Dominican Professional Baseball League

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Dominican Professional Baseball League
Liga de Béisbol Profesional de la República Dominicana.jpg
No. of teams6
CountryDominican Republic
Most recent champion(s)Leones del Escogido
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Dominican Professional Baseball League
Liga de Béisbol Profesional de la República Dominicana.jpg
No. of teams6
CountryDominican Republic
Most recent champion(s)Leones del Escogido

The Dominican Republic Professional Baseball League (Spanish: Liga de Béisbol Profesional de la República Dominicana) or LIDOM by its acronym in Spanish, is a winter professional baseball league consisting of six teams spread across the Dominican Republic; it is the top baseball league in that country. The league's players include many from Major League Baseball, and the Dominican league's champion plays each year in the Caribbean Series.

Each team plays a fifty-game round-robin schedule that begins at the middle of October and runs to the end of December. The top four teams engage in another round-robin schedule with 18 games per team from the end of December to the end of January; the top two teams in those standings then play a best-of-nine series for the national title. The league's champion advances to the Caribbean Series to play against the representatives from Mexico, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico.[1]


Águilas CibaeñasSantiagoEstadio Cibao18,077
Estrellas OrientalesSan Pedro de MacorísEstadio Tetelo Vargas8,000
Indios del Cibao (Gigantes del Cibao)San Francisco de MacorísEstadio Julián Javier12,000
Leones del EscogidoSanto DomingoEstadio Quisqueya16,500
Tigres del LiceySanto DomingoEstadio Quisqueya16,500
Toros del EsteLa RomanaEstadio Francisco Micheli8,838

Former teams[edit]


Baseball was introduced in the Caribbean in 1866 by Cuban students, including Ernesto and Nemesio Guilló, returning from their studies in the United States. Early exchanges between Cuban players and sailors loading sugar in the then Spanish colony of Cuba helped foment enthusiasm for the game.[citation needed] ..[2] Eight years later, in 1874, the first organized game of baseball was played between Cuban teams.

In the years to come it would be Cuba that spread baseball throughout the Caribbean. When the Ten Years' War (1868-1878) in Cuba brought turmoil to the colony, many Cubans fled their country and migrated to the Dominican Republic, bringing baseball with them. In the 1920s the Dominicans began to play against neighboring countries.

Founding teams[edit]

In the early 1900s, four Dominican teams formed. These teams still exist today, and form the foundation of Dominican professional baseball:

Championship history[edit]

1922Leones del EscogidoLuis AlfauTigres del Licey
1923Incomplete season
1924Tigres del LiceyCharles A. DoreLeones del Escogido
1929Tigres del LiceyCharles A. DoreLeones del Escogido
1936Estrellas OrientalesEnrique MejíaTigres del Licey
1937Dragones de Ciudad TrujilloLázaro SalazarAguilas Cibaeñas
1951Tigres del LiceyFélix DelgadoLeones del Escogido
1952Águilas CibaeñasRodolfo FernándezTigres del Licey
1953Tigres del LiceyOscar RodríguezÁguilas Cibaeñas
1954Estrellas OrientalesRamón BragañaTigres del Licey
1955-56Leones del EscogidoFrank GenoveseÁguilas Cibaeñas
1956-57Leones del EscogidoRed DavisTigres del Licey
1957-58Leones del EscogidoSalty ParkerEstrellas Orientales
1958-59Tigres del LiceyJoe SchultzLeones del Escogido
1959-60Leones del EscogidoPete ReiserEstrellas Orientales
1960-61Leones del EscogidoPepe LucasÁguilas Cibaeñas
1961-62Incomplete season
1962-63No season
1963-64Tigres del LiceyVernon BensonÁguilas Cibaeñas
1964-65Águilas CibaeñasAl WidmarLeones del Escogido
1965-66No season
1966-67Águilas CibaeñasPete PetersonLeones del Escogido
1967-68Estrellas OrientalesTony PachecoLeones del Escogido
1968-69Leones del EscogidoAndy GilbertEstrellas Orientales
1969-70Tigres del LiceyBilly MuffetÁguilas Cibaeñas
1970-71Tigres del LiceyFred HatfieldLeones del Escogido
1971-72Águilas CibaeñasOzzie VirgilTigres del Licey
1972-73Tigres del LiceyTom LasordaEstrellas Orientales
1973-74Tigres del LiceyTom LasordaÁguilas Cibaeñas
1974-75Águilas CibaeñasAl WidmarEstrellas Orientales
1975-76Águilas CibaeñasTim MurtaughTigres del Licey
1976-77Tigres del LiceyBuck RodgersÁguilas Cibaeñas
1977-78Águilas CibaeñasJohnny LiponTigres del Licey
1978-79Águilas CibaeñasJohnny LiponLeones del Escogido
1979-80Tigres del LiceyDel CrandallEstrellas Orientales
1980-81Leones del EscogidoFelipe Rojas AlouÁguilas Cibaeñas
1981-82Leones del EscogidoFelipe Rojas AlouEstrellas Orientales
1982-83Tigres del LiceyManny MotaÁguilas Cibaeñas
1983-84Tigres del LiceyManny MotaÁguilas Cibaeñas
1984-85Tigres del LiceyTerry CollinsAzucareros del Este
1985-86Águilas CibaeñasWinston LlenasTigres del Licey
1986-87Águilas CibaeñasWinston LlenasEstrellas Orientales
1987-88Leones del EscogidoPhil ReganEstrellas Orientales
1988-89Leones del EscogidoPhil ReganTigres del Licey
1989-90Leones del EscogidoFelipe Rojas AlouÁguilas Cibaeñas
1990-91Tigres del LiceyJohn RoseboroLeones del Escogido
1991-92Leones del EscogidoFelipe Rojas AlouEstrellas Orientales
1992-93Águilas CibaeñasMiguel DilonéAzucareros del Este
1993-94Tigres del LiceyCasey ParsonsÁguilas Cibaeñas
1994-95Azucareros del EsteArt HoweÁguilas Cibaeñas
1995-96Águilas CibaeñasTerry FranconaEstrellas Orientales
1996-97Águilas CibaeñasMike QuadeLeones del Escogido
1997-98Águilas CibaeñasTony PeñaTigres del Licey
1998-99Tigres del LiceyDave JaussLeones del Escogido
1999-00Águilas CibaeñasTony PeñaEstrellas Orientales
2000-01Águilas CibaeñasFélix FermínLeones del Escogido
2001-02Tigres del LiceyBob GerenÁguilas Cibaeñas
2002-03Águilas CibaeñasFélix FermínLeones del Escogido
2003-04Tigres del LiceyManny ActaGigantes del Cibao
2004-05Águilas CibaeñasFélix FermínTigres del Licey
2005-06Tigres del LiceyRafael LandestoyÁguilas Cibaeñas
2006-07Águilas CibaeñasFélix FermínTigres del Licey
2007-08Águilas CibaeñasFélix FermínTigres del Licey
2008-09Tigres del LiceyJosé OffermanGigantes del Cibao
2009-10Leones del EscogidoKen OberkfellGigantes del Cibao
2010-11Toros del EsteDean TreanorEstrellas Orientales
2011-12Leones del EscogidoKen OberkfellÁguilas Cibaeñas
2012-13Leones del EscogidoAudo VicenteÁguilas Cibaeñas
Tigres del Licey20 (2)*
Águilas Cibaeñas20
Leones del Escogido15 (1)*
Estrellas Orientales2 (1)*
Toros del Este2
Gigantes del Cibao0
Caimanes del Sur0
Dragones de Ciudad Trujillo0 (1)*

*Championships won before LIDOM (1951)

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