International Coalition for Drug Awareness

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The International Coalition for Drug Awareness is a non-profit advocacy group founded in 1997[1] with the goal of increasing awareness of the adverse effects of prescription drugs. The group's director is Ann Blake Tracy, a campaigner against of antidepressants, and the coalition operates from her home in West Jordan, Utah, USA.[1][2] Board members include neuroscientist, Candace Pert (RAPID Laboratories).[1][2]

The International Coalition for Drug Awareness aims to inform physicians and patients of adverse reaction reports, and to increase awareness of approved versus off-label uses. It advocates improved tracking and reporting of patient reactions for new drugs after their introduction into the market. It aims to act as a watchdog over the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as well as drug-monitoring bodies internationally, lobbying for the removal of licensing from drugs with a poor safety record.[3]


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