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Joey Sturgis (born 1985) is an American record producer and owner of The Foundation Recording Studio in Connersville, Indiana.[1] Joey Sturgis started recording in 2004.[2] Foundation Recording Studio is managed by Rise Records founder Craig Ericson.[2]

Joey has released three solo-project songs: The Ocean, Forever, Young at Heart and Evergold.[3][4][5]

Production discography

YearArtistAlbum TitleTypeLabelCreditsRelease Date
2013Buried In VeronaTBAAlbumUNFD/ArteryProducer[6]TBA
2013Tomorrow RisingTomorrow RisingEPUnsignedMastering??.??.2014
2013Rise Like OceansRebornAlbumUnsignedMastering[7]TBA
2013Can't Never CouldTBAEPN/AMastering[8]TBA
2013Glamour of the KillSavagesAlbumE1 Music[9]Producer[10]23.09.2013
2013I See StarsNew DemonsAlbumSumerian RecordsProducer[11]17.09.2013
2013dangerkidsCollapseAlbumRise RecordsMixing, Mastering17.09.2013
2013Shreddy KruegerThe GrievingAlbumInVogue RecordsMastering03.09.2013
2013Born Of OsirisTomorrow We Die AliveAlbumSumerian RecordsMixing, Mastering[12]20.08.2013
2013BlessthefallHollow BodiesAlbumFearless RecordsProducer[13]20.08.2013
2013Asking AlexandriaFrom Death to DestinyAlbumSumerian RecordsProducer (Mixing & Mastering by David Bendeth)[14]06.08.2013
2013Kingdom of GiantsEvery Wave of SoundAlbumSelf-ReleasedMastering[15]25.06.2013
2013AttilaAbout That LifeAlbumArteryProducer[16]25.06.2013
2013Famous Last WordsTwo-Faced CharadeAlbumInVogue RecordsMixing, mastering[17]30.04.2013
2013Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!Pardon My French[18]AlbumFearless RecordsProducer[19]30.04.2013
2013I See the EndBrotherhoodEPSelf-ReleasedMastering[20]15.03.2013
2012Capture the Crown'Til DeathAlbumSumerian RecordsMastering[21]18.12.2012
2012Crown The EmpireThe FalloutAlbumRise RecordsProducer[22]20.11.2012
2012Bedlamite RisingJudgementEPSelf-ReleasedMastering[23]31.10.2012
2012AnnisokayThe Lucid Dream[er]AlbumSelf-ReleasedMastering[24]01.10.2012
2012Deception of a GhostLife Right NowAlbumBullet ToothMastering[25]25.09.2012
2012From AtlantisPedestalsAlbumInVogue RecordsMastering[26]14.08.2012
2012Everyone Dies in UtahPolaritiesAlbumTragic Hero RecordsMastering[27]31.07.2012
2012A Hero A FakeThe Future AgainAlbumVictory RecordsMastering[28]17.07.2012
2012The Word AliveLife CyclesAlbumFearless RecordsProducer, engineer, mixing, mastering03.07.2012
2012Tides Will TurnProceedingsEPSelf-ReleasedMastering[29]26.06.2012
2012Never Lose SightPride FighterAlbumSelf-ReleasedMastering[30]11.06.2012
2012Through ArteriesThis Is Just the Beginning...EPSelf-ReleasedProducer[31]08.05.2012
2012EmmureSlave to the GameAlbumVictory RecordsProducer, engineer, mixing, mastering10.04.2012
2012Before Their EyesRedemptionAlbumInVogue RecordsMastering[32]27.03.2012
2012I See StarsDigital RenegadeAlbumSumerian RecordsProducer, engineer, mixing, mastering13.03.2012
2011Silent ScreamsWhen It RainsAlbumGhost MusicProducer[33]24.10.2011
2011The Devil Wears PradaDead ThroneAlbumFerret MusicSynthesizer producer, keyboards, produced by Adam Dutkiewicz[34]13.09.2011
2011We Came as RomansUnderstanding What We've Grown to BeAlbumEqual Vision RecordsProducer, engineer, mastering, mixing, programming, keyboards[35]13.09.2011
2011AttilaOutlawedAlbumArtery RecordingsProducer, engineer, mastering, mixing[36]16.08.2011
20112side1BRAINBlood Eyes RedAlbumBorn to Love RecordsEngineer, mixing, mastering15.08.2012
2011The March AheadThe March AheadEPSelf-ReleasedProducer11.08.2011
2011Miss May IMonument Deluxe EditionAlbumRise RecordsMixing, mastering21.06.2011
2011Of Mice & MenThe FloodAlbumRise RecordsProducer, engineer, mixing, mastering14.06.2011
2011The Air I BreatheGreat Faith in FoolsAlbumVelocity/Rise RecordsMixing, mastering[37]07.06.2011
2011Asking AlexandriaReckless & RelentlessAlbumSumerian RecordsProducer, engineer, mastering, mixing01.04.2011
2011Ten After TwoTruth Is...AlbumRise RecordsMastering,[38] produced by Cameron Mizell29.03.2011
2011The Color MoraleMy Devil in Your EyesAlbumRise RecordsProducer, engineer, mastering, mixing, vocals08.03.2011
2011I See StarsThe End of the World PartyAlbumSumerian RecordsMastering, produced by Cameron Mizell22.02.2011
2011EmmureSpeaker of the DeadAlbumVictory RecordsProducer, engineer, mastering, mixing15.02.2011
2010Woe, Is MeNumber[s]AlbumVelocity/Rise RecordsMastering, produced by Cameron Mizell31.08.2010
2010The Devil Wears PradaZombieEPFerret MusicProducer, mastering, mixing, engineer24.08.2010
2010Miss May IMonumentAlbumRise RecordsProducer, engineer, mixing, mastering17.08.2010
