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TypeTelevision Network
AvailabilitySlovakia, Czech Republic
SloganViditeľne tvoja (Visibly yours) (as of September 23, 2012)
26,6 (primetime)
OwnerJ&T Media Enterprises
Key people
František Borovský
Launch date
March 2, 2002
Picture format
480i (SDTV)
720p (HDTV)
Official website
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TypeTelevision Network
AvailabilitySlovakia, Czech Republic
SloganViditeľne tvoja (Visibly yours) (as of September 23, 2012)
26,6 (primetime)
OwnerJ&T Media Enterprises
Key people
František Borovský
Launch date
March 2, 2002
Picture format
480i (SDTV)
720p (HDTV)
Official website

TV JOJ is a private TV channel in Slovakia.

About TV JOJ[edit]

It was launched on 2 March 2002 as a successor of the TV Global, which was broadcasting since March 2000. TV Joj was built by former head of Czech Republic channel TV Nova, Vladimír Železný, when he was at war with TV Nova’s U.S. investor Central European Media Enterprises (CME). Through Joj, Železný wanted to shake the dominance of CME’s station in Slovakia, TV Markíza, which was enjoying almost 50 percent of the country’s nationwide audience. In its first years on the market, TV Joj woefully failed. Surviving through airing an anemic TV Nova diet, the station was beaten in ratings by TV Nova itself, whose strong signal reached deep into Slovakia. Still, many are reported to have decided to stay anyway.

In 2004, when CME bought back TV Nova, the Americans had to divest from TV Joj as Slovak legislation forbids a company to own two nationwide TV stations. The Czechs sold TV Joj back to Grafobal. As of 2004, TV Joj somewhat improved its audience and increased its reach from 65 percent of the country to 80 percent in 2005. Behind Grafobal is the Slovak businessman Ivan Kmotrík. His empire encompasses the country’s largest newspaper distributor and retailer Mediaprint & Kapa Pressegrosso, four large printing houses and the advertising agency EURO RSCG Artmedia, among others.

J&T Media Enterprises, a J&T vehicle, bought Mac TV, the holder of the license for TV Joj, from Grafobal Group in January 2007. At the same time, from J&T Finance Group, Grafobal Group received the all-news TV station TA3, becoming the full owner of CEN, the company operating TA3. None of the parties would comment on the transaction’s financial details.

Peter Korbačka, owner of J&T Media Enterprises and partner in J&T, is thrilled with Joj’s “strong position” on the Slovak market, calling it a “very good start-up project”. He also hopes that with Joj, the third largest station in the country in terms of audience share, J&T will start building a strong media business in Slovakia — but it won’t be an easy task.

Markíza can no longer compete with TV JOJ. TV JOJ has toughen up their primetime and their average weekly audience share has increased to 21,8 % as of July 2, 2012. Markíza's weekly audience share is 26,7 % nowadays. TV Markíza has recorded a massive decrease of audience share. Back to 2007 they had average weekly audience share up to 39,7%.

Shows broadcast by TV JOJ[edit]

Reality shows broadcast by TV JOJ[edit]

TitleOriginal titleCurrent seasonTimeslotStatus
VyVoleníValóVilág3Tuesday & Thursday 11:30-12:50 PMairing
Saturday 11:00-00:30 PM
Česko Slovensko má TalentGot Talent4Sundays 8:20-10:30 PMbegins on September 15, 2013
Farmár hľadá ženuFarmer Wants a Wife3Saturdays 10:00 - 11:30 PMcancelled
Geissenovci - Ťažký život milionárovDie Geissens3Tuesday, Thursday 10:45 - 11:45 PMcancelled
ŠéfkaThe Apprentice1Fridays 9:15-11:00 PMcancelled
Celebrity CampCelebrity Survivor1Monday-Friday 8:00-9:00 PMcancelled
Dievča za miliónDievča za milión1Monday-Friday 8:00-9:00 PMcancelled
Hviezdy na ľadeDancing on Ice1Fridays 8:00-10:00PMcancelled
Miliónový tanecMiliónový tanec1Saturdays 8:00-10:00 PMcancelled
Hotel ParadiseParadise Hotel1Monday-Friday 10:30-11:30 PMcancelled
Recept na bohatstvoRecipe to Riches1Sundays 1:30-3:00 PMcancelled
Kapor na torteKapor na torte2Fridays 9:15-10:45 PMcancelled
Extrémne rodinyExtrémne rodiny1Mondays 9:30-11:00 PMcancelled
Mama ožeň maSchwiegertochter gesucht1Tuesdays 9:30-11:00cancelled
BučkovciBučkovci1Monday 9:30-11:00cancelled

US TV series broadcast by TV JOJ[edit]

