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Jet2 logo.png
FoundedOctober 2002
Commenced operations12 February 2003
AOC #598
Operating bases
Fleet size49
Company sloganFriendly low fares & "Arrive Happy
Parent companyDart Group PLC
HeadquartersLeeds/Bradford Airport, (UK)
Key people
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Jet2 logo.png
FoundedOctober 2002
Commenced operations12 February 2003
AOC #598
Operating bases
Fleet size49
Company sloganFriendly low fares & "Arrive Happy
Parent companyDart Group PLC
HeadquartersLeeds/Bradford Airport, (UK)
Key people Limited is a British low-cost airline based at Leeds Bradford Airport, England. It operates services from eight UK bases and 1 Spanish base to 65 destinations. The airline also offers contract charter and air cargo services. Its main base and headquarters is at Leeds Bradford Airport,[1] with smaller bases at Manchester, Belfast International, Blackpool, Edinburgh, Newcastle, East Midlands, Glasgow and more recently Alicante. It has about 3,000 employees as of September 2013.

The airline carried over 4.7 million passengers during 2012, their highest recorded total.[2]

The company holds a United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority Type A Operating Licence to carry passengers, cargo and mail on aircraft with 20 or more seats.[3]

History[edit] Limited is a subsidiary of the Dart Group PLC, an aviation services and distribution group. The airline began operating commercial aircraft in 1978 under the name Channel Express (Air Services), initially as a freight operator and then from 2001 operating both freight and passenger charter services using Boeing aircraft to international destinations on mainly short and medium haul flights.

In 2003 the Channel Express established the brand from Leeds Bradford International Airport and essentially started winding-down its Channel Express brand. The company grew from Leeds Bradford Airport with its first flight from Leeds Bradford to Amsterdam, which operated twice daily rotation with two Boeing 737-300 aircraft. New destinations including Alicante, Barcelona, Malaga, Milan Orio-al-Serio, Nice and Palma were added in the following months. Faro and Prague were also added by the end of the year.

In December 2004 a second base was opened at Manchester Airport with the airline operating from terminal 1.

Boeing 737-300 lands in Manchester Livery
A Bae 146.

In 2005 Jet2 opened a base at Newcastle. Later in the year the company acquired two Boeing 757-200 aircraft, enabling it to fly medium-long haul destinations as well as carrying more passengers on popular existing routes. The Boeing 757 aircraft only operated initially on routes from Leeds/Bradford, Manchester and Newcastle airports. These aircraft helped the company to open two more bases, which were Blackpool and Edinburgh.

In 2006 the company relocated from Bournemouth to Leeds and was renamed Limited.[4] Following the rebranding Jet2 continued to operate the same contract charter and freight flights that had been operated under the Channel Express name. Since the relocation, Jet2 have been based in offices in Yeadon adjacent to Leeds Bradford Airport.

Since 2006 the airline has acquired further Boeing 737 and 757 aircraft, all previously owned by other airlines, and have opened a base at Belfast International Airport. A new base opened at East Midlands Airport in May 2010.[5]

Unlike other low-cost carriers, Jet2 tickets can be booked via travel agents[6] as well as over the internet and by telephone. The airline carried 600,000 passengers in 2003, its first year of operation, and 3.8 million passengers on over 34,000 flights in 2007. The Dart Group also has a division,, offering package holidays which combine hotel accommodation and transfers with Jet2 flights. During November and December 2008 the airline operated four direct flights from Leeds Bradford to Newark Liberty International Airport using Boeing 757-200s, with a series of flights also planned to operate to Newark from both Leeds Bradford and Newcastle during December 2010.[7] Once again, Jet 2 re-introduced seasonal Christmas flights to New York during the 2012 winter season, however, this time flights would operate from Glasgow, East Midlands and Newcastle, in addition to Leeds.[8]

In November 2008 Jet2 changed its slogan from "The North's Low Cost Airline" to "Friendly Low Fares". This preceded the announcement of opening a hub at East Midlands Airport, the first of the airlines outside the North of England and Scotland. On 20 May as the base opened Jet2 announced a number of new routes for summer 2011.

On 14 September, the airline announced an 8th base at Glasgow Airport would be opened in April 2011, with an initial 9 routes.[9] The base was opened on 31 March, slightly earlier than scheduled.

Jet2 operates some mail flights under contract for Royal Mail with QC aircraft overnight, during the day these aircraft are used for carrying passengers alongside the rest of the fleet.

In January 2011, the airline introduced the Boeing 737-800 aircraft into the fleet. This provided aircraft larger than their existing 737-300s yet smaller than their 757-200 aircraft. While not new the 737-800 aircraft are newer than existing aircraft.

Company affairs and identity[edit]

Head office[edit]

Low Fare Finder House, the head office of

The airline has its head office, the Low Fare Finder House,[10] on the grounds of Leeds/Bradford Airport, Yeadon, City of Leeds, England. As of 2006 the facility was under construction, meant to accommodate pilots, cabin crew, and "behind the scenes" employees.[11] The parent company Dart Group also has its head office in the Low Fare Finder House.[12]


The aircraft are painted in silver with the company's logo displayed on the fuselage. The tails are red, advertising either the Jet2 logo or the website. The Boeing 757s that are equipped with winglets display "" on the winglets. Aircraft are currently being branded with the new "Friendly Low Fares" slogan above cabin windows.[13]

Jet2 Owns 1 737-300F For cargo only It had been painted in the old channel express colors until 27th October 2013 until it was painted in standard jet 2 C/S

The majority of the fleet are named after one of Jet2's destinations, the name is shown on the side of the nose. The most well known of these are "Yorkshire", "Manchester" and "Scotland" as these titles are displayed large on the fuselages.

Jet2 advertise their destinations on the overhead lockers inside their aircraft. All's fleet have new grey and red leather seats fitted.

Jet2holidays fleet are predominantly blue and white and feature a large sun motif on the tail, making them visually dissimilar to the rest of the Jet2 fleet, and similar to Allegiant Air's livery.


Boeing 737-300 in a white livery about to take off from Edinburgh Airport
Number of passengers[2]Number of flights[14]Load factor[15]Passenger Change YoY
Source: UK Civil Aviation Authority [2]


A Boeing 737-800. Jet2 began using these aircraft in January 2011.
A Boeing 737-800 in Jet2holidays livery.


As of October 2013, the Jet2 fleet consists of the following aircraft[16][17][18] with an average age of 22.2 years:[19]

Jet2 Passenger Fleet
Boeing 737-30022142 or 148
Boeing 737-300QC8148"Quick Change" Passenger or Cargo configuration[18]
Boeing 737-8007189
Boeing 757-20011235
Jet2 Cargo Fleet
Boeing 737-300F1N/AFreighter[18]
Jet2 Historical Fleet
Airbus A300B46Cargo2002


Jet2 has attracted negative publicity for the way it chooses to hide the final price of flights. This includes bookings and baggages fees. The airline's website also forces UK customers abroad making return journeys to the UK to book in a foreign currency or face a penal exchange rate. [20]


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