Interstate 84 in Oregon

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Interstate 84 marker

Interstate 84
Route information
Maintained by ODOT
Length:375.68 mi[1] (604.60 km)
Existed:1957 – present
Major junctions
West end: I-5 / US 30 in Portland
  US 197 in The Dalles
US 97 in Biggs Junction
I-82 near Hermiston
US 395 in Pendleton
East end: I-84 at Idaho state line
Highway system
OR 82OR 86
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Interstate 84 marker

Interstate 84
Route information
Maintained by ODOT
Length:375.68 mi[1] (604.60 km)
Existed:1957 – present
Major junctions
West end: I-5 / US 30 in Portland
  US 197 in The Dalles
US 97 in Biggs Junction
I-82 near Hermiston
US 395 in Pendleton
East end: I-84 at Idaho state line
Highway system
OR 82OR 86
I-84 past Deadman Pass and the Blue Mountains, a few miles south of Pendleton.
Ontario, Oregon exits towards I-84.

In the U.S. state of Oregon, Interstate 84 travels east–west, following the Columbia River and the rough path of the old Oregon Trail from Portland east to Idaho. For this reason, it is also known as most of the Columbia River Highway No. 2 and all of the Old Oregon Trail Highway No. 6 (see Oregon highways and routes). It also follows along or near U.S. Route 30. The entire highway carried the designation I-80N (or I-80 North) until 1980, when this was changed to I-84.[2]


Route description

Interstate 84 begins in Portland, Oregon where it connects with Interstate 5 on the east side of the Willamette River. It continues east, crossing Interstate 205, before curving to the north to join the Columbia River. It continues along the river, passing Interstate 82 in Hermiston, and US 395 in Pendleton. It then curves to the south, until it gets to the Idaho border. It continues into Idaho.


Improvements to the Columbia River Highway and Old Oregon Trail Highway had been planned since the 1930s, but World War II delayed those plans. The Oregon State Highway Division started implementing these improvements segment by segment beginning in the 1950s as bond funding became available. One of the segments completed in the early 1950s was the Banfield Expressway in Portland.

When the Federal Interstate and Defense Highways Act was passed in 1956, U.S. Route 30 was scheduled to be superseded by Interstate 80N, on an alignment closer to the river on flat terrain. The segment between Portland and The Dalles was mostly complete by 1963, but it would take until 1969 for construction of the highway to meet Interstate highway standards. The highway was designated Interstate 80N until May 1980, when it was changed to Interstate 84 to eliminate confusion with the western section of the non-suffixed I-80, which split from I-80N in Salt Lake City and continued west to San Francisco as I-80.[2] Construction on the remaining segments continued until July 3, 1980, when the segment of Interstate 84 from Portland to the Idaho border was completed to Interstate standards.[3]

Banfield Expressway

The T.H. Banfield Expressway is the portion of Interstate 84 between its western terminus at Interstate 5 and its intersection at Interstate 205 in Portland, Oregon, United States. The expressway, originally built as part of US 30, is named for T.H. Banfield, a former Oregon state highway commissioner.

Planning and construction

Prior to the creation of the Banfield, surface streets were the only routes from Portland to the country. By the 1950s, the system of surface streets was outdated and city planners were looking for more efficient traffic routes. Under President Dwight D. Eisenhower, the federal government had started providing federal assistance to expressway projects. As a result, planners designed a freeway system in Portland to modernize its outdated system of surface streets. The first step in building this new freeway system was to construct the Banfield, which would stretch from Portland to Troutdale. On October 1, 1955, the Banfield Expressway opened to traffic. It was Oregon's first freeway.[4]

The highway was rebuilt during the 1980s, and the MAX Light Rail line was added along the north side at the same time.

The Cabbage Hill grade east of Pendleton is a 6% grade, with several hairpin curves in both directions and a separation between directions of almost 2 miles (3 km).

