Karla Nelsen

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Karla Nelsen (born December 9, 1965) is a former amateur female bodybuilder from the United States.

Nelsen grew up in Pine City, Minnesota. That is where she became involved in the fledgling sport of women's bodybuilding. She won the AAU Ms. America title in 1993 and the NABBA Ms. USA title in 1994.

At a height of 5'10" and an off-season peak weight of 225lbs, Karla was featured in videos where she wrestled much smaller men. She also wrestled women (competitive, submission and semi-competitive style) for companies as Mass muscle video, being undefeated until her confrontation against Nicole Bass, renowned to be "the world's largest fbb" (6'2" and 240 lbs), who was the only one to dominate her in a competitive match.

Karla is married to Al Blake. Al Blake is a retired American professional wrestler known as Vladimir Petrov.

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