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Jan Cyrka is a British guitar player.

In the early 1980s Cyrka formed a band in London called The Broadway Metal Choir. The line-up featured himself on guitar, Kevin Riddles (bass, ex-Angelwitch; Tytan), Kevin Fitzpatrick (keyboards) and Andy Beirne (drums). Unlikely vocalist Max Gelt - a deli owner from Florida - was drafted in on vocals, but after six weeks of touring he broke his leg and returned to Miami. The band released an album in 1985 called 'And God Gave Us Max', but split soon afterwards. After they broke up, most of the band returned to session work, but Cyrka was then to spend three years in Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction (under the name Flash Bastard). After a support slot with Guns N' Roses, Cyrka left the band to focus on solo work. He released his critically acclaimed debut, "Beyond The Common Ground," in 1992. The track "Western Eyes" was used as the theme to the Radio 1 Rock Show.

1993's follow-up album, "Spirit," continued the melodic style but dialled-down some of the guitar pyrotechnics of ...Common Ground.

1997's "Prickly Pear" dialled down the hystrionics further still and included vocals from T'Pau singer Carol Decker.

Jan was also an endorsee of Trace Elliot and Hamer Guitars. He is responsible for the theme tune of the Jeremy Kyle Show on ITV.

He also wrote "The Rising", along with Toby Bricheno. It is subject to considerable TV play due to being WWE wrestler Justin Gabriel's entrance music. Jan has also written a long-running column for Guitarist magazine.