Jack Herer (cannabis)

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Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a prized sativa-dominant indica/sativa hybrid of Cannabis well known for both its cerebral high and its strong body high. The strain is a cross between Skunk #1, Haze, and Northern Lights #5.[1] Jack Herer is the parent to many subset strains.



Jack Herer is named after the late hemp proponent, cannabis decriminalization activist, and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes. The Jack Herer cannabis hybrid was created in 1994 by the Sensi Seed Bank in the Netherlands and was released as a seed strain in 1995.


This strain is the most awarded variety in the history of harvest festivals, winning 11 High Times Cannabis Cup awards in seven years.[1]

Medical uses

Jack Herer being a sativa-dominated strain is and remains, despite being Cannabis, effective in relieving anxiety, nervousness, stress and depression. It is also viewed as a motivational medicine, stimulating energy, creativity and concentration.


Jack Herer produces earthy flavors and scents of spice and skunk combined with a signature haze accent. The dense, clustered buds often appear light green due to a frosty resin coating.[2]

The strain contains between 15–20% of the active ingredient THC,[1] and as of late 2011 it sells for between 10 and 16 dollars a gram at medical dispensaries near Seattle, WA.

Subset strains

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