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Kevin Harrington, is an American business executive.


Harrington created his first infomercial in 1985, founding a company called, Quantum International. He became the president of National Media, and oversaw the launching of several highly successful infomercials. [1] After leaving National Media in 1994 he formed a joint venture company with The Home Shopping Network and co-founded HSN Direct International Inc., serving as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President between 1994 and 1998. That year Harrington co-founded Reliant Interactive Media Corp. and was its Chairman and CEO until 2004 when he became the CEO of ResponzeTV America, LLC. In 2002, he became the President of Harrington Business Development Inc. and the Chairman of On Tv, Inc. That same year he became the Vice Chairman and Director of Thane International Inc. and the Director of Reliant International Inc., leaving both positions in 2003.[1]

Harrington was the Director of Infusion Brands International, Inc. from 2006 to 2008. In 2007, he became the Chief Executive Officer of ResponzeTV Plc and the Executive Director of ResponzeTV Plc, leaving both positions in 2008.[1] In 2009, Harrington became a panel member and investor on the ABC TV show, Shark Tank and published his book, Act Now: How I Turn Ideas into Million-Dollar Products. [2] In 2010, Harrington became a Member of Advisory Board at AbsolutelyNew, Inc. and the Chairman and Senior Executive Officer of H & H Imports Inc. [1]

He serves as CEO of the Internet company, TVGoods and Senior Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors for the company called, As Seen On TV, Inc. [1] Harrington has been the Director of Harrington Business Development Inc., since 2002. [1] Harrington is an Ex-Officios of the Electronic Retailing Association (ERA), Founders Circle.[3]


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