Jayne Trcka

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Jayne Trcka
BornSaint Paul, Minnesota
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Jayne Trcka
BornSaint Paul, Minnesota

Jayne Trcka is an amateur female bodybuilder and actress.[1]



Jayne grew up in Saint Paul, Minnesota, with her family. She studied gymnastics and other sports in school. She started weight training after moving to southern California in 1986. By 1988, she was competing in bodybuilding shows. In 1998 she quit her job with the postal service to focus on a fitness career and became a certified personal trainer. She began her acting career in 2000 with Scary Movie. Today she continues to perform in bodybuilding shows and to further her acting career.[2]

Bodybuilding titles

Jayne won first place at the 1997 California State Championships, the 1998 Junior Nationals,[3] and 2004 The Los Angeles. She has top ten finishes in more than twenty other competitions.[4]


Jayne has appeared in numerous muscle/fitness magazines, including Flex, MuscleMag International, Women's Physique World, Iron Man, and Fighting Females.[5]


Jayne has appeared in several movies including:


Her television credits include:


Clip:Telephone, Lady Gaga Telephone (song)