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Lene Gammelgaard is the author of Climbing High, a bestselling book printed in 1998 about the 1996 Everest disaster, a mountaintop storm which took the lives of guides Scott Fischer and Rob Hall and six other climbers.[1] She was the 35th woman, and the first Scandinavian woman, to climb Mount Everest via the Southeast Ridge route. She accomplished that feat on May 10, 1996, as part of Scott Fischer's Sagamartha Environmental Expedition. She lives in Copenhagen, Denmark.

She currently operates her own consulting business, Lene Gammelgaard Consult, ApS. (development of human resources using wilderness as the learning lab). She also works as a professional lecturer and author. Gammelgaard is often published in leading Danish and German newspapers and magazines. She works to raise funds for the Lapka Sherpa Educational Fund, which pays for education for daughters of deceased Sherpa mountaineers in Nepal.[2]


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