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Keepie uppie, or "kick-ups" is the skill of juggling with a soccer ball using feet, lower legs, knees, chest, shoulders, and head, without allowing the ball to hit the ground.[1] It is similar to Kemari, a game formerly practiced in the Japanese imperial court.

Notable performances and records[edit]

Here is an incomplete list of keepie-uppie performances.

Longest keepie-uppie[edit]

Fastest marathon while doing keepie-uppie[edit]

Longest distance walked while doing keepie-uppie[edit]

Longest keepie-uppie while on one's back[edit]

Most touches in 60 seconds[edit]


One of the more famous displays of keepie-uppie was in the 1967 Scotland-England football match, where Scottish midfielder Jim Baxter juggled the ball for some time in front of the English defence, taunting them by keeping possession. This allowed Scotland to keep possession and use up the remaining few minutes, leading to a 3-2 victory for Scotland over the world champions. "That's a defining moment for almost every football fan in Scotland irrespective of where their club allegiance lies," said football historian Bob Crampsey.[6]


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