SeriesSlovak titleLatest seasonStatusHD/SD
CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationCSI: Las Vegas14new episodes on JOJ PlusHD
CSI: MiamiCSI: Miami10rerunsSD
Women's Murder ClubSvieža štvorka1cancelledSD
CastleVtierka Castle5airingHD
Ghost WhispererStratené duše5rerunsSD
The Good WifeGood Wife1hiatusSD
Legend of the SeekerLegenda o Pátračovi1hiatusSD
DexterDexter3new episodes on JOJ PlusHD
DamagesV ohrození života3hiatusSD
Saving GraceBožská mrcha1cancelledSD
LifeNajbohatší policajt2cancelledSD
Dirty Sexy MoneySexi špinavé prachy2cancelledSD
Prison BreakÚtek z väzenia4cancelled[SD
Knight RiderKnight Rider1cancelledSD
Burn NoticeAgent2cancelledSD
Boston LegalBostonské zločiny1cancelledSD
JourneymanCesta do minulosti1cancelledSD
No Ordinary FamilyRodinka Úžasných1cancelledSD
Hawaii Five-0Hawaii 5-032014 - new episodes on JOJ PlusHD
The SimpsonsSimpsonovci23new episodes on JOJ PlusSD
How I Met Your MotherAko som spoznal vašu mamu3new episodes on JOJ PlusSD
My Name is EarlVolajú ma Earl3new episode on JOJ PlusSD
Once Upon a TimeKde bolo, tam bolo1airingTBA
Terra NovaTerra Nova1rumouredTBA
The GladesTBA1rumouredTBA
Blue BloodsTBA1rumouredTBA
Transporter: The SeriesKuriér1cancelledTBA
The X FactorX Factor (USA)3Live shows on JOJ PlusTBA

Slovak TV series broadcast by TV JOJ[edit]

TitleFormatTV ratingCurrent seasonTimeslotStatus
PanelákSoap operaTV-PG13Monday - Friday 8:30-9:50 PMairing
Kutyil s.r.ositcomTV-PG3Monday 9:30-10:15 PMcancelled
ProfesionálisitcomTV-147Thursday 11:15 PM–12:00 AMhiatus
MafstorysitcomTV-MA11Thursday 23:15 PM–12:15 AMairing on Plus
Hod svišťomsitcomTV-PG2Monday 11:30 PM–12:15 AMcancelled
OdsúdenédramaTV-143Tuesday & Thursday 9:15-10:15 PMcancelled
Súdna sieňjudge showTV-147Monday-Friday 6:00-7:00 PMairing
Ako som prežildramaTV-141Sunday 8:00-9:15 PMcancelled
Keby bolo kebydramaTV-142Tuesday & Thursday 9:15-10:30 PMcancelled
AférydramaTV-142Monday 9:15-10:15 PMhiatus
Dr. LudskydramaTV-141Monday 9:35 -10:45 PMcancelled
NevinníkrimiTV-141Tuesday & Thursday 9:15-10:30 PMcancelled
Lokal TVadult comedyTV-MA1Thursday 10:45-11:15 PMcancelled
Pod povrchomdramaTV-141Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:30-10:30 PMcancelled
Dr. DokonalýdramaTV-142Thursdays 9:30 -10:30 PMcancelled
Rodinné záležitostidramaTV-141Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:30-10:45 PMcancelled
Zlodeji detídramaTV-141Tuesday & Thursday 9:30 -10:30 PMcancelled
KlandramaTV-141Monday-Friday 5:45 -7:00 PMhiatus
DedičstvodramaTV-141Mondays 9:40 - 11:10 PMairing

Quiz shows broadcast by TV JOJ[edit]

Páli vám toweekdays 5:30-6:00 PMremake airing
Riskuj!weekdays 5:30-6:00 PMcancelled
Vojna slovweekdays 5:30-6:00 PMcancelled
Riskni Miliónweekdays 5:30-6:00 PMcancelled

News broadcast by TV JOJ[edit]

TitleOriginal titleTimeslot
News at NoonNoviny o 12Monday-Friday 12:00-1:00 PM
News at 5Noviny o 17Monday-Friday 5:00-5:30 PM
police newsKrimiSunday-Saturday 8:00-8:30 PM on JOJ Plus
NewsVeľké novinySunday-Saturday 7:00-8:05 PM
Sport newsŠportSunday-Saturday 8:05-8:20 PM
Weather ForecastNajlepšie počasieSunday-Saturday 8:20-8:30 PM
Short NewsKrátke novinySunday-Saturday 8:15-8:20 PM

Judge shows broadcast by TV JOJ[edit]

TitleOriginal titleTimeslot
Judgement HallSúdna sieňMonday-Friday 6:00-7:00 PM
Extreme CasesExtrémne prípadyTuesday-Thursday (Summer 2012) 8:20-9:30 PM

Information about the shows[edit]

2013 Fall primetime schedule[edit]

8:30 PMPanelák
(Block of flats)
(Block of flats)
(Block of flats)
(Block of flats)
(Block of flats)
MovieČesko Slovensko Má Talent
9:50 PMDedičstvo
10:50 PMVtierka Castle
(United States Castle)
10:45 PMGeissenovci
(Germany Die Geissens)
(Germany Die Geissens)
11:00 PMMovie
11:15 PMHaló
11:30 PMHawaii 5.0
(United States Hawaii Five-0)
11:45 PMKosti
(United States Bones)
(United States Bones)
12:00 AMMovie
12:45 AMMovieMovieMovieMovie


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