La Patrona

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La Patrona
"La Patrona" Poster.png
Created byOriginal Story
José Ignacio Cabrujas
Julio César Mármol
Adaptation and Screenplay for Telemundo
Valentina Párraga
Eduardo Macías
Rossana Negrín
Cristina Policastro
Jose Vicente Spataro
Developed byArgos Comunicación
Telemundo Studios, Miami
Directed byCarlos Villegas
Víctor Hugo Martínez Saladierna
Víctor Herrera
StarringAracely Arámbula
Jorge Luis Pila
Christian Bach
Gonzalo García Vivanco
Theme music composerPaco Paniagua
José Ángel
Opening themeLa Patrona by Aracely Arámbula
Juntos tu y yo by Aracely Arámbula
Ending themeLaberinto by Marger
Country of origin Mexico
 United States
Original language(s)Spanish
No. of episodes127 [1]
Executive producer(s)Gabriela Valentán
Producer(s)Maika Bernard
Editor(s)Horacio Valle Ramos
Ramiro Pardo
Mexico City
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time42-45 minutes
Original channelTelemundo
Picture formatHDTV 1080i
Audio formatStereophonic sound
Original runJanuary 8, 2013 – July 9, 2013
Preceded byCorazón Valiente
Followed byMarido En Alquiler
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Dueña y Señora
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La Patrona
"La Patrona" Poster.png
Created byOriginal Story
José Ignacio Cabrujas
Julio César Mármol
Adaptation and Screenplay for Telemundo
Valentina Párraga
Eduardo Macías
Rossana Negrín
Cristina Policastro
Jose Vicente Spataro
Developed byArgos Comunicación
Telemundo Studios, Miami
Directed byCarlos Villegas
Víctor Hugo Martínez Saladierna
Víctor Herrera
StarringAracely Arámbula
Jorge Luis Pila
Christian Bach
Gonzalo García Vivanco
Theme music composerPaco Paniagua
José Ángel
Opening themeLa Patrona by Aracely Arámbula
Juntos tu y yo by Aracely Arámbula
Ending themeLaberinto by Marger
Country of origin Mexico
 United States
Original language(s)Spanish
No. of episodes127 [1]
Executive producer(s)Gabriela Valentán
Producer(s)Maika Bernard
Editor(s)Horacio Valle Ramos
Ramiro Pardo
Mexico City
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time42-45 minutes
Original channelTelemundo
Picture formatHDTV 1080i
Audio formatStereophonic sound
Original runJanuary 8, 2013 – July 9, 2013
Preceded byCorazón Valiente
Followed byMarido En Alquiler
Related showsLa Dueña
Dueña y Señora
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La Patrona (Lit: The Boss / English: The Return)[2] is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by United States-based television network Telemundo Studios, Miami and Mexican Argos Comunicación. The telenovela is a remake of the Venezuelan telenovela La Dueña, written by José Ignacio Cabrujas.

The name reflects a local term or slang in Mexico to address a person recognized as the main boss. However, the title is also a reflection of both the protagonist and the antagonist struggle to conquer power, authority and respect in a labor field traditionally deemed to be a man's job.

Telemundo started filming the episodes of La Patrona in October 2012 just with Aracely Arámbula, Jorge Luis Pila, Christian Bach, Alisa Vélez, Erika de la Rosa, Geraldine Zinat and Irineo Álvarez, and the entire cast entered in November 2012.[3] The serial aired during the 2013 season.[4][5] From January 8 to July 9, 2013, Telemundo aired La Patrona weeknights at 9pm/8c[6][7] replacing Corazón Valiente,[8][9] until Marido En Alquiler replaced the serial the following day.[10][11]

From April 15 to October 8, 2013, Gala TV from Mexico broadcast La Patrona weeknights at 10:30pm. As with most of its other telenovelas, the network broadcast English subtitles as closed captions on CC3.


