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Jade Starling (born January 19, 1969) is an American singer/songwriter, and the lead vocalist for 1980s band Pretty Poison. She lives in New Jersey. Starling is a gay-rights activist and an avid supporter of same-sex marriage.[1] She also speaks phonetic Spanish and often records songs in both Spanish and English.[2]


Starling has worked very much as a gay-rights activist, performing on behalf of many gay-rights benefits including gay-rights parades and GLBT benefits. In 1997, her song "Let Freedom Ring" was used to help further the concept of legalizing gay marriage. She has also been active in the "Ball Community"through her work with Jay Blahnik.[3]

Musical career[edit]

Pretty Poison[edit]

Jade has appeared on various Billboard Charts 9 times since 1984. Topping the Dance/Club chart 3 times with 2 of those club hits crossing over to both the Pop and R&B Chart. 1984 - Nightime - #13 Dance Svengali Records 1987- Catch Me I'm Falling - #1 Dance, #8 Pop, #13 R&B - Svengali/Virgin 1988 - Nightime- #1 Dance,#36 Pop, #64 R&B 1997-Let Freedom Ring #17 Dance 1998 - Catch Me 98 - #43 Dance 1998 - My Heart Will Go On - #37 Dance 1998 - Honey Brown -#41Dance 2013 - Insomniak - #31 Dance 2014 - Think About U - #14 Dance She has released 4 LPS since 1988. 1988- Catch Me I'm Falling 1995 - Sex In Violets - Deflowered 1997 - Pretty Poison's Greatest Hits Vol. 1 1998 - Euphoria -very rare as it was recalled shortly after its release. 2014 - Captive Jade Starling solo LP

In 2009, "Catch Me I'm Falling" was sampled by English singer Joss Stone who released it under the name "Proper Nice".

Jade has received numerous awards along with Pretty Poison founder and long time co-writer Whey Cooler. These include ASCAP awards in the category of Pop and Film, aND a lifetime achievement award from the Philadelphia Music Foundation. In 1989, the single "Catch Me I'm Falling" was certified gold for sales in excess of 500,000 units. "Catch Me I'm Falling" has been used in 9 major motion pictures including;Adam Sandler's "You Don't Mess w/the Zohan", Jamie Kennedy's "Kicking It Old Skool", Jon Cryer's "Hiding Out", Benjamin Bratt's "Pinero" and Margerette Cho's "Bam Bam & Celeste" to name a few. In addition, "Catch Me I'm Falling" was used in the Problem Dog episode of "Breaking Bad" and on a recent episode of MTV's Ridiculousness featuring Derek Haugh From ABC's DWTS.

Jade Starling along with her longtime co-writer Whey Cooler have written over 200 songs together. Though the brunt of the catalog remains unrecorded, the hits that have been outline elsewhere on this page remain just the tip of the iceberg.[citation needed]


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