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Karen Voight (born 1955) is an American fitness expert and Los Angeles Times health columnist.[1] She has produced approximately 25 fitness videos and DVDs which cover a variety of exercises from strength and cardiovascular training to yoga and pilates instruction.

Karen Voight is the author of the book Precision Training for Body & Mind (New York: Hyperion, 1996).[2] She has trained Hollywood celebrities such as Tina Turner and Bette Midler, costarred in the fitness video "Your Personal Best with Elle Macpherson" (1994), and consulted with Paula Abdul on her dance workout videos. She was awarded the titles IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year in 1992 and IDEA Businessperson of the Year in 1994.[3]

On January 31st 2013 a CBS2 news report looking at the use of disabled parking placards in Los Angeles, featured Karen Voight using a disabled parking badge, thereby avoiding meter parking charges outside the fitness centre where she was teaching a class.[4] The crew filmed Karen participating in the exercise class, and subsequently walking down the street without any problem. When the CBS reporter David Goldstein confronted the international fitness expert, she said "my knee is unable to do a lot of things".


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