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Jonathan Kydd (born in 1956) is a British actor. He is the son of the actor Sam Kydd.

His first film was The Iron Maiden, in which he appeared aged six with his father. His mother, Pinkie, was one of England's first female advertising copywriters. She also played table tennis eleven times for England.

Kydd was the man who had his car buried in the sand in a 1989 AA commercial. He has also appeared in numerous radio and television series including: Pipkins, Chambers, Dial M For Pizza, Flying the Flag, Smith and Jones, The Quest, Jonathan Creek, Trial and Retribution and The Castle. He has acted in many sitcoms. He voiced the cult Ferrero Rocher Ambassador's Reception television advertisement (including the immortal 'eccelente' line), and more featured as the voice of Hagrid, Peeves the ghost, and sundry other wizards in the computer games of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. His short film Ahaar recently[when?] appeared at seventeen international film festivals. He has voiced over 5,000 adverts, promotions, documentaries, corporate presentations, and CD rom games, and has dubbed many films. He has been a voice for L'Oreal adverts for ten years. He sings and writes with comedy band "The Amazing Singing Dentists" and plays in his own band "Jonny Kydd", for whom he has just recorded a song for Chelsea FC called "Chelsea Blue". His album 'Eggshell Heart' was out last year.[when?]

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