Jumong (TV series)

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(The Book of the Three Han)
Jumong poster.jpg
GenreHistorical drama
FormatTelevision series
StarringSong Il Gook
Han Hye Jin
Kim Seung Soo
Song Ji-hyo
Country of originSouth Korea
Original language(s)Korean
No. of episodes81
Original channelMBC
Original run15 May 2006 (2006-05-15) – 6 March 2007 (2007-03-06)
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(The Book of the Three Han)
Jumong poster.jpg
GenreHistorical drama
FormatTelevision series
StarringSong Il Gook
Han Hye Jin
Kim Seung Soo
Song Ji-hyo
Country of originSouth Korea
Original language(s)Korean
No. of episodes81
Original channelMBC
Original run15 May 2006 (2006-05-15) – 6 March 2007 (2007-03-06)

Jumong (Korean: 주몽, Hanja: 朱蒙) is a historical-drama series which aired on South Korea's MBC television network as a 45th-anniversary special. Originally scheduled for 60 episodes, MBC extended it to 81 because of its popularity.

The series examines the life of Jumong Taewang, founder of the kingdom of Goguryeo. Few details have been found in the historical record about Jumong, so much of the series is fictionalized. The fantastic elements surrounding the original Jumong legend (such as those concerning his birth) have been replaced with events more grounded in reality. Jumong is considered part of the Korean Wave (Hallyu), with viewership in Iran exceeding 80 percent.[1]



Jumong film set at MBC Dramia

Gojoseon has fallen to the Han Dynasty, with city-states all that remain; the Han are portrayed as cruel. Hae Mosu, a member of the imperial Gojoseon family of Jin-Jo-Seon, joins Kumwa of Tong Puyo (tong = east), crown prince of Puyo, to counter Han savagery. He creates the Tamul Army, a band of soldiers who defend Gojoseon refugees. Hae Mosu is injured in a skirmish with Han soldiers and floats down a river, half-alive. Yuhwa, princess of the Haebaek tribe, finds him and nurses him back to health. The Han are looking for Hae Mosu, and discover that the princess is sheltering him; they execute the entire tribe. Hae Mosu escapes, and meets a caravan from the tribe of Keru. Head merchant (and tribal leader) Yuntabal offers Hae Mosu work with the caravan, not knowing who he is; however, news of the Haebaek tribe's annihilation interrupts them. Noticing the shocked look on his guest's face, Yuntabal suspects Hae Mosu's identity. The next day, the caravan stops when Yuntabal's wife goes into labor. Sosuhno is born as Hae Mosu defends the caravan against a band of thieves. Yuntabal's caravan has trade rights with the Han Dynasty, and he knows about Hae Mosu's escape and the reward for him. Yuntabal does not betray Hae Mosu, however, since he saved his caravan and his daughter from harm.

Hae Mosu returns to Kumwa, and the skirmishes resume. Yuhwa has fallen for Hae Mosu; he proposes to her, and they live together. As the Tamul Army rescue the refugees, the Han disguise their soldiers as refugees. Ambushed by the fake refugees and "iron cavalry", the Tamul Army fighting with Hae Mosu are killed. Hae Mosu is captured, tortured and blinded by the Han.

Kumwa frees Hae Mosu, who (although blind) can still ride; however, they are separated during their escape from Han forces. Kumwa sees Mosu, pierced by arrows, fall into a river; he is present when Yuhwa gives birth to Hae Mosu's child, Jumong. Kumwa's wife is jealous because he was absent from his two sons' births. Yuhwa goes to the crown prince of Puyo; Jumong becomes a prince, and she becomes a royal concubine.

Twenty years later, overshadowed by Kumwa's sons Taeso and Youngpo, Jumong is a weak, cowardly, promiscuous prince. Exasperated, Yuhwa arranges for his training in swordsmanship and the martial arts. Jumong begins his training in a prison, where his instructor is chief jailor. He entraps himself with an apprentice priestess, missing his royal duties, and he is expelled from the palace. Jumong accidentally sets fire to the Puyo blacksmith's workshop, betraying its existence to the Han. He is stripped of his title, and his two adoptive brothers send assassins after him.

Jumong encounters three robbers, Oi, Mari and Hyeoppo, who take him in when they learn his identity. He also meets 21-year-old Sosuhno, Yuntabal's daughter, and establishes a relationship with the Keru clan. He meets a blind old man, who tells him he used to belong to the Tamul Army; unbeknownst to him it is his father, Hae Mosu. After escaping the prison together when Taeso and Youngpo try to kill them, Hae Mosu trains Jumong in fighting and archery.

