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Laura Trevelyan (born 21 August 1968) is a BBC anchor/correspondent based in New York City. She was the BBC's United Nations correspondent from May 2006 until 2009.[1]


Trevelyan was born in London, England, the oldest of three children. Educated at Parliament Hill School in North London, Trevelyan graduated with a first class degree in politics from Bristol University. She then gained a postgraduate diploma in journalism from the University of Wales College, Cardiff, in 1991.[1]


She began her career as a general reporter for London Newspaper Group in 1991, on titles including the Hammersmith Chronicle. She then joined Channel 4 as a researcher on A Week In Politics in 1992.[1]

She moved to the BBC in 1993, initially taking roles as a researcher for Breakfast News and as an assistant producer for Newsnight before becoming a reporter for On The Record in 1994, where she covered the IRA ceasefire and Northern Ireland peace process. In 1998, Trevelyan shifted her focus to political reporting, covering Westminster, the 2001 general election and the run-up to the invasion in Iraq. She was a political correspondent for BBC News from 1999 and was based in London until her move to the US in 2004[1] to cover the presidential election.

From 2006-2009 Trevelyan covered the United Nations, traveling to Darfur, Congo, Burma and Sri Lanka and was the first journalist to interview Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. From 2009-2012 Laura was a BBC correspondent based in New York, covering everything from the row over the proposed mosque at ground zero to Haiti's cholera epidemic.

After three years as the BBC's New York correspondent, Trevelyan joined BBC World News America as an anchor/correspondent.

Since joining WNA, Laura has anchored live on location covering the Boston bombing, the Cleveland kidnapping rescue and the Oklahoma tornado.


Outside journalism, she has written the book A Very British Family: The Trevelyans and Their World, published in 2006, on the history of the Trevelyan family including Sir Charles Trevelyan, 1st Baronet, of whom she is a descendant.[2] Her second book, The Winchester: An American Icon, explores the family behind America's most famous firearm and will be released in 2014.

Personal life[edit]

Trevelyan is married and lives in New York City with her husband and three sons.[1]


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