Janine Kunze

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Janine Kunze, 2012
Janine Kunze, 2012

Janine Kunze (March 20, 1974 in Cologne) is a German actor and presenter. She was and is active in many television series. Her breakthrough she achieve in the comedy series Hausmeister Krause – Ordnung muss sein. Later she was in the series Die Rote Meile, Balko, Barfuss, The Comedy Trap, Clueless Genius - The Comedy Arena and Extreme Activity to see. Her breakthrough achieved in the comedy series Die Dreisten Drei, in which she participated 2007 and 2008. There she replaced Mirja Boes. 2011 she moderated along with Daniel Aminati the second season of Die Alm.


Kunze is married with Dirk Budach. She has two daughters and one son.

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