Hae Mo-su is assassinated by Taeso and Youngpo, and Jumong swears to avenge his father. Realizing that Jumong is Hae Mosu's successor, Kumwa lets him return to the palace. During a battle between Chinbun and Lintun, Jumong is missing and presumed dead. He is found by the Hanbaek chief, whose daughter Ye So-ya helps Jumong recover before the chief is killed. Jumong is sent to Xuantu to curry favor with the Han. On his way, he is rescued by Mari, Oi, Hyeoppo, Musong and Mo Palmo. In Puyo Taeso seizes power, marries the Xuantu governor's daughter and becomes a tyrant. He tries to force Sosuhno to become his concubine, but she marries Woo-Tae (not knowing Jumong is alive). Jumong returns to Puyo and marries Ye So-ya.

Taeso and Youngpo are vying to be named Crown Prince. Youngoi tries to murder his brother; Jumong saves DaeSo, earning his trust. With the help of his three lieutenants (Mari, Oi, and Hyeoppo) he establishes a mountain settlement. The new Tamul Army (led by Jumong) and Keru (led by Sosuhno) unite the nearby settlements into the kingdom of Goguryeo, under Jumong and Sosuhno. Jumong rules Goguryeo for 15 years; Yuri (Jumong's son) and Ye So-ya return to Goguryeo, and Yuri becomes crown prince.

Episode list[edit]