Marcelo Vidal collapses & dies after he barges in on his wife Antonia Guerra and her lover, Alberto Espino, Engineer at the Vidal Gold mine. Antonia is revealed as an ambitious woman who also killed her first husband, the father of her two sons, Fernando and Alejandro. Marcelo's only blood relative is his young daughter, Valentina (Val) whom Antonia despises with a passion. Alejandro is responsible though Fernando is an alcohol-addict and treats his wife, Julia Montemar like shit. Fernando also raped Gabriella Suarez when she was just a teenager, resulting in a pregnancy and Gabriella's son, David, who is the spitting image of his father.

Antonia takes over as La Patrona (The Boss) of the mine, and now most powerful figure in the town of San Pedro del Oro. Her accomplices are Aníbal Villegas, the corrupt senator, Julio Montemar, the mayor of San Pedro, Macario, her right-hand and Lizard, the corrupt chief of police. Gabriella is a young lady who works at the mine amongst the men, a career choice that makes her the target of uncalled for feminist comments from her male co-workers. However, she is knowledgeable of the business as a result of being taught by her father, Tomas Tigre Suarez. Gabriella loves her son, David, in spite of the circumstances of his conception. Alejandro falls in love with Gabriella at first sight and after melting Gabriella's hatred towards him, they start dating - against the wishes of Antonia who dislikes Gabriella with a passion. Irene is the daughter of Julio and Prudencia, and also the sister-in law of Fernando. Antonia and her devise a plan for Irene to capture Alejandro and finally be his wife. Irene was Gabriella’s friend in school but when she sees how infatuated Alejandro is with Gabriella, she devises a plan to separate them.

Tigre sets off the process of transferring the land at El Chemuco (land that contains a lot of Gold deposits and could even be the largest mine in the country) into his and Gabriella’ name. El Chemuco was bequeathed to Gabriella by her mother, Lucia Beltran at her death. Antonia starts bribing David to get him to hate his mother. Antonia and her accomplices frame Gastón Goicochea, a fearless journalist for the murder of his fiance Inocencia; Inocencia was killed by Lizard who tried to rape her. When Alejandro finds out Fernando is David's father; Antonia and Fernando tell Alejandro that Fernando didn't rape Gabriella, but rather that Gabriella made a play for him and had sex with him on numerous times; Irene, also lies to Alejandro and confirms the lies of Antonia and Fernando. Alejandro believes their lies and insults Gabriella with these fabrications. They break up. Gabriella attempts to get justice and bar Fernando from her son’s life but Antonia uses her influence in the police force to ensure Gabriella loses her case. Alejandro later overhears Fernando begging Gabriella for forgiveness for raping her and he asks Gabriella to forgive him, begging her to take him back. Gabriella agrees. Julia seeks divorce from Fernando but Antonia threatens her. In rage she tells Fernando that his mother is the lover of Alberto Espino. Antonia shoots Julia in the head and lies that Julia killed herself after being taunted by Gabriella. Antonia, Aníbal, Julio and Lagarto plan the destruction of Gabriella and Tiger Suarez.

As Tiger is leaving town for the capital, he is kidnapped by Lizard and Antonia’s men. He’s tied up and tortured in a closed portion of the mine. Fernando overhears the trap set for Gabriella by Antonia and Alberto and he rushes to warn Gabriella & the Suarez who don’t believe him. When the Suarez family realises that Tiger is missing and didn’t reach the capital, Gaston is also arrested by the police and is hidden in a prison cell so that he doesn’t have communication with the outside world and the radio station to change the minds of the masses. Antonia tells Gabriella to look for Tiger in the mine. Gabriella rushes there, not knowing that it’s a trap to kill her & Tiger; Alberto & Ramon have rigged the mine with explosives and they await Gabriella’s arrival before they blow the place up. Fernando also rushes in and as Tiger dies and he pulls Gabriella out, trying to save her before the mine explodes. The mine explodes before they reach outside, killing Fernando (who saves Gabriella) and 3 miners. Antonia uses this to claim that Gabriella set the explosives in the mine. With the help of Gertrudis, a corrupt psychologist who assisted Anibal to throw his wife, Constanza, into an asylum, they inject Gabriella with shots to make her behave crazy and have hallucinations. Gabriella is Pregnant with Alejandro’s child; Alejandro is very negative of the whole pregnancy, even believing sometimes that Gabriella’s child is not his. Antonia gets custody of David. With lies spoken in court by Alberto, Ramon and Gertrudis, Gabriella is sentenced to life imprisonment but because “she is crazy”, the judge orders she be incarcerated in the San Pedro mental institution where she is tortured by Gertrudis under Antonia’s orders, even getting raped. Macario & Gertrudis cause her to miscarry then Gertrudis lies to Alejandro that Gabriella threw herself down the stairs with the intention of killing her baby. Alejandro believes her. As per Antonia’s orders, only Alejandro can see Gabriella and always under the inducement of drugs so Alejandro can have no doubts that Gabriella is crazy. Under torture, Gabriella meets Anibal’s wife and Ricardo’s mother, Constanza Goldstein (who is believed to have run away with another man) in the asylum. They are drawn to each other as Constanza's enemies are Anibal and Antonia; Gabriella passes days thinking of her revenge on all her enemies; Gabriella once escapes the asylum and gets as far as San Pedro she is arrested by the police in the presence of Alejandro. Her family believes she was set up by Alejandro, and they hate him with a passion.

