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Lend Lease Corporation Limited
Traded asASXLLC
IndustryReal estate
Founded1958 (Sydney)
HeadquartersMillers Point, New South Wales, Australia
Key peopleDavid Crawford (Chairman)
Steve McCann (CEO and Managing Director)
ProductsConstruction, project management, residential care
Employees17,000 (2012)[1]
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Lend Lease Corporation Limited
Traded asASXLLC
IndustryReal estate
Founded1958 (Sydney)
HeadquartersMillers Point, New South Wales, Australia
Key peopleDavid Crawford (Chairman)
Steve McCann (CEO and Managing Director)
ProductsConstruction, project management, residential care
Employees17,000 (2012)[1]

Lend Lease Group (officially Lend Lease Corporation Limited) is a multinational property and infrastructure company headquartered in Sydney, Australia.



The Company was established by Dick Dusseldorp in 1958 to provide finance for building contracts being undertaken by Civil and Civic.[2] In 1961 the Company acquired Civil and Civic from Bredero's Bouwbedrijf.[2]

In 1999 the Company formed Actus Lend Lease with the acquisition of Actus Corporation's MILCON[3] and technical service construction management business, and augmented this business with professionals from Lend Lease Design and Lend Lease Development. Also in 1999 the Company acquired Bovis from P&O, which now forms Lend Lease Project Management & Construction.[4] Then in 2000 it bought AMRESCO's commercial mortgage business[5] In 2001, Lend Lease acquired Delfin Property Group (now Lend Lease Communities) for $172 million.[6] It went on to buy Crosby Homes[3] (now Lend Lease Residential Development) for circa £240 million in 2005.[7]

In 2005 the company moved its headquarters from Australia Square in Sydney to The Bond on Hickson Road.[8]

In 2009, Lend Lease Corporation acquired Babcock and Brown Communities,[9] rebranding the business as Lend Lease Primelife. At the time, this acquisition made Lend Lease Australia's largest provider of retirement villages.[10][11]

In 2010, Lend Lease announced their first foray into the consumer market with Lend Lease Solar.[9] The subsidiary was wound up in early 2011, with no explanation as to why the division had closed.[12]

As of 17 Feb 2011 Lend Lease announced wider ranging changes to its group of brands. This announcement means the retirement of the Bovis, Delfin, Vivas, Catalyst, Primelife brands which will now referred to using the unified Lend Lease brand.[13]

In late February 2011, Lend Lease acquired DASCO in order to position itself to take advantage of the impending Obama administration Health sector boom. The company was immediately rebranded as Lend Lease DASCO, and operates independently of the Lend Lease Americas business.

In March 2011, Lend Lease completed the acquisition of Valemus Group[3] (previously known as Bilfinger Berger Australia) from Bilfinger Berger Group, subsidiaries of Valemus include: Abigroup, Baulderstone and Conneq (formerly Bilfinger Berger Services). The Valemus brand was retired and replaced with Lend Lease in 2011.[14]


The company operates in more than 40 countries around the world.[9] In all of these, the Lend Lease Project Management & Construction division constructs and manages large building projects. The company runs additional businesses in certain markets, including apartment development, greenfield residential development, investment management of unlisted property funds, property management, Real Estate sales and leasing, Public Private Partnerships, Infrastructure Development and Venture Capital investment in innovative technologies.




It is active in the civil engineering, building and property, mining and resources, telecommunications, infrastructure services, engineering services and environmental services industries.

Major projects undertaken by Lend Lease Infrastructure to date include:

Continental Europe and Middle East

United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland

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