Kim Spradlin

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Kim Spradlin
BornKimberly Brooke Spradlin
(1983-01-30) January 30, 1983 (age 30)
ResidenceSan Antonio, Texas, United States
TelevisionSurvivor: One World (Winner)
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Kim Spradlin
BornKimberly Brooke Spradlin
(1983-01-30) January 30, 1983 (age 30)
ResidenceSan Antonio, Texas, United States
TelevisionSurvivor: One World (Winner)

Kimberly Brooke "Kim" Spradlin (born January 30, 1983) is a bridal shop owner from San Antonio, Texas, best known as the winner of 2012's Survivor: One World and the $1,000,000 prize. Spradlin was also named the Sprint "Player of the Season" as voted by the show's fans, winning her another $100,000.[1]

Survivor: One World[edit]

In spite of being one of the quieter contestants of the season, Spradlin caught the attention of Alicia Rosa during the trek to the girl's camp because she posed as a strong player which forged her into Alicia's alliance along with Chelsea Meissner, Kat Edorsson, and Sabrina Thompson. Spradlin demonstrated level-headed composure when she shunned gay Manono member Colton Cumbie, despite her tribe being annoyed by Cumbie's constant visits. After the evacuation of tribemate Kourtney Moon, the alliance stood strong and eliminated Salani's oldest member, Nina Acosta. Spradlin, and the rest of the Salani tribe then prospered, winning three consecutive challenges, and received free immunity when the Manono tribe decided to go to Tribal Council after winning the Day 11 Immunity Challenge.

Spradlin remained a Salani member after the Day 12 tribe switch, where she formed a secondary alliance with newcomers Jay Byars, Michael Jefferson, and Troyzan Robertson, where she found herself in the leadership position. Spradlin increased her power by obtaining a Hidden Immunity Idol, which she disclosed to her closest ally, Chelsea. The forged alliance, however, did not need to take action, as the new Salani demolished the new Manono in subsequent challenges, merging with them with a 7-5 discrepancy, but the original members (men and women) remained 6-6.

The two revisions of the tribes found Spradlin working with two pacts, the all-girl original Salani alliance (Alicia's regrouped alliance with former outsider Christina Cha being adopted to the group) and the new Salani alliance. After Spradlin manipulated Jay and Troyzan to oust Jonas Otsuji and cannibalize new Salani alliance member Michael, she eventually revealed her master plan—gang up on Jay and Troyzan to pave the way for an all-girl endgame. The plan worked, and the men took the fall in subsequent Tribal Councils, though one of her longtime allies, Kat was disposed of by Spradlin after the latter's controversial choice of who to bring with her after winning a Reward Challenge. Throughout the merge, Spradlin collectively won four Immunity Challenges; and with a Hidden Immunity Idol in her possession, Spradlin was essentially invincible. Following her victory at the final two Immunity Challenges, and the eliminations of Alicia and Christina, Spradlin found herself in the final three with Chelsea and Sabrina. Spradlin's quiet and effective strategy earned the respect of seven of nine Jury members, crowning her the as 24th Sole Survivor.[2][3][4][5] Spradlin was awarded #1 million for winning the Survivor contest, and $100,000 more as the Sprint Player of the Season, awarded by viewer votes.[1]


English professor Ellen Sorg compared Spradlin's Survivor win with the notable winning streak of Ken Jennings, a contestant on Jeopardy! in 2004. Sorg suggested that Jennings, though very knowledgeable on many topics, would not fare as well as Spradlin on Survivor, because the ability to recall many facts is not as valuable in daily life as overall intelligence, which Spradlin demonstrated. Sorg said Spradlin won because of a combination of practical and interpersonal intelligence.[6]

Soon after winning the $1 million prize, Spradlin appeared on the CBS daytime talk show The Talk, where she said she would use the money to improve her San Antonio bridal shop, and to take vacations.[7] She also said she planned on being "generous" with family and friends.[2]

After Survivor[edit]

Spradlin married Bryan Wolfe over the weekend of March 16-17, 2013, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, on a private beach near the hotel she was staying.[8] Her fellow Survivor tribemates, Alicia Rosa and Kat Edorsson attended as bridesmaids. About 1 month later Spradlin was arrested due to a case of mistaken identity. She spent eight hours in jail, after going to change her name at the DMV, in San Antonio, when a staff member saw there was a warrant out for her arrest for check bouncing. However, after bailing herself out for $1,500, it turned out there was another person named Kimberly with the same birthday. She later stated: "Be careful at the DMV, ya never know what's going to happen."[9] In July 2013 she announced she was pregnant with her first child, due January 30, 2014.[10][11]

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