With help from Antonia, Irene gets married to Alejandro as she’s pregnant. Ricardo, who is revealed to be impotent, also marries Irene’s sister, Patricia. Patricia is actually pregnant by Antonia’s lover, Alberto who wants her to abort. Thanks to mayor Montemar and Alberto, Antonia, Anibal and Julio take over el Chemuco, hiding under the name of an Internal Conglomerate; Francisca’s forced to sign away her rights her rights to the lands and documents proving Suarez’s legitimacy to the lands are stolen from the lands registry. Antonia has bought over David’s affection using money and expensive trips, David is a spoiled brat. Alejandro is unhappy with Irene and only cares about his daughter Lucia. Patricia is now feeling alone was Ricardo still does not touch her, she is now a drunk, and promiscuous, having sex with strangers. With the loneliness Patricia and Alejandro are both feeling, they are drawn to each other and they become lovers. Gaston is also finally released from Prison.

Antonia and Anibal with the help of Macario kill the lawyer and his assistant; the two held in trust the incriminating statement that was signed by Anibal's wife, Constanza Goldstein. Lucho Vampa is a thief who was sent to an isolated prison cell by Antonia, Anibal and Julio montemar, and later to the Asylum & despite the initial mistrust from the two women, he becomes their friends & confidante. One night, one of the crazy detainees in the asylum who has a revenge mission against Gertrudis uses petrol to set the whole asylum on fire, by setting on fire Romina Romero, Gertrudis wicked assistant. Romina who wears Gabriella's pendant which she stole from Gabriella on Gabriella's first day at the asylum dies and is later mistakenly identified as Gabriella because of the pendant she wore. Gabriella, Lucho and Constanza escape from the asylum and Gabriella is "buried" later. Gabriella communicates with Max and Francisca and all three get shelter at the Suarez residence. Max gives the gold previously given to him by Tigre to Gabriella who thanks to Lucho, they sell the gold and get a lot of money out of it. The three escapees manage to leave the country with a lot of money and head to New York where they take charge of Constanza's fortune which was left to her by her dead Uncle. Anibal fails to get Constanza's fortune & they manage to fool the wolves that Constanza is dead.

Gabriella, Lucho and Constanza devise a plan to destroying the "wolves" - All 12 of them, one by one. Antonia, Alejandro, Irene, Julio, Prudencia, Ricardo, Anibal, Macario, Chacon, Ramon, Alberto Espino and Gertrudis. They thoroughly investigate all of them, finding out all their hidden secrets. Gabriella transforms herself into a sophisticated rich widow Veronica Dantes who is fluent in many languages, is wealthy, has expensive couture, and is very influential. Her bodyguards are former US Marines & Antonia is described as a pauper compared to Veronica. Everyone’s baffled by Veronica’s couture, beauty, her knowledge of the people of San Pedro del Oro (especially The Wolves) and her immense likeness to Gabriella Suarez. Veronica with the help of Lucho fake the results and the body in Gabriella’s grave is proven to be truly Gabriella, Antonia is convinced Veronica is not Gabriella. Veronica chooses Prudencia as Victim number 1. Antonia, Julio, Anibal, Macario, Gertrudis Aguirre and Lizard plan the “accidental dealth” of Prudencia because she is aware of many dirty secrets about the wolves that could destroy all of them. With the help of Lucas, David’s former schoolmate and tormentor and Macario’s nephew, Prudencia is thrown into the path of an oncoming car and killed. Her death’s ruled as accidental. No one, except Patricia, Ricardo, Alejandro and Veronica attends her funeral. Antonia gets guardianship of Valentina and her fortune after the death of Valentina’s grandmother. Antonia, with the help of Gertrudis, has killed Val’s grandmother. Max and Val break up after Antonia makes a play for him, convincing Val that Max is her lover. Antonia intends to take away Val’s money and kill her. Gaston & Francisca are starting to get attracted to each other.

