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Lansing Country Club (Lansing Sportsman Club) is a country club located in Lansing, Illinois.


Early in 1938, a local group of sportsmen led by a Mr. E.C. Berwanger, Mr. George Mills and Mr. Ray Ruff, spent considerable time and effort to secure an old and abandoned clay hole. These gentlemen thought it would make a fine lake for fishing and possibly could be developed into a resort that the entire community could utilize and enjoy. Three years were spent in negotiations with the Illinois Brick Company, Chicago, Illinois. In the spring of 1941, an agreement was made for the purchase of this land and water from the Illinois Brick Company.

This group of sportsmen applied to the State of Illinois for a charter. In 1941, the club was officially formed as Lansing Sportsman’s Club. The membership consisted of 31 Resident Members. The property was 36 acres of water and 14 acres (57,000 m2) of land. In 1942, nine Resident Members were added, the clubhouse was erected and the lakes were stocked.

In 1943, a Clubhouse Manager and Groundskeeper were hired. Social Members were invited to join the club. The club operated for the purpose of promoting fishing, hunting, trapshooting, bowling, and other sport activities. All club funding was used to expand the facilities as well promote good sportsmanship for the mutual benefits for all club members.

The old clubhouse was completely remodeled for the Lansing School of Special Education, which became the Lansing Association for the Retarded Citizens (LARC). Upon their move to a new location, the old clubhouse Is now the Prodigy Academy, which is just south of its main gate.

Since the building of its present clubhouse in 1952, we have done extensive remodeling programs within the club. We have converted the club from a small sandwich kitchen to a full multiple dining room facility including the Sportsmen’s Lounge to accommodate general membership.

On Sunday, September 16, 1962, its nine-hole golf course was completed and dedicated. It proved to be a popular, challenging course for all the club members. In 1972, an additional 65 acres (260,000 m2) was purchased which eventually completed the clubs 18-hole course. This purchase, combined with various land acquisitions through the years, give the club a total of 175 acres (0.71 km2) of land and water. This makes the Lansing Sportsmen’s club, now known as the Lansing Country Club, the largest privately owned recreation area in the Calumet Region.

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