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Jerry Bergman is an American creationist[1] biologist who wrote 20 books and more than 600 publications.[2]


Bergman graduated from Wayne State University where he got his bachelor's degree in 1970 and obtained Ph.D. in biomedical science there six years later. In 1986 he got his M.A. degree in social psychology from the Bowling Green State University, subsequently joining the teaching staff; however he was denied tenure in 1979 and dismissed in 1980.[3] By 1992 he obtained Ph.D. in human biology from the Columbia Pacific University, an unaccredited institution, which was subsequently closed by court order. By 1999 he obtained his Master's in biomedical science from the Medical College of Ohio and two years later got his M.P.H. degree there as well. In 1983 he became a fellow of the American Scientific Affiliation and later on had the same position at the American Scientific Association and was a member of the National Association for the Advancement of Science.[2]

He was also listed on the Who’s Who in America and other Who's Who related lists. For ten years he has worked in many mental health clinics as a professional counselor and was a consultant to such magazines as Reader's Digest and Amnesty International and for news channels such as ABC and CBS. Due to his numerous articles and books he was invited to the Paul Harvey Show where he appeared more than once. His numerous books were published by such publishers as the College Student Journal Press, the Phi Delta Kappa and the Onesimus Press.[2]


Biologist and blogger PZ Myers has called him "a fairly typical creationist: he's a loon, and he's dishonest", accusing him of totally misrepresenting Charles Darwin.[4]



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