Jamestown Colonists

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On May 14, 1607, the Jamestown Settlement Colony was established on the mainland of North America.[1]

A group of 104 English men and boys began the settlement on the banks of Virginia's James River. They were sponsored by the Virginia Company of London, whose stockholders hoped to make a profit from the resources of the New World. The community suffered terrible hardships in its early years, but managed to endure, earning the distinction of being America's first permanent English colony.

List of the Original Settlers[edit]

Arrived on three ships, the Susan Constant, the Discovery and the Godspeed.

Mariners and others known to have been with the expedition.

Browne, Oliver - Mariner Clarke, Charles - Mariner Collson (or Cotson), John - Mariner Crookdeck, John - Mariner Deale, Jeremy - Mariner Fitch, Mathew - Mariner - died July 1609 Genoway, Richard - Mariner Godword, Thomas - Mariner Jackson, Robert - Mariner Markham, Robert - Mariner Nelson, Francys - Captain - died Winter 1612-1613 Poole, Jonas - Mariner - died 1612 Skynner, Thomas - Mariner Turnbrydge (or Turbridge), Thomas - Mariner Newport, Christopher - Captain, Councilor - died 1617 Tyndall, Robert - Mariner, Gunner White, Benjamyn - Mariner Danynell Stephen

First Supply -- January 1608[edit]

Second Supply -- Fall 1608[edit]

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