Joey Buttafuoco

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Joey Buttafuoco
BornJoseph A. Buttafuoco
(1956-03-11) March 11, 1956 (age 56)
Massapequa, New York, U.S.
OccupationAuto body shop owner
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Joey Buttafuoco
BornJoseph A. Buttafuoco
(1956-03-11) March 11, 1956 (age 56)
Massapequa, New York, U.S.
OccupationAuto body shop owner

Joseph A. "Joey" Buttafuoco (born March 11, 1956) is an auto body shop owner from the USA, notable for his affair with Amy Fisher, who subsequently shot Joey's wife, Mary Jo Buttafuoco, in the face.



Buttafuoco had an affair with Amy Fisher, who subsequently shot Joey's wife, Mary Jo Buttafuoco, in the face, on May 19, 1992. Although deafened in one ear and her face partially paralyzed, Mary Jo survived the shooting and was able to give a description of her assailant and the t-shirt Fisher showed her. The t-shirt, with the "Complete Auto Body & Fender" logo of Buttafuoco's auto body shop in Baldwin, Nassau County, was a gift from Buttafuoco to Fisher. Buttafuoco realized the implications of the description and accused Fisher as the shooter.


Buttafuoco pleaded guilty to one count of statutory rape and served four months in jail.[1] He and his wife later moved to California, where Mary Jo Buttafuoco filed divorce papers in Ventura County Superior Court on February 3, 2003.[2]

Fourteen years later, Mary Jo underwent a facial reanimation procedure with facial plastic surgeon Dr. Babak Azizzadeh, involving static facial suspension, face lift, and eye lift procedures. These surgeries restored balance and gave her back her ability to smile. Next was surgery to widen the ear canal which improved her hearing and prevented future infections. She also underwent physical therapy to strengthen her facial muscles. [3]

Unrelated charges

Buttafuoco has been charged with crimes on numerous occasions since the Amy Fisher incident.

Media appearances

The significant coverage of the Amy Fisher incident made Buttafuoco a minor celebrity. In the late 1990s when he was on trial, Buttafuoco was invited to a bar by Pantera musicians Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul. Shortly after the case surfaced, Andrew Dice Clay invited Buttafuoco to appear in one of his stand-up routines. Buttafuoco, a Dice Clay fan, first agreed, but later declined after accepting legal advice. In 2002, he participated in the Fox Network's Celebrity Boxing, originally slated to oppose John Wayne Bobbitt, who dropped out due to being arrested for domestic abuse. Bobbitt was replaced by female pro wrestler Joanie "Chyna" Laurer.[7] Buttafuoco, despite being booed, won the fight in a majority decision (29–28, 29–27, 28–28).[8] In 2006, he and Amy Fisher were reunited at the Lingerie Bowl for the coin toss.[9] In a story reported in the New York Post, reality show producer David Krieff suggested that Buttafuoco and Fisher were currently "dating" again, although this was not supported by any direct statements from either Buttafuoco or Fisher.[10] On May 23, 2007 Mary Jo Buttafuocco appeared on CNN's Larry King Live program to discuss the recent reunion of her ex-husband and the former "Long Island Lolita."[11] Joey Buttafuoco and Mary Jo Buttafuoco have been regular guests of The Howard Stern Show since 1992. However, despite many news articles reporting his rumored romance with Fisher, Buttafuoco's second wife, Evanka, withdrew her divorce petition on June 22, 2007, and apparently has reconciled with him.[12]

In 2012, Joey Buttafuoco appeared on Fox News, on a show entitled "Justice with Judge Jeanine" at 8PM Central Standard. Joey was commenting on the Stern murder for hire plot.

Airing on November 1st 2012, Joey Buttafuoco made an appearance on Judge Alex, where he sued his friend Rob Spallone's company for providing a frozen ice truck for his nephew's 11th birthday party operated by women who were adult film stars, the case was decided in Joey Buttafuoco's favor, and Rob Spallone was ordered to pay damages, in the amount of $4,400.

Joey Buttafuoco appeared on the Judge Jeanine Pirro show on March 5, 2009 to dispute a call girl who refused to pay for car repairs. The call girl, "Peaches", had — after repairs were completed — requested to pay for the work with sex, instead of the $4,700 owed for the repairs to her Corvette. Joey won his settlement.

In his last year of hosting (1993) Late Night with David Letterman on NBC, talk show host David Letterman adopted Buttafuoco's last name as a recurring punchline.

During 1993 (Season 18 of the series) the Fisher case was parodied repeatedly on Saturday Night Live - in Episode 11 (Jan. 9, 1993) it was parodied in several sketches - a fictional telemovie, "Aaron and Tori Spelling's Amy Fisher, 10516" (with Danny DeVito as Buttafuocco and Melanie Hutsell as Tori Spelling/Fisher), "Amy Fisher, One Messed Up Bitch", in which the main characters in the Fisher case are portrayed by the black members of the SNL cast, and a Masterpiece Theater parody entitled "The House of Buttafuoco".[13] In the following week's episode, musical guest Madonna ripped up Buttafucco's photo at the end of one of her performances, declaring, "Fight the real enemy!" (a reference to Sinéad O'Connor's controversial ripping of Pope John Paul II's photo on the show earlier in that season).[14]

Film and TV career

Buttafuoco made his television debut as an "Under-Five" on As the World Turns in the late 1980s. He and Patrick Flannery played henchmen who had to rough up Frank Runyeon's character (Steve Andropoulos) during a fight scene.[episode needed]

Buttafuoco made his film debut as a cab driver in Cul-de-Sac (video title: Better Than Ever), by the Nigerian-born filmmaker Uzo. He subsequently appeared in The Underground Comedy Movie, Mafia Movie Madness, Skin Walker, "Finding Forrester" and Operation Repo: The Movie.

Radio career

Buttafuoco hosts a live talk radio show dedicated to personal recovery topics.[citation needed]


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