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Kate Stoltzfus (born 1 January 1991 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania[1]) is an American ex-Amish model. She lived in Florida before moving and was arrested for a DUI. She then went to New York City to chase her modeling dreams. She recently posed for Maxim magazine. She is best known for starring in Breaking Amish. She starred in Breaking Amish and Breaking Amish: Brave New World in which she suffered controversy. She was fround upon from the Amish and Mennonite community because of her starring on the show and becoming a model. Here are some quotes of hers from the Breaking Amish ark “The one [thing about Amish life] that I’m always going to miss is the closeness that I’ve had with my family. I still talk to them, but I’m an outsider.”

“I know I’ve abandoned the Amish lifestyle, but I still keep a lot of those beliefs … I know I’ve stepped outside the boundaries a lot of times, but I still try to remember what’s important to me.”

“They [her parents] still highly encourage me to come home … but, it’s every time I go home I can tell they’re disappointed in me, and that for me is kind of hard.” She has been shunned off her parents and now lives in New York in which she is following her aspirations and is finding herself. [2] and for posing for the Maxim magazine.[3]