2010A Plea for PurgingThe Marriage of Heaven and HellAlbumFacedown RecordsProducer, mixed and mastered by Brian Hood07.07.2010
2010Attack Attack!Attack Attack!AlbumRise RecordsProducer, engineer, mastering, mixing08.06.2010
2010ConfideRecoverAlbumTragic Hero RecordsProducer, engineer, mastering, mixing18.05.2010
2010I Am AbominationTo Our ForefathersAlbumGood Fight MusicEngineer, producer, mixing, mastering11.05.2010
2010Us, from OutsideInspired by the Threat of FailureAlbumTragic Hero RecordsProducer, mixing, engineer, mastering27.04.2010
2010Before Their EyesUntouchableAlbumRise RecordsEngineer, instrumentation, mastering, composer, mixing, producer09.03.2010
2010Of Mice & MenOf Mice & MenAlbumRise RecordsProducer, mixing, mastering23.02.2010
2009We Came as RomansTo Plant a SeedAlbumEqual Vision RecordsEngineer, programming, keyboards, producer, mixing, mastering03.11.2009
2009Asking AlexandriaStand Up and ScreamAlbumSumerian RecordsMastering, producer, mixing, engineer15.09.2009
2009The Color MoraleWe All Have DemonsAlbumRise RecordsMixing, engineer, mastering, producer01.09.2009
2009Settle the SkyNow That We're WaitingEPStandBy RecordsEngineer, mastering, mixing31.08.2009
2009Let's Get ItDigital SpacesEPFearless RecordsProducer, engineer, mixing, audio production, mastering04.08.2009
2009For the Fallen DreamsRelentlessAlbumRise RecordsProducer, mixing, mastering, engineer21.07.2009
2009RosalineA Constant NorthAlbumEulogy RecordingsProducer21.07.2009
2009The Crimson ArmadaGuardiansAlbumMetal Blade RecordsMixing, guest appearance, vocals, engineer, programming, producer07.07.2009
2009Miss May IApologies Are for the WeakAlbumRise RecordsComposer, mixing, audio production, mastering, producer, engineer23.06.2009
2009The Devil Wears PradaWith Roots Above and Branches BelowAlbumFerret MusicMastering, mixing, audio engineer, audio production, producer, engineer04.05.2009
2009OceanoDepthsAlbumEarache RecordsProducer, keyboards, programming, mastering, mixing, engineer07.04.2009
2009A Plea for PurgingDepravityAlbumFacedown RecordsEngineer, programming, mastering, mixing, guest appearance, vocals, producer03.03.2009
2009I Am AbominationJaw DropperEPSelf-ReleasedProducer16.01.2009
2009Woe of TyrantsKingdom of MightAlbumMetal Blade RecordsAudio production, composer, audio engineer06.01.2009
2008We Came as RomansDreamsEPSelf-ReleasedProducer12.12.2008
2008Attack Attack!Someday Came SuddenlyAlbumRise RecordsProducer, orchestra production, engineer, mastering, guitar, mixing11.11.2008
2008Run into the ShadowsDon't Even Say a WordEPSelf-ReleasedProducer04.11.2008
2008Before Their EyesThe Dawn of My DeathAlbumRise RecordsProducer, audio production, mastering, mixing28.10.2008
2008The CallahanFace the DayEPSelf-ReleasedProducer18.08.2008
2008Take It Back!Can't Fight RobotsAlbumFacedown RecordsProducer, mastering, engineer, mixing24.06.2008
2008Sea of TreacheryAt Daggers DrawnAlbumSumerian RecordsMixing, mastering, engineer, keyboards, producer25.04.2008
2008Kingston FallsArmada on MercuryAlbumFacedown RecordsAudio production, mixing, audio engineer, mastering, producer, composer18.03.2008
2008Burden of a DayBlessed Be Our Ever AfterAlbumRise RecordsMixing, mastering, engineer, producer04.03.2008
2008EliThe Second ComingEPSelf-ReleasedProducer04.03.2008
2008Mychildren MybrideUnbreakableAlbumSolid State RecordsProducer, piano programming, orchestra production, mixed by Adam Dutkiewicz26.02.2008
2008For the Fallen DreamsChangesAlbumRise RecordsProducer, mastering, mixing, engineer04.01.2008
2007Every Bridge BurnedAun AprendoAlbumRise RecordsProducer, mastering, mixing09.11.2007
2007The Devil Wears PradaPlaguesAlbumRise RecordsProducer, engineer, mastering, mixing, audio engineer, audio production21.08.2007
2007At the Throne of JudgmentThe Arcanum OrderAlbumRise RecordsMastering, engineer, mixing, producer24.07.2007
2007Death VirginiaDear BrothersAlbumSelf-ReleasedMixing, mastering24.07.2007
2007Never AgainAgainst the RestAlbum1981 RecordsMastering, mixing, engineer29.05.2007
2007Before Their EyesBefore Their EyesAlbumRise RecordsAudio production, audio engineer15.05.2007
2007From the ShallowsBeyond the UnknownEPTribunal RecordsAudio production08.05.2007
2007EmarosaThis Is Your Way OutEPRise RecordsMixing, mastering, lyricist, producer, composer, engineer01.05.2007
2007Kiss the GunnerWhy Are We So Dead?AlbumHarvest Earth RecordsAudio production27.02.2007
2006The Devil Wears PradaDear Love: A Beautiful DiscordAlbumRise RecordsEngineer, mixing, producer22.08.2006
2005The Devil Wears PradaPatterns of a HorizonAlbumSelf-ReleasedEngineer, mixing, producer??.??.2005


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