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Larson International, Inc.
FounderWalter Larson
HeadquartersPlainview, Texas, United States
Area served
Key people
Jeff Novotny (President)
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Larson International, Inc.
FounderWalter Larson
HeadquartersPlainview, Texas, United States
Area served
Key people
Jeff Novotny (President)

Larson International is a designer and manufacturer of amusement rides based in Plainview, Texas. The company has designed its own collection of amusement rides, as well as owning rights to rides originally designed by Bisch-Rocco and Sellner Manufacturing.


J & S, Rides, Inc., currently doing business as Larson International, dates back to at least 1988.[1][2]

In January 2002, Larson International, along with AmTech and International Ride Services, hosted the annual Amusement Industry Manufacturers & Suppliers (AIMS) Safety Seminar.[3]

In February 2002, Larson International acquired the rights to Bisch-Rocco's Flying Scooters ride.[4] In the late 1920s, Alvin Bisch and Ralph Rocco designed a rotating, ride-like device for training pilots.[5] In the 1930s, this design evolved into the Flying Scooters amusement ride.[6] Several installations were manufactured by Bisch and Rocco. The first new installation by Larson International was purchased by California's Great America and installed in 2002.[7]

In January 2011, Larson International purchased Sellner Manufacturing, an amusement ride company based in Faribault, Minnesota.[8] Sellner Manufacturing's foundations date back to 1923 when Herbert W. Sellner invented a Water-Toboggan Slide. In 1926, Sellner invented the Tilt-A-Whirl ride, and founded Sellner Manufacturing. The company invented other products over the years, but the Tilt-A-Whirl, remained its most popular, with nearly 1000 units manufactured to 2010.[9] In the late 2000s, Sellner Manufacturing, which was then led by great-granddaughter Erin Sellner Ward, was facing financial difficulties. The State Bank of Faribault approached Larson International for a possible takeover. Larson International's acquisition saw the company gain ownership of everything except Sellner's building. This included the relocation of all ride plans, molds, computers, office furniture, equipment, and machines, to Larson International's Plainview facility.[1]


NameIntroducedOriginal designerIn association withDescription
22M Giant LoopLarson InternationalN/AA larger version of a Fireball, measuring 22 metres (72 ft) in diameter.[10]
Flying Rides2011Sellner ManufacturingN/AAerial carousels that come in a variety of themes, including Bumble Bee Bop, Jumping Jumbos, and Star Command.[11]
Flying Scooters2002Bisch-RoccoN/A[4]
Flying Scooters (portable)Bisch-RoccoMajestic Manufacturing, Inc.A portable, fairground version of Larson's ride is in development.[12]
Fireball2000Larson InternationalN/ASuccessor to the Super Loop (1999) and Ring of Fire (2000).[13]
Funnel ForceLarson InternationalN/A[14]
The Hubless WheelLarson InternationalN/ACombines the 22M Giant Loop structure with Star Dancer ride vehicles to result in a ferris wheel-like experience.[15]
Huff-n-Puff2011Sellner ManufacturingN/AA self-powered handcar ride for children.[16]
Kiddie Star DancerLarson InternationalN/A[17]
Mega BounceN/AA.R.M.[18]
The Ships AhoyLarson InternationalN/AA themed teacups-style ride.[19]
Spin Rides2011Sellner ManufacturingN/ATeacups-style rides that come in a variety of themes, including Barrels of Fun, Bear Affair, Berry-Go-Round, Chilly Willy, Dizzy Dragon, Martian Madness, Monkey Mayhem, Pumpkin Patch, Spin the Apple, Tea Time and Tons of Fun.[20]
Star DancerLarson InternationalN/A[21]
Super ShotN/AA.R.M.Originally known as Atmosfear.[22][23]
Tilt-A-Whirl2011Sellner ManufacturingN/A[8]
Track Rides2011Sellner ManufacturingN/ASmall track-based fairground rides, with themes available of Jalopy Junction and Rock Town.[24]
The WhipSellner ManufacturingGordon Rides, LLCA modern version of the classic Whip ride is currently in development.[8]

Former products[edit]

In the past, Larson International has had informal alliances with other manufacturers including Chance Rides, S&S Power and NBGS, whereby the manufacturers would assist in the fabrication of each other's rides in exchange for revenue sharing.[25] Products previously designed and manufactured by Larson International are shown in the table below.

High Roller/Crazy Train1998[26]
Moby Dick[27]
Ring of Fire2000Successor to the Super Loop (1999) and predecessor to the Fireball (2000).[28]
Space Loop[29]
Super Loop1999Predecessor to the Ring of Fire and Fireball (2000).[30]


Many of Larson International's ride have been sold to fairground operators as portable, travelling rides.[31][32][33][34][35] A listing of rides permanently installed at amusement parks is shown in the table below.

Ride nameParkTypeOpenedStatus
AtmosFEARMorey's PiersSuper Shot2005Operating
Bourbon Street FireballSix Flags America22M Giant Loop2015Under construction[36]
Cedar Creek FlyersDorney Park and Wildwater KingdomFlying Scooters2015Under construction[37]
Dare Devil ChaosSix Flags Discovery Kingdom22M Giant Loop2015Under construction[36]
Dragons FlyCastle ParkFlying Scooters2008Operating[38]
El DiabloSix Flags Great Adventure22M Giant Loop2015Under construction[36]
FearfallKentucky KingdomSuper Shot2014Operating
Flying EaglesCalifornia's Great AmericaFlying Scooters2002Operating[7]
Flying FishStory LandFlying ScootersN/AOperating[39]
French Quarter FlyersSix Flags AmericaFlying Scooters2014Operating
Frontier FlyersHersheyparkFlying Scooters2003Operating[40]
Hair RaiserLuna Park SydneySuper Shot2013Operating
Harley Quinn SpinsanitySix Flags Over GeorgiaTilt-A-Whirl2015Under construction[36]
Hornet's NestDarien LakeFlying Scooters2012Operating[41]
Joker's ChaosSix Flags Over Georgia22M Giant Loop2015Under construction[36]
Lake Erie EaglesCedar PointFlying Scooters2014operating
Lakeside GlidersMichigan's AdventureFlying Scooters2013Operating
Professor John's Flying MachinesKentucky KingdomFlying Scooters2014Operating
Screamin 'EagleGreat EscapeFlying Scooters2013Operating
Surfside GlidersKnott's Berry FarmFlying Scooters2013Operating[42]
Super LoopsVirginia Beach Amusement ParkSuper LoopN/A[43]
ZZZN/AMorey's PiersFireball2002Operating[7]


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