Exit list

MultnomahPortland0.00 I-5 north / US 30 west – SeattleWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
0.00MLK Jr. Blvd, Convention Center, Rose QuarterWestbound exit; eastbound entrance from OR 99E
0.00 I-5 south – Beaverton, Salem, OMSI, Portland City CenterWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
0.921Lloyd CenterWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
2.16133rd AvenueEastbound exit and westbound entrance
2.552César E. Chávez Blvd, 43rd Avenue - Hollywood District
3.69360th AvenueNo westbound exit
4.264Halsey St, 68th AvenueEastbound exit only
5.015 OR 213 (82nd Avenue)Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
5.746 I-205 south – SalemEastbound exit and westbound entrance
5.867Halsey Street – Gateway DistrictEastbound exit only
8 I-205 north – Seattle, Portland AirportEastbound exit and westbound entrance
6.749102nd Avenue – ParkroseEastbound exit and westbound entrance
6.959 I-205 – Salem, SeattleWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
10.0810122nd AvenueEastbound exit and entrance
Gresham13.0413181st Avenue – Gresham
Fairview14.4114Fairview Parkway (207th Avenue) (US 30 Byp. west) – Fairview
Wood Village15.9616238th Drive – Wood Village
17Marine Drive – Troutdale
17.8218Lewis and Clark State Park, Oxbow Regional Park
24.9925Rooster Rock State Park
28.0928Historic Columbia River Highway – Bridal VeilEastbound exit and wesbound entrance
29.4729Dalton Point (Benson State Recreation Area)Westbound exit and entrance
30.5530Benson State Recreation AreaEastbound exit and entrance
31.3931Multnomah Falls
35.1435Historic Columbia River Highway – Ainsworth State Park
37.1237WarrendaleWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
40.2740Bonneville Dam National Historic Landmark
41.5741Eagle Creek National Fish Hatchery, Eagle Creek Recreation AreaEastbound exit and entrance
Hood RiverCascade Locks43.6444 US 30 east – Cascade Locks, StevensonEast end of US 30 overlap; eastbound exit and westbound entrance
45.0544 US 30 west – Cascade LocksWest end of US 30 overlap; westbound exit and eastbound entrance
47.3147Forest Lane (Historic Columbia River Highway) – Herman CreekWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
54.7755Starvation Creek Trailhead, Historic Columbia River Highway State TrailEastbound exit and entrance
56.0456Viento State Park
58.3558Mitchell Point OverlookEastbound exit and entrance
62.0662 US 30 east (OR 35) / Westcliff Drive – West Hood RiverEast end of US 30 overlap
Hood River63.9263Hood River City Center
64.4464 US 30 west / OR 35 (Mount Hood Highway) – White Salmon, Government CampWest end of US 30 overlap
WascoMosier69.7969 US 30 east – MosierEast end of US 30 overlap
The Dalles82.0782Columbia Gorge Discovery Center, Wasco County Museum
83.6783West The Dalles (US 30)Signed as exit 84 westbound
84.1684The Dalles City Center (US 30 east)Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
85.5185The Dalles City Center, National Historic Districts
87.0187 US 30 west / US 197 – Dufur, BendWest end of US 30 overlap
88.8388The Dalles Dam
97.1497 OR 206 – Celilo Park, Deschutes River State Recreation Area
ShermanBiggs Junction104.56104 US 97 – Yakima, Bend
Rufus109.95109Rufus, John Day Dam Visitor Facilities
112.19112John Day Dam
114.23114LePage Park, John Day River
Gilliam123.31123Philippi Canyon
129.43129Blalock Canyon
131.03131Woelpern RoadEastbound exit and westbound entrance
137 OR 19 – Arlington, Condon
147.35147 OR 74 – Heppner, Ione
Morrow151.75151Threemile Canyon
159.30159Tower Road
165.76165Port of Morrow
167.95168 US 730 – Irrigon
171.13171Paterson Ferry Road
Umatilla177.97177Umatilla Army Depot
179.45179 I-82 west – Hermiston, Umatilla, Kennewick
180.41180Westland Road – Hermiston
182.86182 OR 207 – Lexington, Hermiston
188.84188 US 395 north – Echo, Hermiston, StanfieldWest end of US 395 overlap
193.53193Echo Road – Lexington, Echo
198.54198McClintock Road, Lorenzen Road
199.53199Yoakum Road – Stage Gulch
202.91202Barnhart Road – Stage Gulch
Pendleton207.47207 US 30 east – Eastern Oregon Regional Airport, Pendleton City Center, West PendletonEast end of US 30 overlap
209.54209 US 395 south / OR 37 – John Day, PendletonEast end of US 395 overlap
210.96210 OR 11 – Milton-Freewater, Pendleton
213.06213 US 30 west – Pendleton City Center, National Historic DistrictWest end of US 30 overlap; westbound exit and eastbound entrance
216.05216Milton-Freewater, Walla Walla
224.67224Poverty Flat Road, Old Emigrant Hill Road
228.98228Deadman Pass
234Meacham, Emigrant Springs State Park
238.77238Kamela, Meacham
243.82243Summit Road – Mt. Emily
Union248.54248Spring Creek Road – Kamela
Hilgard252.83252 OR 244 – Starkey, Ukiah
Perry256.40256PerryEastbound exit and westbound entrance
257.26257PerryWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
La Grande259.35259 US 30 east – La GrandeEast end of US 30 overlap; eastbound exit and westbound entrance
261.84261 OR 82 – Elgin, La Grande
264.92265 US 30 west / OR 203 – La Grande, UnionWest end of US 30 overlap
268.26268Foothill Road
270.87270Ladd Creek RoadEastbound exit and westbound entrance
273.91273Frontage Road
278.64278Clover Creek
283.64283Wolf Creek Lane
North Powder285.68285 US 30 east / OR 237 – Haines, North Powder, UnionEast end of US 30 overlap
Baker298.68298 OR 203 – Baker City Airport, Haines, Medical Springs
Baker City302.98302 OR 86 east – North Baker City, Hells Canyon, Richland
304.14304 OR 7 south – Baker City Center, Historic District, Geiser Grand Hotel
306.53306 US 30 west – Baker City, HainesWest end of US 30 overlap
313.64313Pleasant ValleyEastbound exit and westbound entrance
317.47317Pleasant ValleyWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
330.67330Cement Plant Road, Plano Road
338.11338Lookout Mountain
340.42340Rye Valley
342.90342Lime (Huntington Highway)Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
345.83345 US 30 east – Huntington, LimeEast end of US 30 overlap
Malheur353.04353 US 30 west – Farewell Bend State Park, HuntingtonWest end of US 30 overlap
356.17356 OR 201 – Weiser
362.15362Moores Hollow Road
Ontario371.45371Stanton Boulevard
374.55374 OR 201 (US 30 Bus. east) to US 20 / US 26 – Ontario, Vale, Weiser
US 30 Bus. west – Ontario, Treasure Valley Community College
376.72376B US 30 east – PayetteEast end of US 30 overlap


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