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James Gregory (born 1946) is an American stand-up comedian.

He was born in Lithonia, Georgia in 1946, and he worked as a salesperson until he was 36 years old, when he first began introducing performers at The Punch Line comedy club in Atlanta. His first feature act at the Punch Line was February 17, 1982, and he was so successful that critic B.J. Cooley of the Huntsville Times soon dubbed him "America's Funniest Man," a nickname that has followed him through his entire career.

His typical comedy routine is characterized by a careless, laid-back tone, and he often draws on material related to rural Southern culture, although his fans and critics recognize a universal comedic appeal. Some of his most notable works include an album and a book titled It Could Be A Law, I Don't Know and a video called Grease, Gravy & John Wayne's Momma.

Gregory’s success, like his comedy, is the direct result of the values he grew up with. And now, twenty something years later, it is this unique brand of humor that packs the crowds into his sold-out shows. The absence of vulgarity sets James apart and his stories are carefully crafted art. “I have lived long enough to know people, know life”, Gregory reflects. “My comedy is based on my life experiences. It’s real, it’s funny and the audience loves it. That’s why I’m still in business.”[1]

Gregory has appeared regularly as a guest on several syndicated radio shows, including the John Boy and Billy Show, Rick and Bubba, the Bob and Tom Show, and Steve and DC.


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