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This is a list of the supporting or recurring characters and guest stars on the NBC situation comedy Will & Grace, with information on each of them.

Supporting characters[edit]

Family members[edit]

Grace's family[edit]

Will's family[edit]

Karen's family[edit]

Rosario Inez Consuela Yolanda Salazar[edit]

Karen Walker's put-upon but faithful maid portrayed by actress Shelley Morrison. In 1985, Rosario met Karen Walker at a club, while working as a cigarette lady, and went to work for her as a maid, which was where she was working when the series began in 1998. Rosario and Karen are very close, but their relationship is love-hate. They are notorious for swapping insults back and forth. Rosario is just as feisty as Karen, and is one of the few people who manage to go toe-to-toe with her. A native of El Salvador, Rosario was a school teacher who received a bachelor's degree in clinical psychology from the University of Texas and who almost got a master's degree. She also attended business school. At some point, she moved to the Bronx, presumably while studying business, however, Karen makes a comment, that she bought Rosario from Rosario's parents. While there, she also performed with a then-unknown Jennifer Lopez, including a production of "Tea for Two" at the Shalom Retirement Center. At one point, she was also paid to tape pornographic videos for Tommy Lee. Although she had been mentioned by Karen since the pilot episode, Rosario's first appearance was in the season-one finale. Due to Karen's patronizing tone, we're made to think she doesn't speak English well. Rosario actually speaks English fluently albeit with a thick accent, but is an illegal alien. To keep her in the country, Karen has her marry Jack McFarland, her gay friend, to get her green card. The marriage was later terminated at the end of season two, when Rosario asked for a divorce to pursue other romantic interests. However, she maintained a close relationship with Jack after (often echoing hers with Karen) and claimed to still think of him as family. In the show's series finale, Rosario was shown to have lived with Karen and Jack in the years after the show ended, growing older with them and possibly still working for them despite being in a wheelchair (though she states that she is only in the wheelchair due to a sprained ankle).

Jack's family[edit]


Love interests[edit]





Other supporting characters[edit]

Guest stars playing one-time characters[edit]

Guest stars playing themselves[edit]


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