Lady Yuhwa and her friend rescue General Hae Mosu.
Lady Yuhwa and her friend rescue General Hae Mosu.
Kumwa threatens to punish Jumong for harassing the shrine maid, Buyoung.
Jumong tells Lady Yuhwa that he broke the Bow of Tamul.
Jumong finds out that Hae Mosu is still alive. He doesn’t know who it is.
Jumong gets kicked out of the palace by Emperor Kumwa. His last incident was blowing up the iron chamber.
Sosuhno is captured by Dochi's men (who Jumong was hired by with the help of Buyoung).
Sosuhno is rescued and Jumong flee to Musong’s prison. Rumors spread and the emperor wants to visit the prison.
Jumong and Hae Mosu leave the prison after the raid and Jumong tells Hae Mosu that he is the emperor’s son.
Emperor Kumwa finds out that Hae Mosu is alive again.
At the end, Lady Yuhwa finally sees Hae Mosu again for one last time.
Taeso kills Hae Mosu. Jumong and Musong start drinking and gambling their lives away.
Jumong comes back to the palace. Han stops trade with Puyo, and Taeso goes to try to reestablish trade. The court minister starts to investigate the Dochi-iron chamber-trade issue. Jumong wants to live outside of the palace to train, and he asks Yuntabal for a job.
Xuantu declines Taeso's original trade plan. Jumong gets hired by Yuntabal. Jumong and Mari, Hyoppo, and Oi are back together like usual. Musong joins them (he gets a job in the palace). Taeso returns from Xuantu after making a “Hae Mosu Head" secret deal with Yangjung. They reestablish trade.
Yeo Mieul starts to find out who broke the Tamul Bow. Jumong and his followers decide to unlock parching techniques and get back in the competition for crown prince. Taeso, Youngpo, and won try to hide evidence of the illegal iron chamber trade with Oakjuh by killing Mo Palmo. There is evidence that there might be a mountain filled with salt in Gosan.
The journey to Gosan begins. In Haengin, the trade troop tries to kidnap Sosuhno but Jumong wakes up and defends her.
Jumong goes to the former Haengin army's hideout and spies on them. Han asks Puyo for reinforcements in a war but Puyo rejects. Jumong, the followers, and Sosuhno get captured at the hideout.
Baemung agrees to escort the troop to Gosan with Sosuhno. Kumwa decides to make an iron chamber for Yuntabal in the Keru region. The sorceress of Gosan gives the salt mountain to Jumong because he is the descendant of the Haebek tribe.
Kumwa sends Jumong on a diplomatic mission to Han to tell them to get out Puyo's matters. Dochi told Youngpo that Jumong was dead, so he got mad at Dochi. Dochi tricks Oi into thinking that he sold Buyoung. Oi says he'll do anything to get her back. Oi tells Youngpo that Jumong is developing parching techniques with Mo Palmo. Him telling Youngpo this gains back Youngpo's trust in Dochi.
Taeso and Youngpo start spying on Jumong's progress in the iron chamber. Taeso asks Sosuhno to marry him but she doesn't give an answer yet.
Buyoung is now fully free of Dochi. Kumwa holds a military arts match between the princes. Sosuhno declines Taeso's proposal. Taeso tells Kumwa that Jumong broke the Tamul Bow. Youngpo kidnaps Buyoung for Dochi.
Assassins sent by Youngpo break into the Shrine in a failed attempt to kill Yeo Mieul (to get a new Sorceress in the Shrine). Yeo Mieul decides to leave the shrine and serve Jumong through Yuntabal. Mauryang, who favors the queen and Taeso, becomes the new sorceress. Yeo Mieul tells Jumong that Hae Mosu is his father.
The price to get Buyoung back is giving up the Crown Prince competition and Jumong gives in. Yuhwa confirms that Hae Mosu is Jumong's father. Buyoung and her siblings leave Puyo because Buyoung is ashamed to Jumong and all his followers for having her heart set on Jumong and ruining the competition. Jumong decides to leave Puyo and gives Sosuhno the ring that Hae Mosu gave Yuhwa.
Because Mari, Hyoppo and Oi also feel ashamed, and they are so loyal to Jumong, they decide to go with him out of Puyo. Youngpo bribes the Tax Officer and the Foreign Minister for himself to become Crown Prince. They go and find one of Hyoppo's father's friends, who was in the Tamul Army with Hyoppo's father. He tells them about his experiences with Commander Hae Mosu. The sorceresses hear the cry of the three-legged bird- a sign that disaster will strike Puyo. Some old migrants take Jumong and the men to their camp to kill them because they think they are working for Han. They find out they were descendants of the Tamul Army, and so they untie their gags and tell them about their life at the prison workhouse. They give them their horses as a token. Shortly after they leave, they see the Han Iron Army kidnapping the migrants.
Jumong, Mari, Hyoppo, and Oi actually defeat the Iron Army soldiers and bring the migrant tribe to safety in Puyo. Yangjung decides to give the sponge steel parching techniques to Taeso in exchange for marrying his daughter. Byuriha tells Yuhwa that if Jumong doesn't leave Puyo for good, he'll die. Jumong admits to the men that he was confused during the Crown Prince competition, and that's partially why he quit. But he says that he's not confused anymore. Sosuhno and Jumong see each other while Yuntabal's troop is on a trip to Xuantu. Taeso brings some old Chosun migrant blacksmiths to Mo Palmo to help crack the sponge steel technique. Jumong and the men decide to finish Hae Mosu's dream: reunite the nations.
The sponge steel technique is finally discovered. Kumwa orders a banquet for every involved. Even Mo Palmo, given a gift for his "hard work which set the ground [for the discovery], and his honor for Puyo." Youngpo, angered, tries to get more recognized in the competition for doing something great again. He steals all documents from Yuntabal's troop, claiming to be gathering information on other countries. Taeso is deeply angered at Youngpo because he cares about Sosuhno and therefore the troop (except Jumong). Jumong returns to the palace. Sayong and Sosuhno realize that Taeso was in Xuantu to make a deal with Yangjung about the parching techniques. They order the troop to find out what Taeso gave to Yangjung. As Taeso and Youngpo are in charge of Foreign Affairs and the military respectively, Kumwa assigns Jumong the duty of commanding the bodyguards. Kumwa tells Jumong privately that he trusts him and he should also spy on everything in the palace, and what people think and are saying in public (see what the people think). Kumwa has realized that Taeso and Youngpo are harassing Jumong. Jumong makes Oi, Mari, and Hyoppo his palace assistants. Jumong and the men reunite with Musong and Mo Palmo. Sosuhno goes with Musong and Mo Palmo to Cholbon (a league below Puyo) to discuss even stronger parching techniques with them. The officers tell Kumwa that the Crown Prince competition should end. Kumwa says ok, but to just wait a bit longer.
Youngpo tells Jumong that they should blame everything on Taeso and be friends (this is actually part of Youngpo's plan to try to make Jumong and Taeso fight so he can win). Jumong asks Oi, Mari, and Hyoppo to find out the secret ingredient that Xuantu blacksmiths use in their iron (which they still haven't showed to Puyo). Kumwa and Jumong go on a secret mission just outside the palace to see what people have been saying recently. They find a shaman who is cleansing people of guilt for "Puyo's coming danger". Hyoppo, Mari and Oi find a box of secret ingredients in the Iron Chamber. Yangjung sends spies to the Puyo palace. Wootae is stabbed when the troop is attacked briefly in the forest. Jumong sends Oi, Mari, and Hyoppo to give the box to Mo Palmo. The ingredients are ones that Mo Palmo has already tried using, except for yellow soil. Yeo Mieul returns to bless Wootae. He wakes up and recovers immediately. When Mo Palmo uses the yellow soil, it works perfectly. The recipe is finally discovered. Kumwa and Jumong decide to save the Chosun migrants.

