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Lakshmi Singh /ˈlækʃm ˈsɪŋ/ is known for being NPR's national midday newscaster.


Singh's father is Indo-Trinidadian while her mother is Puerto Rican.[1][2]


Singh graduated from Syracuse University in 1994 with a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism and Latin American studies. Prior to her tenure at NPR, she worked at WAER in Syracuse, then NPR member stations KPBX (Spokane), WMFE (Orlando), and Washington DC's WAMU, where she was a reporter and local show host. She joined NPR's Newscast Unit in 2000.

In addition to announcing news throughout the day, Singh's resume includes field reporting, and contributing to NPR's Latino USA, PRI, Voice of America and Gannett News Service.[1]


Some of our friends in the South Asian community have expressed their dismay with the pronunciation of my name. But I have not heard any complaints specifically from South Asian residents of the Caribbean (such as Trinidad, where my father was born and Lakshmi is pronounced LACK-shmee).[2]


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