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Jesse Burnett (born February 8, 1946 in Los Angeles, California) was a light-heavyweight and cruiserweight boxer. His professional record was 23-18-2 with 11 knockouts.[1] He is best remembered as the spoiler who won a twelve round decision in a WBC cruiserweight elimination bout over former world light-heavyweight champion Victor Galindez of Argentina in 1980, sending Galindez into retirement. In Burnett's two tries at a world title, he was stopped in the ninth round of a 1977 vacant WBC light-heavyweight title bout by Miguel Angel Cuello, and stopped in the eighth round of a 1980 WBC cruiserweight title bout against S.T. Gordon. Burnett also fought such other fighters as former heavyweight champion Leon Spinks, former light-heavyweight champion John Conteh (Burnett earned a ten round draw), former light-heavyweight champion Eddie Mustafa Muhammad, and other contenders such as Yaqui Lopez, James Scott, Jerry Martin, Tony Mundine, Bash Ali, Willie Edwards, Mustafa Wassaja, Willie Edwards, Lotte Mwale, and many others. This was before he married Polita then went into retirement. He has two wonderful children, Jesse Jr. and Stephanie. Due to his boxing career, Jesse was able to travel to faraway and distant lands such as Europe as well as small ones such as Belize, where he was able to meet in-laws that also grew into legends. Stars such as his stepson Liberato, a successful businessman, and a brother-in-law Leroy McKenzie better known as Sarge, one of the best in Belizean soccer and a legend in Belize.


Jesse often paced himself out of a lot of wins due to his frequent 'short notice conditioning'. He would hold back a lot so as not to 'gas-out' during a contest, which in a few he did. Also, his arsenal was almost void of one of the best punches in boxing, the left hook, which was laid dormant by his right leaning style.

Professional boxing record[edit]

23 Wins (11 knockouts, 12 decisions), 18 Losses (4 knockouts, 14 decisions), 2 Draws [1]
Loss15-2Anthony DavisUD1216/05/1984Las Vegas, Nevada, United StatesNABF Cruiserweight Title.
Loss22-5S.T. GordonTKO816/02/1983East Rutherford, New Jersey, United StatesWBC World Cruiserweight Title. Referee stopped the bout at 3:07 of the eighth round.
Loss11-3-2Leon SpinksUD1231/10/1982McAfee, New Jersey, United StatesNABF Cruiserweight Title. 114-116, 113-116, 112-117.
Win29-5-1Steve AczelTKO819/02/1982Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Loss10-0Willie "Sandman" EdwardsPTS1016/01/1982Detroit, Michigan, United States
Loss16-14-1"King" James WilliamsSD1013/10/1981Stateline, Nevada, United States97-94, 94-97, 93-98.
Win75-10-1Tony MundinePTS1204/03/1981Auckland, New Zealand
Loss11-5Bash AliSD1203/12/1980Anaheim, California, United StatesIBF USBA Cruiserweight Title.
Win0-3-1T.C. BowmanTKO615/07/1980Anaheim, California, United States
Win55-8-4Victor GalindezUD1214/06/1980Anaheim, California, United StatesWBC World Cruiserweight Title Eliminator. 115-111, 116-111, 115-112.
Loss20-7-1Dale GrantKO719/04/1980Billings, Montana, United States
Loss19-0Lottie MwalePTS1204/03/1980Wembley, London, United Kingdom117-119.
Win13-8-2Clarence GeiggerPTS1014/12/1979Costa Mesa, California, United States
Loss17-0Eddie "Young Joe Louis" TaylorPTS1024/11/1979Bloomington, Minnesota, United States
Loss16-1Jerry "Bull" MartinUD1214/11/1979Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United StatesNABF/IBF USBA Light Heavyweight Titles.
Draw32-2John ContehPTS1019/04/1979Piccadilly, London, United Kingdom
Win3-9-1Juan "The Javelin" de la GarzaTKO628/11/1978Billings, Montana, United States
Loss7-9-1Pete McIntyreSD1008/11/1978Stockton, California, United States
Loss42-7Yaqui LopezMD1502/07/1978Stockton, California, United States141-145, 142-144, 146-146.
Loss12-0-1Mustafa WasajjaPTS1025/05/1978Copenhagen, Denmark
Loss22-3-1Eddie Mustafa MuhammadTKO1015/02/1978Las Vegas, Nevada, United StatesReferee stopped the bout at 1:59 of the tenth round.
Win29-3Lonnie BennettTKO618/11/1977Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Loss20-0Miguel Angel CuelloTKO921/05/1977Monte Carlo, MonacoWBC World Light Heavyweight Title.
Win16-11-1Al BoldenKO1020/03/1977Tokyo, Japan
Win44-33-1Bobby RasconTKO419/12/1976Tokyo, JapanReferee stopped the bout at 2:18 of the fourth round.
Win29-14-3Eddie "Bossman" JonesUD1010/07/1976San Diego, California, United States
Win11-4-3Willie "Bull" TaylorPTS1003/06/1976Copenhagen, Denmark
Win52-6-1Tony MundineKO614/05/1976Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaMundine knocked out at 1:06 of the sixth round.
Win10-7-1Danny BrewerKO703/05/1976Stockton, California, United States
Loss40-6-4Victor GalindezSD1008/04/1976Copenhagen, Denmark
Win8-5Danny BrewerKO328/11/1975Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaBrewer knocked out at 0:45 of the third round.
Loss26-3Yaqui LopezSD1224/09/1975Stockton, California, United StatesCalifornia Light Heavyweight Title.
Win26-2Yaqui LopezSD1231/07/1975Stockton, California, United StatesCalifornia Light Heavyweight Title.
Loss9-0-1James "Great" ScottUD1025/02/1975Miami Beach, Florida, United States
Win39-13-5Ray "Windmill" WhiteKO815/03/1974San Diego, California, United States
Win6-5-4Felton MarshallTD909/08/1973Los Angeles, California, United States
Win41-18-3Jimmy LesterPTS1008/02/1973Los Angeles, California, United States
Win57-17-6Ron "Mr." WilsonPTS1019/10/1972Los Angeles, California, United States
Win15-1-1Hildo SilvaPTS624/07/1972Inglewood, California, United States
Win3-0Yaqui LopezPTS801/07/1972Stockton, California, United States
Win0-1Steve StarkKO405/06/1972San Diego, California, United States
Win3-0Angel BagginiPTS624/04/1972Inglewood, California, United States
Draw4-1Cisco SolorioTD113/04/1972Los Angeles, California, United States