David makes sexual advances towards Poncia’s beautiful niece, Cecilia. Antonia kicks Cecilia out of the residence after she catches them in bed together; Cecilia gets refuge in Francisca’s home where she is then adopted by Veronica as her protégé, turning herself into a beautiful young lady. Veronica uses this chance to undo the bad teachings Antonia installed in David, making David a real gentleman. David & Cecilia start dating & David proves to her & Veronica that he truly loves her by defending her infront of Antonia. Antonia, hiring Lucas, long time enemy of The Suarez and Macario’s nephew kills Alberto & Ramon after she finds out they’ve been stealing from El Chemuco. Max gets framed for the murder of Alberto. Gaston uses the radio station to rile up listeners against the series of crimes that have all been blamed on others. Val gets hospitalized where the doctor finds out she’s been gradually poisoned. Antonia has been bringing Val her food daily, putting poison in her meals. Veronica introduces Ricardo to Constanza where they re-forge their bond. Ricardo vows to ensure Anibal & Antonia pay for their crimes. The wolves, employing Lucas try to kill Gertrudis but she escapes them; After Veronica, Lucho & Constanza hold her in the basement at the fortress and taunt her with her past torture, she slowly goes crazy. They release her later on after she supplies them with evidence implicating Julio and other powerful people in the country in the syndicate of illegal operations in the San Pedro Asylum. Julio is murdered by Lizard but only after he reveals in a live radio broadcast that the Lizard killed Innocencia, Gaston’s fiancé. 4 of the wolves are now dead at each other's hands, with Lizard now on the run (hidden by Anibal), Macario vowing revenge on Lizard after he burns down his ranch and Antonia, Anibal and Alejandro now mistrusting each other after it’s revelead that Antonia lied to Anibal about Alejandro being his son. Ricardo, with the assistance of the A.G. brings in a special investigator, Rodrigo Balmaceda, to investigate the crimes that had occurred in San Pedro. Rodrigo is no-nonsense and honest, a trait that gets Antonia and Anibal in trouble with his many a times. He notices the likeness of Veronica to Gabriella’s pictures. Antonia falls in love with Rodrigo.


Actress Aracely Arámbula resigned her play (Perfume de Gardenia) in which after two hard years, she resigned to work more on the Telemundo telenovela.

I said no because I mourn the end very happy season, as I have always been in all functions. I am very grateful to the public and the great cast, "said Aracely in a press conference[12]


