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Formation2003 (2003)
TypeNon-governmental organization
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Formation2003 (2003)
TypeNon-governmental organization

Kartavya (कर्तव्य) is a national Non-governmental organization run by students and alumni of ISM Dhanbad and other associated colleges in every aspect. It is an NGO with the aim of educating "poverty stricken" and "slum dwelling" students to lead a decent life with a motive of "eradicating the illiteracy" from society.

Since its inception, Kartavya has increased to 11 centres across India. Kartavya is providing employment to 50+ people through recruitment. Vocational training currently provides training to about 150 people, and in women empowerment, currently 65 women are being taught.


Kartavya was founded by 2003 batch students of ISM Dhanbad led by Amresh Mishra, who is an Indian Police Service (IPS) officer. Initially, its classes were held in a temple in Lahbani Basti, Dhaiya. Later, it got its own building. This was christened as "Centre 1 Dhanbad".

In 2007, Library of Centre 1 was initiated which aims to assist children in their home works and studies, as their household condition is incompatible with the environment for the study. In 2008, Centre 2 at Dhanbad was started to extend this mission to other Bastis (Slums). Now Kartavya has spread its root to seven places. These are NIT Patna (Bihar), NIT Durgapur (West Bengal), NIFFT Ranchi (Jharkhand), OIT Burla (Orissa), BIT Sindri (Jharkhand), Jalpaiguri (West Bengal) and Mahagama, Godda district,Jharkhand.

Each centre has an aim to eradicate the illiteracy and other socio-economics problems from the society. Though initially it was with the target of Children education, now it has extended its limbs to remove other problems. These various parts include vocational training, woman's empowerment (with a direction to remove social and economical inequalities) and health. On 27 October 2008, it became a national NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) with registration number S/63750/2008 (under the Societies Registration act of XXI, 1860) by the name Kartavya. Even after this transformation, there was no change to its internal activities.


Kartavya is to do metamorphosis to a village or slum. However, there are some parameters to decide that whether the village/slum needs an "adoption" by Kartavya. It is done by the survey having a "deterministic questionnaire" related to educational, health and other factors which are decisive in this case. If the parameters show that the village needs an adoption, a one year plan is framed for the gradual development for the village/slum. Next step after wards is to make a team to establish the centre, develop infrastructure and get funds for the entire expense of the centre.

After the centre for basic informal education, next step is establishing the library. The aim of establishment of library is to provide the platform for self study and self learning which is crucial for the development of the children. To provide quality education to the children and ensure holistic development, they are admitted in the nearby good schools.

After this basic setup of Kartavya, other dimensions are also explored there, including health care, skill development, vocational training, woman's empowerment and awareness.

Sources of funds[edit]

Kartavya receives its funds from the following sources:


Center and library[edit]

Center and Library are mainly concerned with the children education. These are the soul of Kartavya. These are for what Kartavya originally meant.In center, classes of students are held after their schools in the evening. These classes are taken by the concerned College students as per the schedule. In case of events like mid-semester and semester exams and vacations, College graduates, undergraduates and enthusiasts (other than concerned one) are recruited for the purpose of teaching and to ensure the continuity and regularity in the study of the children. Library on the other end facilitates self study and homework of the children. It is to provide the environment and infrastructure for the same. It has its own staff besides Kartvaya Volunteer.
Centre and Library are handled by the Centre and Library team respectively. Each team has its own in charge. Beside these, there is a school team, which takes care of the affairs of the children and schools. It works in concordance with other teams. The Skill Development Cell (SDC) team manages the development of individual interests and talents among students. These interests have a varied range, with activities such as dancing, painting and gardening.


People are surrounded by unhygienic environment and hence many dreadly diseases. To overcome this problem, Health team is an antidote. People are made aware about the health habits and clean environments. Also, regular medical camp is organized to identify any pandemics.

Vocational Training and Women Empowerment[edit]

Kartavya is determined to eradicate social and economic gaps from the society. This can be achieved by exalting poorer section's economic condition and enhancing their standard of living. Vocational training is a panacea for this. It equips destitute people (especially ladies) with some perfection in some practical day to day work which makes them economically independent, self-sustained and self-reliant. Women empowerment is a recipe to balance the equation of the social inequalities. It is done by making them aware about their rights and responsibilities towards society. This is inculcated through women education. It makes them to discover themselves in the society.


"Saheli" is the project of Rotary Club, Dhanbad extended to Kartavya Dhanbad Chapter. This project is to train women of underprivileged section in the areas like sewing, hand knitting, painting etc. to enhance their socio-economical status. Rotary club has given financial aids for this project. Computers and sewing machines have been donated to Kartavya Saheli Center by Rotary club. In short span it has covered about 30 women under its roof and is proving beneficial to them.


I. Kartavya has been listed among world’s top 20 successful voluntary organizations being run by student groups.

II. Two of our Kartavya student (Sunita and Chandan) cleared Navodaya entrance examination in 2012.

IV. Kartavya Karate Team participated in 18th Chhotanagpur Karate Championship held in Doon Public School, Dhanbad on 21–22 January 2012.

V. 12 Kartavya Student participated in the 19th National THANG-THA Championship held in Jammu & Kashmir in this September 2012. Abhya Kumari won gold medal and Sarita Kumari won silver medal in this event.

VI. Prathmik Vidyalaya in NCC Colony near ISM again got life with involvement of kartavya in 2012.

VII. We are successful in treating various people in bastis suffering from Eye Cataract problem and presently we are taking care of Mahavir a student who is suffering from last stage of TB.

VIII.Kartavya Karate Team participated in Dhanbad District Karate Championship on the occasion of “The K Day” held in Doon Public School on 7 October 2012.

X. Sarita Kumari got the prize from Dhanbad Olympics Association for her excellent performance in Karate in 2012.

XI.5 Students participated in Kolkata National Karate Championship 2012 in November.


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