Mari asks Jumong if they should kill Dochi, and Jumong answers that now is not the right time since he has a relationship with Youngpo. Jumong takes Youngpo’s offer to team up against Taeso because he thinks Youngpo is capable of that. Sosuhno tells Jumong why Taeso has been visiting Xuantu, being that the newest blacksmiths in the Puyo Iron Chamber did not run away from Han as Taeso said: Yangjung sent them, because Taeso and Yangjung made a deal (Taeso marrying Yangjung’s daughter). The “blacksmiths” that Yangjung sent may not be blacksmiths. Yangjung orders the “blacksmiths” to work slower and attain access to the Puyo palace. Sosuhno tells Yuntabal that Jumong is planning a war with Chinbun and Linbun. She wants the troop to supply goods at the battlefield. Jumong tells Oi, Mari, and Hyoppo to keep watch on the new blacksmiths (he also tells them why: the deal). The Queen tells Mauryang to lie to the citizens of Puyo and spread rumors that the Emperor is evil. Jumong tells Emperor Kumwa of the Queen’s plan.

Jumong informs Youngpo that in order to outshine Taeso’s achievements, they should be the ones to absorb Chinbun and Linbun into Puyo. Jumong starts training the men to defeat the Iron Army. Taeso makes bunch of offers to Sosuhno to marry him again, but Sosuhno knows that he’s engaged to Sulran. Oi discovers that the new blacksmiths really are spies, and tells the other men. Jumong and Kumwa tell the court that Puyo will be going to war with Chinbun and Linbun. Yeo Mieul tells Byuriha that the three-legged bird is no longer an evil omen (Jumong can stay in Puyo). Maga says Sachuldo (part of Puyo) will not send any soldiers for the war.


Jumong received the highest viewership ratings of all the Korean dramas that aired in 2006.[2]