  • Aracely Arámbula - Gabriela Suárez / Verónica Dantés "La Patrona"
  • Jorge Luis Pila - Alejandro Beltrán
  • Christian Bach - Antonia Guerra "La Patrona"
  • Gonzalo García Vivanco - Gonzalo García Vivanco
  • Erika de la Rosa - Irene Montemar
  • Alexandra de la Mora - Patricia Montemar
  • Christian de la Campa - Alberto Espino
  • Aldo Gallardo - Ricardo Villegas
  • Diego Soldano - Rodrigo "Mano de Hierro" Balmaceda
  • Kenia Gascón - Prudencia Godínez
  • Carlos Torres Torrija - Julio Montemar
  • Geraldine Zinat - Francisca Mogollón
  • Marú Bravo - Poncia Jiménez
  • Surya Macgrégor - Constanza Goldstein
  • Alisa Vélez - Julia Montemar
  • Mario Loria - Gastón Goicochea
  • Julian Moreno - León Meléndez de león Suárez
  • Irineo Álvarez - Ramón Izquierdo
  • Francisco "Pakey" Vázquez - Macario Gaitán
  • Tomás Goros - Ramiro "Lagarto" Chacón
  • Manola Diez - Luz "Lucecita"
  • Bárbara Singer - Valentina Vidal
  • Martín Barba - David Beltrán Suárez
  • Ennio Ricciardi - Maximiliano Suárez
  • Andrea Bentley - Valentina Vidal (young)
  • Patricio Sebastián - David Suárez (young)
  • Emilio Caballero - Maximiliano Suárez (young)
  • Manuel Balbi - Fernando Beltrán
  • Javier Díaz Dueñas - Tomás "Tigre" Suárez
  • Joaquín Garrido - Aníbal Villegas
  • Marco Zetina
  • Fabián Peña - Marcos Beltrán
  • Joaquín Cosio - Esteban Rigores
  • Angel Chehin - Manuel Zapata
  • José Luis Yeverino
  • Aline Marrero - Inocencia Mercado
  • Anilú Pardo - Gertrudis Aguirre
  • Iñaki Goci - Leonardo Guillén
  • Aurora Gil - Romina Romero
  • Rocío Canseco - Milagros
  • Rami Martínez - Casanova
  • Alejandra Álvarez - Lucía Beltrán
  • Gina Vargas - Cecilia
  • Mauricio Garza - Lucas Guillén
  • Francisco Calvillo - Braulio Cifuentes
  • Eric Ramírez - González
  • Sharon Zundel - Inés Mendoza
  • Palmeira Cruz - Brigitte

United States broadcast[edit]

