Kenny Lane

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Kenny Lane
Real nameKenneth L. Lane
Rated atLightweight
Height5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
NationalityUnited States
Born(1932-04-09)April 9, 1932
Big Rapids, Michigan
DiedAugust 5, 2008(2008-08-05) (aged 76)
Muskegon, Michigan
Boxing record
Total fights100
Wins by KO19
No contests0
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Kenny Lane
Real nameKenneth L. Lane
Rated atLightweight
Height5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
NationalityUnited States
Born(1932-04-09)April 9, 1932
Big Rapids, Michigan
DiedAugust 5, 2008(2008-08-05) (aged 76)
Muskegon, Michigan
Boxing record
Total fights100
Wins by KO19
No contests0

Kenny Lane was a southpaw boxer. He fought for lightweight and light welterweight titles of the world, once against Joe Brown and twice against Carlos Ortiz.

Early life[edit]

Kenny was raised on a farm in Big Rapids Michigan with his four brothers and sister. According to his family he was always fighting with his brothers and it is assumed that his southpaw stance was adopted to defend himself against his older brother who later became an Olympic boxer. [1]

Professional boxing career[edit]

Lane was known for having a very unorthodox way of fighting. This combined with the fact that he was a southpaw made him an excellent boxer and in 1953 started his professional career. [2]

Quote from Ortiz. "No one was more difficult to figure out than Kenny Lane, the guy was unbelievably clever" [3]

Noteworthy opponents[edit]

He had a controversial decision loss to Joe Brown for undisputed lightweight championship of the world.

The Ortiz rubber match for light welterweight title.

Comeback at age 50[edit]

Lane decided at age 50 to round out his professional career to 100 bouts. He dropped back down to his fighting weight from almost 200 pounds.[4]

After beating 3 much younger opponents he lost to the fourth.

Kenny decided to retire for the final time, making the even 100 bouts he sought.

Family life[edit]

Kenny Lane married his wife Ruth as a teenager in Big Rapids, MI. Kenny and Ruth had four children (Lori, Kenny Jr., Todd, and Melody). They later became grandparents of 14 grandsons and grand daughters (Andy, Ryan, Josh, Keith, Jasmine, Lucas, Cole, Cody, Grady, Olivia, Suzie, Bethany, Emily, and Kyle) as well as 4 great grandchildren (Hailey, Ethan, Elliot and Adelle.

Later years[edit]

After retiring Kenny continued teaching boxing in the Muskegon area. Kenny ran the boxing program at the Muskegon Recreation Center at Smith-Ryerson Park in Muskegon Heights. Several times Kenny drove less fortunate members of the program to meetings and matches across Michigan, often on his own dollar.

In 1995 Morrissey released an album called Southpaw Grammar. The cover featured an old photograph of Lane from the April 1963 issue of The Ring magazine.. [5]

Lane was admitted into the world boxing hall of fame in 2004. [6]

Later in life Lane became an avid golfer and had a tournament named for him. He died of a heart attack on August 5, 2008 while golfing at The Bent Pine golf course in Whitehall, MI. After Kenny's funeral on August 8, services were held for family and friends at Bent Pine Golf course courtesy of the owners. [7]

Professional boxing record[edit]

