Let There Be Peace on Earth (song)

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"Let There Be Peace on Earth" is a song by Jill Jackson Miller and Sy Miller written in 1955.[1] The song is usually associated with the Christmas season and appears on the album of the same name by country singer Vince Gill. Jackson, who had been suicidal after the failure of a marriage, later said that she wrote the song after discovering what she called the "life-saving joy of God's peace and unconditional love."

Let There Be Peace on Earth is also the finale holiday tag that is added on during the holiday season each year to Illuminations: Reflections of Earth on the World Showcase Lagoon at Epcot at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. This piece pre-dates the current show, and was also the finale of Holiday Illuminations, a dedicated holiday performance that ran prior to the debut of the current show program in the same venue. Featuring narration by Walter Cronkite, the vocal talents of Sandi Patti and Harlem Boys Choir, the performance is punctuated with fountains, rockets, projections, lasers and impressive pyrotechnics.

On November 7, 1988, performed by the GMA Stars and Personalities along with the small group of children with lighted candles in honor of the Launching of GMA-7's 777-foot tower in Tandang Sora, Quezon City, the tallest man-made structure in the country used for the Towering Power: A Musical Dedication.

In 2007, there was a campaign by a Pennsylvania woman to persuade churches to sing this song at the close of the Sunday service nearest to the anniversary of the September 11 attacks and to establish a tradition of "Peace on Earth" Day.[2]


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