Air DateNumberEpisode TitleU.S. ViewersDuration
January 8, 2013001Gran Estreno1,473,00054 minutes
January 9, 2013002Atrapados1,449,00044 minutes
January 10, 2013003Despedida1,406,00044 minutes
January 11, 2013004De cacería1,339,00044 minutes
January 14, 2013005Juego de seducción1,497,00044 minutes
January 15, 2013006Defensa por amor1,383,00044 minutes
January 16, 2013007Compromiso1,398,00044 minutes
January 17, 2013008Noche de amor1,453,00044 minutes
January 18, 2013009Planes de huída1,275,00044 minutes
January 21, 2013010Manipulación1,489,00043 minutes
January 22, 2013011Acorralada1,437,00043 minutes
January 23, 2013012Una gran mentira1,490,00043 minutes
January 24, 2013013Cizaña1,597,00043 minutes
January 25, 2013014Planes de huída1,362,00042 minutes
January 28, 2013015Sed de Venganza1,189,00045 minutes
January 29, 2013016Denuncia1,468,00045 minutes
January 30, 2013017Sentenciados1,380,00045 minutes
January 31, 2013018Crímenes1,475,00045 minutes
February 1, 2013019Explosión1,368,00045 minutes
February 4, 2013020Acusada1,557,00044 minutes
February 5, 2013021Peligrosas Amenazas1,454,00044 minutes
February 6, 2013022Culpable1,227,00044 minutes
February 7, 2013023Golpiza1,300,00044 minutes
February 8, 2013024Escape1,563,00044 minutes
February 11, 2013025Atrapada1,588,00044 minutes
February 12, 2013026Boda a la vista1,656,00044 minutes
February 13, 2013027Esperanza perdida1,448,00044 minutes
February 14, 2013028Largo encierro1,409,00044 minutes
February 15, 2013029Casi destruida1,637,00044 minutes
February 18, 2013030De regreso1,517,00044 minutes
February 19, 2013031Aliados1,908,00044 minutes
February 20, 2013032Represalias1,784,00044 minutes
February 21, 2013033Incendio1,581,00044 minutes
February 22, 2013034¡Libres!1,782,00043 minutes
February 25, 2013035Reencuentro1,978,00044 minutes
February 26, 2013036Riesgos2,028,00044 minutes
February 27, 2013037Fuga2,283,00044 minutes
February 28, 2013038Dinero y amor2,017,00044 minutes
March 1, 2013039Transformación1,844,00043 minutes
March 4, 2013040Invitación1,935,00044 minutes
March 5, 2013041¿Quién es?2,094,00044 minutes
March 6, 2013042Parecido2,124,00044 minutes
March 7, 2013043Pasiones1,923,00044 minutes
March 8, 2013044Primera victoria1,602,00044 minutes
March 11, 2013045Guerra es guerra1,844,00044 minutes
March 12, 2013046Tregua2,035,00044 minutes
March 13, 2013047Divide y reinarás1,883,00044 minutes
March 14, 2013048Amante al descubierto1,664,00044 minutes
March 15, 2013049EscándaloN/A44 minutes
March 18, 2013050Humillada1,931,00044 minutes
March 19, 2013051Ángel de la muerte1,669,00044 minutes
March 20, 2013052Dolor de hija1,731,00044 minutes
March 21, 2013053Beso de hielo1,786,00044 minutes
March 22, 2013054Tras la vívora1,675,00044 minutes
March 25, 2013055Malditos celos1,858,00043 minutes
March 26, 2013056¡Ayúdame Dios!N/A43 minutes
March 27, 2013057Besos que matanN/A44 minutes
March 28, 2013058Torturan a Gertrudis1,821,00044 minutes
March 29, 2013059Golpe a golpe1,603,00044 minutes
April 1, 2013060Se comprometió1,727,00044 minutes
April 2, 2013061Corazón roto2,048,00044 minutes
April 3, 2013062Sospechas que matan1,950,00044 minutes
April 4, 2013063íSoy Gabriela!1,679,00044 minutes
April 5, 2013064Muere maldito1,558,000 ?? minutes
April 8, 2013065¡Te salvare!1,777,00044 minutes
April 9, 2013066¡Dejame en paz!2,031,00043 minutes
April 10, 2013067¡Te encontré!1,971,00044 minutes
April 11, 2013068Entregó las pruebas1,946,00044 minutes
April 12, 2013069Tienes que pagar1,675,00044 minutes
April 15, 2013070Bastardo1,763,00044 minutes
April 16, 2013071Se cumple su karma1,893,00044 minutes
April 17, 2013072Bienvenido Comisionado1,847,00044 minutes
April 18, 2013073Guerra Presa1,840,00039 minutes
April 19, 2013074Lujuria y placer1,841,00044 minutes
April 22, 2013075“No soy gay”1,747,00043 minutes
April 23, 2013076¿Segunda oportunidad?2,067,00043 minutes
April 24, 2013077Esto es amor1,937,00043 minutes
April 26, 2013078El lado suave de la víbora1,516,00043 minutes
April 29, 2013079Aliados1,813,00043 minutes
April 30, 2013080Al descubierto1,713,00043 minutes
May 1, 2013081Celos desbordados1,648,00043 minutes
May 2, 2013082En la cueva de la víbora1,726,00042 minutes
May 3, 2013083Puro placer1,567,00043 minutes
May 6, 2013084La otra Antonia1,661,00043 minutes
May 7, 2013085"Estoy embarazada"1,687,000 ?? minutes
May 8, 2013086Más cachos1,627,00043 minutes
May 9, 2013087De la ira nace el amor1,817,00043 minutes
May 10, 2013088La dura verdad1,334,000 ?? minutes
May 13, 2013089"Con ella sí, contigo no"N/A43 minutes
May 14, 2013090La loca los delata1,667,00043 minutes
May 15, 2013091Se cae la farza1,676,00043 minutes
May 16, 2013092Duro de atrapar1,621,00043 minutes
May 17, 2013093Otra víctima1,501,00043 minutes
May 20, 2013094Trampas1,615,00043 minutes
May 21, 2013095Premonición cumplida1,632,00043 minutes
May 22, 2013096AsesinaN/A43 minutes
May 23, 2013097EvidenciasN/A43 minutes
May 24, 2013098Hora de justiciaN/A43 minutes
May 27, 2013099Capítulo 991,523,00043 minutes
May 28, 2013100Capítulo 1001,946,00043 minutes
May 29, 2013101Capítulo 1011,656,00043 minutes
May 30, 2013102Capítulo 1021,683,00043 minutes
May 31, 2013103Capítulo 103N/A43 minutes
June 3, 2013104Capitulo 1041,636,00043 minutes
June 5, 2013105Capitulo 1051,694,00043 minutes
June 6, 2013106Capitulo 106N/A43 minutes
June 10, 2013107Capitulo 1071,884,00043 minutes
June 11, 2013108Capitulo 108N/A43 minutes
June 12, 2013109Capitulo 109N/A43 minutes
June 13, 2013110Capitulo 110N/A43 minutes
June 14, 2013111Capitulo 111N/A43 minutes
June 17, 2013112Capitulo 1121,717,00043 minutes
June 18, 2013113Capitulo 1131,552,00043 minutes
June 19, 2013114Capitulo 1141,735,00043 minutes
June 20, 2013115Capitulo 1151,579,00043 minutes
June 21, 2013116Capitulo 116N/A43 minutes
June 24, 2013117Capitulo 1171,653,00042 minutes
June 25, 2013118Capitulo 1181,942,00043 minutes
June 26, 2013119Capitulo 1191,734,00043 minutes
June 27, 2013120Capitulo 1201,923,00043 minutes
June 28, 2013121Capitulo 121N/A43 minutes
July 1, 2013122Capitulo 122N/A43 minutes
July 2, 2013123Capitulo 123N/A43 minutes
July 3, 2013124Capitulo 124N/A43 minutes
July 5, 2013125Capitulo 125N/A43 minutes
July 8, 2013126Capitulo 1261,785,00043 minutes
July 9, 2013127Gran Final1,992,000 (9pm)
2,546,000 (10pm)
96 minutes


