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Leucadendron argenteum
Scientific classification

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natural range of the genus
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Leucadendron argenteum
Scientific classification

See text.

natural range of the genus
Leucadendron salignum

Leucadendron is a genus of about 80 species of flowering plants in the family Proteaceae, endemic to South Africa, where they are a prominent part of the fynbos ecoregion and vegetation type.


Species in the genus Leucadendron are evergreen shrubs or small trees. Most species are shrubs that grow up to 1 m tall, some to 2 or 3 m. A few grow into moderate-sized trees up to 16 m tall. The leaves are spirally arranged, simple, entire, and usually green, often covered with a waxy bloom, and in the case of the Silvertree, with a distinct silvery tone produced by dense, straight, silky hairs. This inspired the generic name Leucadendron, which literally means "white tree".

The flowers are produced in dense inflorescences; they are dioecious, with separate male and female plants.

The seed heads, or infructescences, of Leucadendron are woody cone-like structures. This gave rise to their generic common name cone-bush. The cones contain numerous seeds. The seed morphology is varied and reflects subgeneric groupings within the genus. A few such as the Silvertree, Leucadendron argenteum have a silky-haired parachute, enabling the large round nut to be dispersed by wind. A few are rodent dispersed, cached by rats, and a few have elaiosomes and are dispersed by ants. About half the species store the seeds in fire-proof cones and release them only after a fire has killed the plant or at least the branch bearing the cone. Many such species hardly recruit naturally except after fires.

Selected species[edit]

  • Leucadendron album
  • Leucadendron arcuatum
  • Leucadendron argenteum
  • Leucadendron barkerae
  • Leucadendron bonum
  • Leucadendron brunioides
  • Leucadendron burchellii
  • Leucadendron cadens
  • Leucadendron chamelaea
  • Leucadendron cinereum
  • Leucadendron comosum
  • Leucadendron concavum
  • Leucadendron conicum
  • Leucadendron coniferum
  • Leucadendron cordatum
  • Leucadendron coriaceum
  • Leucadendron corymbosum
  • Leucadendron cryptocephalum
  • Leucadendron daphnoides
  • Leucadendron diemontianum
  • Leucadendron discolor
  • Leucadendron dregei
  • Leucadendron dubium
  • Leucadendron elimense
  • Leucadendron ericifolium
  • Leucadendron eucalyptifolium
  • Leucadendron flexuosum
  • Leucadendron floridum
  • Leucadendron foedum
  • Leucadendron galpinii
  • Leucadendron gandogeri
  • Leucadendron glaberrimum
  • Leucadendron globosum
  • Leucadendron grandiflorum
  • Leucadendron gydoense
  • Leucadendron immoderatum
  • Leucadendron lanigerum
  • Leucadendron laureolum
  • Leucadendron laxum
  • Leucadendron levisanus
  • Leucadendron linifolium
  • Leucadendron loeriense
  • Leucadendron loranthifolium
  • Leucadendron macowanii
  • Leucadendron meridianum
  • Leucadendron meyerianum
  • Leucadendron microcephalum
  • Leucadendron modestum
  • Leucadendron muirii
  • Leucadendron nervosum
  • Leucadendron nitidum
  • Leucadendron nobile
  • Leucadendron olens
  • Leucadendron orientale
  • Leucadendron osbornei
  • Leucadendron platyspermum
  • Leucadendron pondoense
  • Leucadendron procerum
  • Leucadendron pubescens
  • Leucadendron pubibracteolatum
  • Leucadendron radiatum
  • Leucadendron remotum
  • Leucadendron roodii
  • Leucadendron rourkei
  • Leucadendron rubrum
  • Leucadendron salicifolium
  • Leucadendron salignum
  • Leucadendron sericeum
  • Leucadendron sessile
  • Leucadendron sheilae
  • Leucadendron singulare
  • Leucadendron sorocephalodes
  • Leucadendron spirale
  • Leucadendron spissifolium
  • Leucadendron stellare
  • Leucadendron stelligerum
  • Leucadendron strobilinum
  • Leucadendron teretifolium
  • Leucadendron thymifolium
  • Leucadendron tinctum
  • Leucadendron tradouwense
  • Leucadendron uliginosum
  • Leucadendron verticillatum
  • Leucadendron xanthoconus


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