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Katie Beers (born December 30, 1982) was kidnapped in New York in 1992 at age 9, by a friend of the family, and held in an underground bunker for sixteen days. She was eventually found alive.


She disappeared on December 28, 1992, two days before her tenth birthday. She left a message on her godmother's answering machine saying, "I've been kidnapped by a man with a knife."[1] She had been kidnapped by John Esposito, a close family friend. Esposito falsely claimed that she was kidnapped by a third party while at the Spaceplex indoor amusement park, but security cameras disclosed that Esposito entered Spaceplex by himself. On January 13, 1993, she was found alive in a secret bunker beneath Esposito's Bay Shore, New York home.[2][3][4]

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