2006-05-15116.3% (3rd)17.5% (3rd)
2006-05-16218.4% (3rd)19.2% (3rd)
2006-05-22321.8% (1st)23.6% (1st)
2006-05-23425.3% (2nd)26.6% (2nd)
2006-05-29528.0% (1st)29.9% (1st)
2006-05-30628.7% (1st)29.6% (1st)
2006-06-05727.9% (1st)29.2% (1st)
2006-06-06832.3% (1st)33.7% (1st)
2006-06-20929.4% (1st)30.7% (1st)
2006-06-261033.2% (1st)35.3% (1st)
2006-06-271132.9% (1st)34.8% (1st)
2006-07-031236.4% (1st)38.1% (1st)
2006-07-041337.6% (1st)38.8% (1st)
2006-07-101435.8% (1st)37.5% (1st)
2006-07-111537.2% (1st)38.8% (1st)
2006-07-171640.1% (1st)42.8% (1st)
2006-07-181738.7% (1st)39.9% (1st)
2006-07-241839.6% (1st)41.1% (1st)
2006-07-251939.9% (1st)40.5% (1st)
2006-07-312035.1% (1st)36.1% (1st)
2006-08-012136.8% (1st)38.2% (1st)
2006-08-072237.3% (1st)37.9% (1st)
2006-08-082337.4% (1st)38.9% (1st)
2006-08-142435.5% (1st)35.8% (1st)
2006-08-152539.3% (1st)40.7% (1st)
2006-08-212638.1% (1st)39.6% (1st)
2006-08-222739.5% (1st)40.0% (1st)
2006-08-282840.3% (1st)41.7% (1st)
2006-08-292940.3% (1st)40.9% (1st)
2006-09-043039.7% (1st)40.6% (1st)
2006-09-053140.3% (1st)41.4% (1st)
2006-09-113239.3% (1st)40.6% (1st)
2006-09-123338.5% (1st)39.2% (1st)
2006-09-183439.5% (1st)40.3% (1st)
2006-09-193543.0% (1st)43.9% (1st)
2006-09-253642.8% (1st)43.9% (1st)
2006-09-263743.6% (1st)44.4% (1st)
2006-10-023842.6% (1st)43.2% (1st)
2006-10-033944.9% (1st)44.8% (1st)
2006-10-094044.2% (1st)45.0% (1st)
2006-10-104143.6% (1st)43.8% (1st)
2006-10-164243.1% (1st)43.6% (1st)
2006-10-174342.4% (1st)42.2% (1st)
2006-10-234444.5% (1st)45.4% (1st)
2006-10-244545.0% (1st)45.2% (1st)
2006-10-304644.6% (1st)45.1% (1st)
2006-10-314743.8% (1st)43.7% (1st)
2006-11-064846.6% (1st)47.9% (1st)
2006-11-074947.2% (1st)48.3% (1st)
2006-11-135043.6% (1st)43.5% (1st)
2006-11-145148.1% (1st)49.2% (1st)
2006-11-205244.8% (1st)45.4% (1st)
2006-11-215344.0% (1st)44.5% (1st)
2006-11-275445.1% (1st)45.2% (1st)
2006-11-285544.4% (1st)44.9% (1st)
2006-12-045644.0% (1st)44.4% (1st)
2006-12-055742.9% (1st)43.2% (1st)
2006-12-115846.4% (1st)46.1% (1st)
2006-12-125941.5% (1st)42.6% (1st)
2006-12-186044.4% (1st)45.3% (1st)
2006-12-196146.6% (1st)47.1% (1st)
2007-01-016244.8% (1st)45.8% (1st)
2007-01-026345.2% (1st)45.3% (1st)
2007-01-086445.5% (1st)45.4% (1st)
2007-01-096546.8% (1st)47.1% (1st)
2007-01-156646.8% (1st)47.5% (1st)
2007-01-166747.1% (1st)47.9% (1st)
2007-01-226849.8% (1st)50.5% (1st)
2007-01-236942.0% (1st)43.6% (1st)
2007-01-297047.9% (1st)48.3% (1st)
2007-01-307150.3% (1st)51.0% (1st)
2007-02-057247.1% (1st)48.5% (1st)
2007-02-067346.0% (1st)47.2% (1st)
2007-02-127447.6% (1st)48.1% (1st)
2007-02-137547.1% (1st)47.8% (1st)
2007-02-197641.9% (1st)42.1% (1st)
2007-02-207749.7% (1st)49.9% (1st)
2007-02-267847.2% (1st)47.1% (1st)
2007-02-277950.6% (1st)50.9% (1st)
2007-03-058049.8% (1st)50.0% (1st)
2007-03-068151.9% (1st)52.7% (1st)


Jumong film set

Jumong was filmed on location at MBC Dramia in Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do Province, where other historical dramas (such as Dong Yi, Moon Embracing the Sun and Queen Seondeok) were also filmed.[3]

International broadcasts[edit]

Broadcast rights for Jumong have been sold since March 2007 to countries including Iran, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Japan, Mongolia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Kurdistan and Philippines. It aired in Iran on Channel 3, the AZN TV network in the US,[4] in Thailand on Channel 3 and Singapore on MediaCorp Channel U. The series also aired in Afghanistan and Uzbekistan. In Kazakhstan it was translated into Kazakh (with Russian subtitles), and in Kurdistan it was translated into Kurdish. In Japan the series was dubbed in Japanese and aired on Fuji TV, after Fuji aired an introductory special.[5][6] In the Philippines the drama premiered in 2007 on the GMA Network.[7]Jumong is currently aired in Fiji with the Fiji One Television Programme

Awards and nominations[edit]


Hong Kong controversy[edit]

In Hong Kong, Asia Television bought the broadcast rights; however, controversy surrounding its translation escalated debate about ATV's editorial independence in news and drama. The controversy primarily surrounded the cutting of certain segments,[8] the mistranslation of place names and the mistranslation of a character's occupation. The changing of the word "nation" (in reference to Goguryeo) to "tribe" and the translation of the Han Dynasty as the "heavenly dynasty" has generated controversy about the station's editorial independence. This is related to controversies involving the governments of China and South Korea over the history of Goguryeo.


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