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Lego Ninjago
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SubjectNinja, Dragons
Total sets83 (including promotional sets)
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Lego Ninjago
Lego Ninjago logo.svg
SubjectNinja, Dragons
Total sets83 (including promotional sets)
Official website

Lego Ninjago (stylized as NINJAGO) Masters of Spinjitzu is a current line of sets produced by Lego. It uses elements from the previous Ninja series. There are several changes from the previous series. These include the removal of the Shogun and Bandits, and the introduction of the Skeleton Army, the Stone Army, the Serpentine and the Nindroids. Also noticeable is the inclusion of vehicles which imply a more modern setting than the feudal Japan setting of the previous incarnation.

Dragons have recently become a significant part of Ninjago. A dragon was made for every ninja except the Green Ninja, however when he became the Gold Ninja a dragon was made for him. Also to note that Epic Dragon Battle's dragon has 4 heads. Every dragon head launches a Dragon Sphere which is used in battle to knock down enemies.


The theme centers on the world of Ninjago, home to both modern cities and ancient villages. Ninjago was created by the First Master of Spinjitzu using the Four Golden Weapons: the Sword of Fire, the Nunchucks of Lightning, the Scythe of Quakes (earth) and the Shurikens of Ice. Wu and Garmadon fought, and the older brother, Garmadon, was banished to the Underworld. Peace didn't last for Garmadon and sent Skeletons from the underworld to steal the four Weapons. Sensei Wu found four teenagers to train as ninja; Kai, Jay, Cole, and Zane, one of whom, Kai, had a sister, Nya, who had been captured by the Skeletons. Also In the early 2012 series, the Serpentine, an ancient race of snake people split into five tribes (Hypnobrai, Fangpyre, Constrictai, Venomari, and Anacondrai), were partially released by Lloyd Garmadon, son of Lord Garmadon, and later by Pythor, the last survivor of the Anacondrai tribe. The later 2012 story focused on the four Fang Blades that were used to awaken the Great Devourer. Another theme in the 2012 series was to figure out the identities of the Green Ninja, who is destined to defeat Lord Garmadon, and Samurai X, a mysterious Samurai using an exo-suit against the Snakes. "He" is Nya in disguise, as first discovered by Kai, and later the rest of the ninja. The team also works to unlock the secrets of their Golden Weapons, including their Spinjitzu vehicles and "true potentials", throughout the story.

The next line, released in early 2013, concentrates on the Ninjas' battle with an army of stone warriors who were awakened by the Great Devourer's venom, as well as the final battle between good and evil. The Green Ninja, who was revealed in season two to be Garmadon's son, Lloyd, eventually becomes the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master while the other four gain new elemental swords and kimono outfits.[1] Though there were rumors that the theme would be discontinued after 2013, to be replaced by a new theme titled Legends of Chima, an official on the Lego website has stated that it would be continuing in 2014.[2]


On the same day as the release of the original 17 sets, a board game from the Lego Games theme was released in the United Kingdom using elements from the Ninjago theme.[3] A video game, entitled Lego Battles: Ninjago, was released on April 12, 2011, on the Nintendo DS. It is the sequel to the 2009 game Lego Battles and was developed by Hellbent Games and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and TT Games. A Ninjago themed world was added to the now shut-down massively multiplayer online game Lego Universe.[4] 3 iPad and iPhone apps have also been released.

TV series[edit]

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu is a TV series airing on Cartoon Network in the U.S.[5] The toy lines are the same characters as the series and hold the same plot accordingly, though several characters in the series do not appear in set form.

The series began on January 14, 2011, featuring a theme song by The Fold called "The Weekend Whip." An entire album of ninja-themed music from The Fold was released in March 2013, in the form of an official LEGO Ninjago USB Bracelet featuring original video, music and printable content for Spinners. Ninjago had its finale November 21, 2012, but Cartoon Network has since announced that the series is set to continue. The team will be fighting nindroids in New Ninjago City, created by Cyrus Borg.


The Hageman brothers, Dan and Kevin Hageman, who wrote Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and as well The Lego Movie, will be penning the film adaptation, which will feature a new take that diverges from the TV series. Charlie Bean, who directed Disney's Tron: Uprising, will direct the film, produced by the The Lego Movie team of Dan Lin, Roy Lee, Phil Lord and Chris Miller.[6]


Ninjago LEGO sets, Kai's Blade Cycle and the Rattlecopter
9570NRG Jay2012NRG Jay20 pieces
9571Fangdam2012Fangdam20 pieces
9572NRG Cole2012NRG Cole19 pieces
9573Slithraa2012Slithraa20 pieces
9574Lloyd ZX2012Lloyd ZX23 pieces
9579Starter Set2012Cole ZX, Rattla62 pieces
9590NRG Zane2012NRG Zane19 pieces
9591Weapon Pack2012NRG Kai, Chokun73 pieces
70500Kai's Fire Mech2013Kimono Kai, Stone Scout102 pieces
70501Warrior Bike2013Kimono Jay, Stone Warrior210 pieces
70502Cole's Earth Driller2013Kimono Cole, Stone Swordsman171 pieces
70503The Golden Dragon2013The Golden Ninja (with armor), Stone Warrior, Stone Scout252 pieces
70504Garmatron2013General Kozu, Stone Swordsman, Kimono Zane328 pieces
70505Temple of Light2013The Golden Ninja (with armor), Sensei Wu, Overlord (in Garmadon's body), Stone Swordsman, Stone Scout565 pieces
70720Hover HunterDecember 1st, 2013Cole and Nindroid Drone79 pieces
70721Kai FighterDecember 1st, 2013Kai and General Cryptor196 pieces
70722OverBorg AttackDecember 1st, 2013OverBorg (Cyrus Borg) and Lloyd (with armor)207 pieces
70723Thunder RaiderDecemeber 1st, 2013Cole, Jay and a Nindroid Warrior334 pieces
70724NinjaCopterDecember 1st, 2013Zane (Battle-scarred), Pixal, Nindroid Warrior, Nindroid Drone516 pieces
70725Nindroid MechDragonDecember 1st, 2013Sensei Garmadon, Lloyd (without armor), Evil Wu, General Cryptor, Nindroid Warrior691 pieces
70726DestructoidJanuary 1st, 2014Zane, General Cryptor, Mindroid253 pieces


In 2012, the LEGO Ninjago Fire Temple (2507) was awarded "Activity Toy of the Year" title at the 12th Annual Toy of the Year Awards,[7] which is held at the American International Toy Fair in New York City.


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