82 Wins (19 knockouts), 16 Losses, 2 Draws


ResultOpponentTypeRound, TimeDateLocationNotes
LossDave GuerraSplit DecisionUnknown1985-11-02Grand Rapids, MISecond retirement.
WinWillie Floyd McIntoshKOUnknown1983-06-18Muskegon, MInone
WinPaul LewisKOUnknown1983-04-16Muskegon, MInone
WinBobby PleggePTSUnknown1982-07-17Muskegon, MILane comes out of retirement at age 50.
LossEddie PerkinsUnanimous DecisionUnknown1965-10-25New Orleans, LALane retires.
LossCarlos HernandezKOUnknown1964-10-05Maracaibo, Venezuelanone
LossDave CharnleyPTSUnknown1964-06-02Wembley, London, UKnone
WinStoffel SteynTKOUnknown1964-05-09Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africanone
LossCarlos OrtizUnanimous DecisionUnknown1964-04-11San Juan, Puerto RicoWBA and WBC Lightweight titles
WinJohnny BizzarroSplit DecisionUnknown1964-02-19Erie, PAnone
WinPaul ArmsteadUnanimous DecisionUnknown1963-08-19Saginaw, MIMichigan lightweight title
WinVicente Milan DeradoUnanimous DecisionUnknown1963-03-02New York City, NYnone
WinLen MatthewsTKORound 9, Unknown1962-09-15Philadelphia, PAnone
WinCarlos HernandezUnanimous DecisionUnknown1962-07-14New York City, NYnone
WinTommy TibbsUnanimous DecisionUnknown1962-06-11Boston, MAnone
WinLuis MolinaUnanimous DecisionUnknown1962-04-14San Jose, CAnone
LossGarland RandallUnanimous DecisionUnknown1962-01-23Houston, TXnone
WinAissa HashasPTSUnknown1961-10-16Paris, Francenone
WinVirgil AkinsPTSUnknown1961-09-22Annapolis, MDnone
WinGarland RandallUnanimous DecisionUnknown1961-08-30Amarillo, TXnone
WinTJ JonesPTSUnknown1961-08-14Chicago, ILnone
WinWillie RobertsonUnanimous DecisionUnknown1961-06-30Muskegon, MInone
WinRay PortillaTKOUnknown1961-06-16San Antonio, TXnone
DrawCurtis CokesPTSUnknown1961-06-08Dallas, TXnone
WinManuel GonzalezUnanimous DecisionUnknown1961-05-16Odessa, TXnone
WinGarland RandallUnanimous DecisionUnknown1961-05-01Dallas, TXnone
DrawCarlos HernandezPTSUnknown1961-02-20Caracas, Venezuelanone
LoseJose StableUnanimous DecisionUnknown1961-01-23New York City, NYnone
WinLahouari GodihMDUnknown1960-12-06Philadelphia, PAnone
LoseLen MatthewsTKOUnknown1960-10-08Los Angeles, CAnone
WinSid AdamsTKOUnknown1960-09-27Philadelphia, PAnone
WinDouglas VaillantUnanimous DecisionUnknown1960-08-16Miami Beach, FLnone
WinJerry BlackUnanimous DecisionUnknown1960-04-25Philadelphia, PAnone
LoseRalph DupasUnanimous DecisionUnknown1960-01-13Mobile, ALnone
WinRay LancasterKOUnknown1959-12-29Minneapolis, MNnone
WinVirgil AkinsMDUnknown1959-10-28Washington DCnone
LoseCarlos OrtizTKOUnknown1959-06-12New York City, NYWorld Light Welterweight Title
WinJohnny BussoTKOUnknown1959-04-17Hollywood, CAnone
WinCarlos OrtizMDUnknown1958-12-31Miami Beach, FLnone
WinLahouari GodihSplit DecisionUnknown1958-11-07Syracuse, NYnone
WinOrlando ZuluetaUnanimous DecisionUnknown1958-09-06Muskegon, MInone
LoseJoe BrownUnanimous DecisionUnknown1958-07-23Houston, TXWorld Lightweight Title
WinDavey DupasKOUnknown1958-05-26Dallas, TXnone
WinJohnny GonsalvesUnanimous DecisionUnknown1958-01-09Oakland, CAnone
WinLuke EasterTKOUnknown1957-12-09San Francisco, CAnone
WinOrlando ZuluetaUnanimous DecisionUnknown1957-10-30Chicago, ILnone
WinJohnny GonsalvesUnanimous DecisionUnknown1957-08-20Oakland, CAnone
