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IMDS - the International Material Data System, is a global data repository for product content used by the automotive industry and used to gather data for various reporting requirements. It is scheduled to undergo a major design update for its user interface in 2013-May. The new outlook is called IMDS NT (New Technology).


Since 2000, thtill have complementary requirements. Because of ongoing research and lawmaking, these lists are subject to change.

Because it is a computer-based system, IMDS recognizes hazardous substances by comparing the entered data with the lists of prohibited substances. Hence OEMs can trace hazardous substances back to the part and work on eliminating them through the supply chain.

All substances have to be stated in the material data sheet (MDS) of the IMDS with a resolution of 1 gram or better - not just the declarable and prohibited substances (Cr VI / Hg / Pb / Cd). That is why substances and materials of products must be known in detail. Material information on parts is later delivered from the OEMs to dismantler companies in order to achieve the goals of the ELV Directive.

The basic premise of the system is that the flow of data through IMDS companies mimics the flow of the product through companies in the physical world with each link in the supply chain supplying data in IMDS to their customer as they deliver product to their customer. Data entry in IMDS is frequently a requirement of PPAP - in other words, no data no pay for product.

Access and costs[edit]

The IMDS system is easily accessed through the internet. The basic browser version of the system is supported by the OEM sponsor's group and provided free of charge to suppliers in the automotive supply chain although larger organizations will want and need to purchase additional services.

There are several vendors that provide inhouse systems that IMDS data can be downloaded into for more detailed analysis. In order to download IMDS data, the purchase of additional services is required.

Changes in 2013 and 2014[edit]

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