12[D]
21Stephen Hugh ClaycombJanuary 14, 1889January 9, 1893DemocraticDavid R. Francis1
22John Baptiste O'MearaJanuary 9, 1893January 11, 1897DemocraticWilliam Joel Stone1
23August BolteJanuary 11, 1897January 14, 1901DemocraticLawrence Vest Stephens1
24John Adams LeeJanuary 14, 1901April 25, 1903DemocraticAlexander Monroe Dockery12[B]
25Thomas Lewis RubeyApril 25, 1903January 9, 1905DemocraticAlexander Monroe Dockery12[J]
26John C. McKinleyJanuary 9, 1905January 11, 1909RepublicanJoseph W. Folk1
27Jacob Friedrich GmelichJanuary 11, 1909January 13, 1913RepublicanHerbert S. Hadley1
28William Rock PainterJanuary 13, 1913January 8, 1917DemocraticElliot Woolfolk Major1
29Wallace CrossleyJanuary 8, 1917January 10, 1921DemocraticFrederick D. Gardner1
30Hiram LloydJanuary 10, 1921January 12, 1925RepublicanArthur M. Hyde
31Philip Allen BennettJanuary 12, 1925January 14, 1929RepublicanSamuel Aaron Baker1
32Edward Henry WinterJanuary 14, 1929January 9, 1933RepublicanHenry S. Caulfield1
33Frank Gaines HarrisJanuary 9, 1933December 30, 1944DemocraticGuy Brasfield Park2 12[E]
Lloyd C. Stark
Forrest C. Donnell
vacantDecember 30, 1944January 8, 1945Forrest C. Donnell12[F]
34Walter Naylor DavisJanuary 8, 1945January 10, 1949DemocraticPhil M. Donnelly1
35James T. Blair, Jr.January 10, 1949January 14, 1957DemocraticForrest Smith2
Phil M. Donnelly
36Edward V. LongJanuary 14, 1957September 23, 1960DemocraticJames T. Blair, Jr.12[K]
vacantSeptember 23, 1960January 9, 1961James T. Blair, Jr.12[C]
37Hilary A. BushJanuary 9, 1961January 11, 1965DemocraticJohn M. Dalton1
38Thomas EagletonJanuary 11, 1965December 27, 1968DemocraticWarren E. Hearnes1
vacantDecember 27, 1968January 13, 1969Warren E. Hearnes148 [c]
39William S. MorrisJanuary 13, 1969January 8, 1973DemocraticWarren E. Hearnes1
40William C. PhelpsJanuary 8, 1973January 12, 1981RepublicanChristopher "Kit" Bond2
Joseph P. Teasdale
41Kenneth RothmanJanuary 12, 1981January 14, 1985DemocraticChristopher "Kit" Bond1
42Harriett WoodsJanuary 14, 1985January 9, 1989DemocraticJohn Ashcroft1
43Mel CarnahanJanuary 9, 1989January 11, 1993DemocraticJohn Ashcroft1
44Roger B. WilsonJanuary 11, 1993October 16, 2000DemocraticMel Carnahan13
vacantOctober 16, 2000November 15, 2000Roger B. Wilson13[D]
45Joe MaxwellNovember 15, 2000January 10, 2005DemocraticRoger B. Wilson1 13[L]
Bob Holden
46Peter KinderJanuary 10, 2005IncumbentRepublicanMatt Blunt2
Jay Nixon


  • A. ^ The fractional terms of some lieutenant governors are not to be understood absolutely literally; rather, they are meant to show single terms during which multiple lieutenant governors served, due to resignations, deaths and the like.
  • B. a b Resigned from office.
  • C. a b Vacant due to resignation of lieutenant governor.
  • D. a b c d e Vacant due to lieutenant governor becoming governor for remainder of unexpired term.
  • E. a b c Died in office.
  • F. a b c Vacant due to death of lieutenant governor.
  • G. ^ Vacant due to lieutenant governor acting as governor.
  • H. ^ The Missouri state convention declared the executive department of the state had expatriated itself and their offices vacant.[1] Reynolds had fled the capital and aligned himself with the Confederacy.
  • I. ^ Hall was elected the provisional governor of Missouri by the state convention.[1]
  • J. ^ Appointed lieutenant governor following the resignation of Lee.
  • K. ^ Resigned from office to take an appointed seat in the United States Senate.
  • L. ^ Wilson appointed lieutenant governor elect Maxwell to fill vacancy until his official inauguration.[2]

Other high offices held[edit]

This is a table of congressional, other governorships, and other federal offices held by lieutenant governors. All representatives and senators mentioned represented Missouri except where noted. * denotes those offices which the lieutenant governor resigned or otherwise left office to take.

Lt. GovernorLt. Gubernatorial termU.S. CongressOther offices held
Daniel Dunklin1828–1832H
Daniel Dunklin1828–1832Governor of Missouri
Lilburn Boggs1832–1836Governor of Missouri*
Meredith Miles Marmaduke1840–1844Governor of Missouri*
Thomas Lawson Price1848–1853H
Hancock Lee Jackson1857Acting Governor of Missouri
Thomas Caute Reynolds1861Confederate Governor of Missouri
Willard Preble Hall1861–1864Governor of Missouri*
Edwin Obed Stanard1869–1871H
Joseph Jackson Gravely1871–1873H
Norman Jay Coleman1875–1877U.S. Secretary of Agriculture
Albert P. Morehouse1885–1887Governor of Missouri*
Thomas Lewis Rubey1903–1905H
Philip Allen Bennett1925–1929H
James T. Blair, Jr.1949–1957Governor of Missouri
Edward V. Long1957–1960S*
Thomas Eagleton1965–1969S
Mel Carnahan1989–1993Governor of Missouri, Posthumously elected U.S. Senator
Roger B. Wilson1993–2000Governor of Missouri*

Living former lieutenant governors[edit]

As of August 2014, five former governors were alive, the oldest being William C. Phelps (1973–1981, born 1934). The most recent lieutenant governor to die was Thomas Eagleton (1965–1969) on March 4, 2007. The most recent serving lieutenant governor to die was Mel Carnahan (1989–1993) on October 16, 2000.

Lt. GovernorLt. Gubernatorial termDate of birth
William C. Phelps1973–1981(1934-04-05) April 5, 1934 (age 80)
Kenneth Rothman1981–1985(1935-10-11) October 11, 1935 (age 79)
Roger B. Wilson1993–2000(1948-10-10) October 10, 1948 (age 66)
Joe Maxwell2000–2005(1957-03-17) March 17, 1957 (age 57)


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