WinTeddy DavisUnanimous DecisionUnknown1957-08-03Muskegon, MInone
WinHenry BrownKOUnknown1957-05-22Detroit, MInone
WinDanny DavisTKOUnknown1957-04-06Muskegon, MInone
WinFrankie RyffTKOUnknown1957-01-30Norfolk, VAnone
WinFrankie RyffUnanimous DecisionUnknown1956-11-14Miami, FLnone
WinLudwig LightburnUnanimous DecisionUnknown1956-09-19Miami, FLnone
WinRalph CaponeTKOUnknown1956-08-30Muskegon, MInone
WinGlen FlanaganUnanimous DecisionUnknown1956-08-02Minneapolis, MNnone
WinRalph DupasSplit DecisionUnknown1956-07-09New Orleans, LAnone
WinDanny DavisUnanimous DecisionUnknown1956-05-10Minneapolis, MNnone
WinEnrique EsquedaPTSUnknown1956-03-25Mexico City, Mexiconone
WinIke VaughnPTSUnknown1956-02-25Lansing, MInone
WinDon MasonUnanimous DecisionUnknown1955-12-06Milwaukee, WInone
WinKid CentellaUnanimous DecisionUnknown1955-11-07New Orleans, LAnone
LosePaddy DeMarcoSplit DecisionUnknown1955-10-03New York City, NYnone
WinHocine KhalfiUnanimous DecisionUnknown1955-08-16Miami Beach, FLnone
WinNoel HumphreysPTSUnknown1955-08-03Mt. Pleasant, MInone
WinElmer LakatosTKOUnknown1955-07-28Milwaukee, WInone
WinJimmy FordUnanimous DecisionUnknown1955-07-12Miami Beach, FLnone
WinRichie HowardPTSUnknown1955-06-28Nova Scotia, Canadanone
WinLarry BoardmanUnanimous DecisionUnknown1955-06-21Miami Beach, FLnone
WinEli LeggettUnanimous DecisionUnknown1955-06-07Detroit, MInone
WinRichie HowardPTSUnknown1955-05-30Nova Scotia, Canadanone
WinArmand SavoieUnanimous DecisionUnknown1955-03-29Grand Rapids, MInone
LoseRalph DupasSplit DecisionUnknown1955-03-14New Orleans, LAnone
WinJackie BlairUnanimous DecisionUnknown1955-02-14New York City, NYnone
WinDanny Jo PerezSplit DecisionUnknown1954-12-13New York City, NYnone
WinOrlando ZuluetaSplit DecisionUnknown1954-11-08New York City, NYnone
WinGeorge CollinsPTSUnknown1954-10-04New York City, NYnone
WinJohn BarnesPTSUnknown1954-08-12Muskegon, MInone
WinElmer LakatosPTSUnknown1954-06-22Detroit, MInone
WinSammy RodgersPTSUnknown1954-05-27Muskegon, MInone
LoseJohn BarnesPTSUnknown1954-03-22Detroit, MInone
LoseJohn BarnesTKOUnknown1954-02-01Detroit, MInone
WinJesse UnderwoodPTSUnknown1954-01-14Saginaw, MInone
WinMike TourcottePTSUnknown1954-01-02New Orleans, LAnone
WinRonnie StriblingUnanimous DecisionUnknown1953-12-01Grand Rapids, MInone
LoseRonnie StriblingKOUnknown1953-10-20Lansing, MInone
WinKen HohnerPTSUnknown1953-09-29Grand Rapids, MInone
WinRalph CervantesUnanimous DecisionUnknown1953-09-14Saginaw, MInone
WinEddie CrawfordPTSUnknown1953-09-10Detroit, MInone
WinDon GrintonKOUnknown1953-08-20Detroit, MInone
WinDick HollingKOUnknown1953-08-06Detroit, MInone
WinRon McGilveryPTSUnknown1953-07-23Detroit, MInone
WinFrank O'NealKOUnknown1953-07-16Detroit, MInone
WinJohnny ValentinePTSUnknown1953-06-18Detroit, MInone
WinBenny UhlPTSUnknown1953-06-15Chicago, ILnone
WinMilton ScottPTSUnknown1953-05-23Chicago, ILnone
WinJohn WallsPTSUnknown1953-05-11Chicago, ILnone
WinJimmy DeMuraPTSUnknown1953-04-30Detroit, MInone
WinBob HenryKOUnknown1953-04-20Chicago, ILnone
WinJimmy DeMuraPTSUnknown1953-04-16Detroit, MInone
WinClinton McDadePTSUnknown1953-04-09Grand Rapids, MInone

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