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Judy Battista (born March 10, 1966) is a sports journalist for NFL.com specializing in professional football. Battista was the reporter who asked a question of then-New York Jets Head Coach Herm Edwards when Edwards launched into his monologue about how "you play to win the game".


Battista was raised in South Florida.[1] She is graduate of the University of Miami where she majored in journalism and political science. She was an occasional contributor to The Miami Hurricane, the student newspaper of the university. Battista is married to fellow sport reporter, Anthony McCarron of the New York Daily News.[2][3] She is a major fan of the olympics.[1]


Battista became interested in journalism because she has always enjoyed writing along with keeping up on the news. In her free time she enjoyed reading the paper and watching the news. She began working for the Miami Herald as a local news reporter. After her time here, she went on to work for Newsday for two years. Battista has been with the New York Times since 1998. Here she covers the NFL for the paper. Battista has stated that the Times has changed dramatically since when she began working for them. She explains that it is now a "more constant cycle".[1]


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