Premios Tu Mundo[13][14][15]
Novela of the YearLa PatronaWon
Favorite Lead ActorJorge Luis PilaNominated
Favorite Lead ActressAracely ArámbulaWon
The Best Bad BoyChristian de la CampaNominated
Tomás Goros
The Best Bad GirlChristian BachWon
Best Supporting ActressAlexandra de la MoraNominated
Best Supporting ActorDiego Soldano
Gonzalo García VivancoWon
The Perfect CoupleAracely Arámbula & Jorge Luis Pila
Christian Bach & Diego SoldanoNominated
First ActressChristian BachWon
Surya MacgrégorNominated
First ActorJavier Díaz Dueñas
Best Bad Luck MomentThe hospital is engulfed in fireWon
Premios People en Español[16][17]
Best TelenovelaLa PatronaNominated
Best ActressAracely ArámbulaNominated
Best ActorJorge Luis PilaNominated
Best Female AntagonistChristian BachNominated
Best Man AntagonistJoaquín GarridoNominated
Best Supporting ActressAlexandra de la MoraNominated
The Perfect CoupleAracely Arámbula & Jorge Luis PilaNominated
Miami Life Awards
Best TelenovelaLa PatronaNominated
Best ActressAracely ArámbulaNominated
Best Leading MaleJorge Luis PilaNominated


CountryTV network(s)Series premiereSource
 MexicoGala TVApril 15, 2013[18]
 VenezuelaVenevisiónJuly 24, 2013[19]
 RomaniaAcasă TVOctober 12, 2013[20]
 KenyaNation TVOctober 29, 2013[21]


  • Production executive Vice: Gabriela Valentán
  • Development Director Novels: Juan Marcos Blanco
  • Makeup: Gabriela Ovalle
  • Hairstyles: Roberto Ortiz
  • Scenery: Alberto Mejía, Beatriz Pérez Barbosa
  • Atmosphere: Miguel Ángel Galván García
  • Costume Design: Fernando Bermúdez
  • Art Direction: Carlos Herrera
  • Musicality: Rodrigo Maurovich
  • Original music: Juan Carlos Rodríguez
  • Literary manager: Eduardo Macías
  • Stage Director: Víctor Hugo Martínez Saldierna
  • Executive in Charge of Production: Maika Bernard
  • VP of Production: Martha Godoy
  • Writers: Eduardo Macías
    Rossana Negrín, Valentina Párraga, Cristina Policastro,
  • Directorate General: Carlos Villegas


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