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Jennifer Spence (born January 22, 1977) is a Canadian actress. Her acting credits include playing the part of Dr. Lisa Park on the Stargate Universe television series. Other television series in which she has had principal roles are Exes and Ohs, The 4400, Reunion, Write & Wrong, and recurring roles on Killer Instinct and DaVinci's Inquest.[1][2]

Immediately following the cancellation of Stargate Universe, Spence joined some other of the show's cast (including Michael Dopud)[3] in a pilot of the new show Echoes, produced by Stargate's Mark Savela and Ken Kabatoff.[4] In 2012, Spence had roles in episodes of three network television shows, The Killing, Alcatraz and Supernatural.[5] Spence has a recurring role in the science fiction television series Continuum, which premiered May 2012.[6] In 2013 Spence will feature a third season of Continuum. Also a film called “Down River”, which was written and directed by her husband Ben Ratner will be out 2013.[7]

Spence was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, to a British father and third-generation Japanese Canadian mother. She currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia.[8]


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