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Kumamon, mascot of Kumamoto Prefecture, is used in many advertising campaigns, such as this one on a train in Osaka.
Exterior of a Kumamon-themed Hisatsu Orange Railway train.
The interior of a the Kumamon-themed HSOR train.

Kumamon (くまモン?) is a mascot created by the government of Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. He was first created in 2010 for a campaign called Kumamoto Surprise (くまもとサプライズ Kumamoto Sapuraizu?) to draw tourists to the region after the Kyushu Shinkansen line opened.[1] Kumamon subsequently became nationally popular, and in late 2011 he won a nationwide vote of other mascots, collectively known as Yuru-kyara (ゆるキャラ?), garnering over 280 thousand votes.[2][3] Following his success at the contest Kumamoto earned ¥11.8 billion (US$120 million, GB£79 million, €93 million) in merchandising revenues for the first half of 2012, after having only earned ¥2.5 billion (US$26 million, GB£17 million, €20 million) throughout all of 2011.[4][5] It is believed that Kumamon's cute appearance and comical movements contribute to his popularity, which was waning before a redesign and his entry into the contest.[4]


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