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The LPGA of Japan Tour is a professional golf tour for women organised by the Ladies Professional Golfers' Association of Japan. It is the second richest women's golf tour in the world. The U.S.-based LPGA Tour is the most important women's tour, but the prize money gap has closed markedly since the American tour's total prize fund peaked at just over $60 million in 2008. While the Japan Tour is the second-most lucrative women's tour, two other non-U.S. tours, the Ladies European Tour and the LPGA of Korea Tour, rival the Japan Tour in level of competition.

The 2014 schedule includes 37 official events worth ¥3.29 billion or roughly US$33 million as per exchange rate in December 2013

2014 Schedule[edit]

The number in parentheses after winners' names show the player's total number wins in official money individual events on the LPGA of Japan Tour, including that event. All tournaments are played in Japan.

DatesTournamentLocationPrize fund (¥)Winner
Mar 7–9Daikin Orchid Ladies Golf TournamentOkinawa100,000,000Thailand Onnarin Sattayabanphot (2)
Mar 14–16Yokohama Tire Golf Tournament PRGR Ladies CupKochi80,000,000
Mar 21–23T-Point Ladies Golf TournamentSaga70,000,000
Mar 28–30AXA Ladies Golf Tournament in MiyazakiMiyazaki80,000,000
Apr 3–6Yamaha Ladies Open KatsuragiShizuoka100,000,000
Apr 11–13Studio Alice Women's OpenHyogo60,000,000
Apr 18–20KKT Cup Vantelin Ladies OpenKumamoto100,000,000
Apr 25–27Fuji Sankei Ladies ClassicShizuoka80,000,000
May 2–4CyberAgent Ladies Golf TournamentChiba70,000,000
May 8–11World Ladies Championship Salonpas CupIbaraki120,000,000
May 16–18Hokken No Madoguchi LadiesFukuoka120,000,000
May 23–25Chukyo TV Bridgestone Ladies OpenAichi70,000,000
May 30 – Jun 1Resort Trust LadiesHyogo70,000,000
Jun 6–8Yonex Ladies Golf TournamentNiigata60,000,000
Jun 12–15Suntory Ladies Open Golf TournamentHyogo100,000,000
Jun 20–22Nichirei LadiesChiba80,000,000
Jun 26–29Earth Mondahmin CupChiba140,000,000
Jul 4-6Nichi-Iko Women's Open Golf TournamentToyama60,000,000
Jul 18–20Samantha Thavasa Girls Collection Ladies TournamentIbaraki60,000,000
Jul 25–27Century 21 Ladies Golf TournamentShizuoka60,000,000
Aug 8–10Meiji CupHokkaido90,000,000
Aug 15–17NEC Karuizawa 72 Golf TournamentNagano70,000,000
Aug 22–24CAT LadiesKanagawa60,000,000
Aug 29-31Nitori Ladies Golf TournamentHokkaido100,000,000
Sep 5–7Golf 5 Ladies Professional Golf TournamentGifu60,000,000
Sep 11–14Japan LPGA Championship Konica Minolta CupHyogo140,000,000
Sep 19–21Munsingwear Ladies Tokai ClassicAichi80,000,000
Sep 26–28Miyagi TV Cup Dunlop Women's Open Golf TournamentMiyagi70,000,000
Oct 2–5Japan Women's Open Golf ChampionshipShiga140,000,000
Oct 10–12Stanley Ladies Golf TournamentShizuoka90,000,000
Oct 17–19Fujitsu LadiesChiba80,000,000
Oct 23–26Nobuta Group Masters GC LadiesHyogo140,000,000
Oct 30 – Nov 2Hisako Higuchi – Morinaga LadiesChiba70,000,000
Nov 7–9Mizuno ClassicMieUS$1,200,000
Nov 14–16Ito En Ladies Golf TournamentChiba90,000,000
Nov 20–23Daio Paper Elleair Ladies OpenKagawa100,000,000
Nov 27–30Japan LPGA Tour Championship Ricoh CupMiyazaki100,000,000

Events in bold are majors.

The Mizuno Classic is co-sanctioned with the LPGA Tour.

Leading money winners[edit]

YearPlayerEarnings (¥)
2013Japan Rikako Morita126,675,049
2012South Korea Jeon Mi-jeong131,827,582
2011South Korea Ahn Sun-ju127,926,893
2010South Korea Ahn Sun-ju145,073,799
2009Japan Sakura Yokomine175,016,384
2008Japan Miho Koga120,854,137
2007Japan Momoko Ueda166,112,232
2006Japan Shiho Oyama166,290,957
2005Japan Yuri Fudoh122,460,908
2004Japan Yuri Fudoh142,774,000
2003Japan Yuri Fudoh149,325,679
2002Japan Yuri Fudoh95,690,917
2001Japan Yuri Fudoh89,248,793
2000Japan Yuri Fudoh120,443,924
1999Japan Fumiko Muraguchi66,891,682
1998Japan Michiko Hattori81,570,823
1997Japan Akiko Fukushima99,594,094
1996Japan Akiko Fukushima70,596,190
1995Japan Ikuyo Shiotani75,006,561
1994Japan Mayumi Hirase69,817,958
1993Japan Mayumi Hirase81,474,399
1992Japan Ikuyo Shiotani57,799,649
1991Taiwan Ai-Yu Tu70,403,481
1990Japan Hiromi Takamura62,576,087
1989Taiwan Ai-Yu Tu90,075,587
1988Japan Nayoko Yoshikawa61,462,665
1987Japan Tatsuko Ohsako56,763,481
1986Taiwan Ai-Yu Tu62,435,225
1985Taiwan Ai-Yu Tu65,634,788
1984Taiwan Ai-Yu Tu52,897,845
1983Taiwan Ai-Yu Tu45,764,313
1982Taiwan Ai-Yu Tu39,029,644
1981Japan Ayako Okamoto32,333,465
1980Japan Tatsuko Ohsako23,594,744
1979Japan Hisako Higuchi18,399,345
1978Japan Hisako Higuchi11,664,650
1977Japan Tatsuko Ohsako14,481,500
1976Japan Hisako Higuchi14,667,000
1975Japan Hisako Higuchi8,428,233
1974Japan Hisako Higuchi15,545,700
1973Japan Hisako Higuchi12,627,000
1972Japan Hisako Higuchi4,150,000
1971Japan Hisako Higuchi2,290,000
1970Japan Hisako Higuchi1,215,000
1969Japan Hisako Higuchi500,000
1968Japan Hisako Higuchi350,000

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